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Paramount Theater - Seattle, WA USA
April 5, 1998 with Spiritualized
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01. Airbag
02. Talk Show Host
03. Planet Telex
04. Karma Police
05. Exit Music
06. Just
07. Banana Co.
08. Lucky
09. Paranoid Android
10. The Bends
11. Subterranean Homesick Alien
12. Climbing Up the Walls
13. No Suprises
14. Fake Plastic Trees
15. Bones
16. My Iron Lung
17. Lurgee
18. No Surprises
19. You
20. Street Spirit
21. Pearly
22. The Tourist
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Submitted on: JUNE 09, 2003 18:32:23

Great little intense show, I actually met the guys since I work a the 'mount.
They where a little cranky over everyone wanting to hear "creep", but they would not even phantom the idea of playing it that night.
I do remember the equipment truck was packed from top to bottom with gear, and I obtained a bruise on my right leg from a falling motorbox, which is still visible 5 years later...
but overall very enjoyable, and I still have the "generic stickey pass" local crew shirt from the gig.

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