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Music Hall at Fair Park - Dallas, TX USA
March 29, 1998 with Spiritualized
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Talk show host
Karma police
Exit music
My iron lung
Planet Telex
Bulletproof... I wish I was
Nice dream
Paranoid android
Climbing up the walls
No surprises
Fake plastic trees
The bends
Big ideas (aka Nude)
Street spirit
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Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 05:07:55

It's a faded jumble, but a cherished one:
From a distant vantage point, my friends and I witnessed Spiritualized almost trump the headliners with their pretty/ugly sturm and drang. However, as the opening chords of "Airbag" reduced one of my ecstatic friends to tears and the mop-haired kid in front of me began his set-long air drumming, Radiohead had apparently taken hold of us all. Highlights: "Paranoid Android", "Bones", "Bulletproof", "Street Spirit"and an unforgettable rendition of "Exit Music". "Talk Show Host" closed the show. I would appreciate anyone who could fill in the blanks...

Submitted on: JULY 28, 2003 13:02:06

One of the most intimate shows of my life. I paid 80 dollars for a third row seat from a scalper. Inside a small theater at Fair Park music hall, I felt like a member of a little club. Many of my friends couldn't have named a Radiohead song besides Creep and I ended up going by myself. The lighting was spectacular and the show itself was phenomenal. "Nice Dream", "Bulletproof" ,"No Surprises","Talk Show Host", A great rendition of Fake Plastic Trees that sent everyone into a huge applause to which Thom responded, "That's more like it, referring to the quiet demeanor for most of the night. It was a Sunday which could explain the melancholy moods of most. The one thing I remember most about it is the new song he played called "Big Ideas". I remember it being a slow number at first, very slow and then the other members joined in with Thom on piano. It was a great show and it changed my life. I've been to a ton of concerts, ranging from u2 and Rage against the Machine to NEil young and Tom Petty, but nothing is as vivid as that Radiohead concert in 98. It was so small and intimate being right there in the thick of things, it will always stand out. I plan to go and see them this summer, but I will probably end up far away and there will be a lot more fans there, taking away from the intimacy a bit. I can honestly say that it was the best that I've seen.

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