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Max Bell Arena - Calgary, Canada
April 8, 1998 with Spiritualized
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Karma Police
The Bends
Exit Music
Climbing up the walls
No Surprises
Street Spirit
My Iron Lung
Planet Telex
Bullet Proof
The Trickster
Fake Plastic Trees
Talk Show Host
Paranoid Android

Nice Dream
Banana Co.
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Submitted on: JULY 17, 2003 14:34:58

I have never been to a better show. Max Bell is a smaller venue, for an arena. I was right at the front in the pit, center of the stage, for the whole concert. They played so many great songs, including Palo Alto, which was so cool because barely anyone there new the song. Near the end of the concert Thom thanked everyone for not crowd surfing and made fun of a guy who had been trying all night. He also said that the band had had fun and that it was their most enjoyable shows of the tour so far. What I remember most is the feeling I had after the concert. I can't explain it, but somehow it was completely rejuvinating,

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