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Universal Amphitheater - Los Angeles, CA USA
April 1, 1998 with Spiritualized
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meeting in the aisle * exit music * airbag * talk show host * karma police * my iron lung * the bends * bulletproof * lurgee * bones * just * climbing up the walls * pearly * no surprises * fake plastic trees * paranoid android * lucky * planet telex * how to disappear completely and never be found * street spirit * let down * the tourist
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 09:02:55

This was the first time I seen radiohead, live and they blew me away. I was standing in the pit, just a foot away from the band. It was an amazing night. Till this day I still brag about this show. I only knew a few songs a the time but ever since that night, I been a huge fan. I have see them everytime they come to Los Angeles. Before they went on I was back stage and I saw Mariyn Manson and many others. But the best one is that I saw George Micheals and a week late he gets busted by a LAPD cop. How funny!!!!

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