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Manchester Nynex Arena - Manchester, England
November 17, 1997
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Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 07:08:58

1st time i'd seen them, still (to this day) the best gig i've ever seen. The Nynex is a fantastic arena and the sound was crystal clear. OK Computer was riding high in the charts and the plaudits were raining in from everywhere. Opened with Airbag which was so loud and hypnotic it was bliss, proceeded to work their way through the LP although the abscence of my favourite song 'let Down' left me slightly(ahem) let down. Other highlights, talk show host (the 1st time i'd heard it - blew me away) and paranoid android (frenetically brilliant). I couldn't speak when we left, i had never seen or heard anything like it. It's no understatement to say my life changed that night, Radiohead became a priority. Went to the Warrington gig in 2000 which was not as good simply because the sound was murkier in the big tent. Returning to the now re-christened MEN arena in Manchester in November to see them again. Can't wait.

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