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Salem Armory Auditorium - Salem, OR USA
April 4, 1998 with Spiritualized
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01. meeting in the aisle
02. airbag
03. talk show host
04. planet telex
05. karma police
06. exit music
07. just
08. banana co.
09. lucky
10. paranoid android
11. bends
12. bulletproof
13. the trickster
14. climbing up the walls
15. no surprises
16. fake plastic trees
17. bones
18. my iron lung
19. let down
20. pearly
21. street spirit
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Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 21:04:50

I barely remember this show but thought I should add some info since no one else had. Salem Armory is essentially one big high-school gym with bleachers (or was at the time), so that was a kind of surreal setting for seeing Radiohead play. They played a lot from "The Bends" and a fair bit from "OK Computer." Some idiot kept screaming "CREEEEEEP!" and Thom replied, "Too f***in' bad! We're not f***in' playin' it!" Later, either Ed or Jonny kept playing little snippets of the guitar part from "Creep" just to tease the idiot. Thom also stopped playing in the middle of a song to get a guy kicked out of the pit for crowd surfing and kicking people in the head. We all cheered.

Great show.

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