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Worcester Centrum - Worcester, MA USA
April 15, 1998 with Spiritualized
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meeting in the aisle (played before the band came on stage-a staple of this tour)
karma police
the bends
exit music
climbing up the walls
bullet proof
my iron lung
planet telex
no surprises
talk show host
paranoid android
street spirit
let down
fake plastic trees
Notes on the setlist:
paranoid android was again dedicated to bill gates and thom said "bill has satellites watching and controlling nuclear missles. he'll probably sue me for saying that but . . ."
Let down: "This is dedicated to all you people making that clat, clat, clat sound with the seats. It's a wonderful sound.""'
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Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 08:25:07

According to Thom, this show was "the biggest show they had done in North America" to that point. Great concert! They played polyethylene and pearly from their yet to be released Airbag!How am I Driving EP. I was there with people who hadn't even heard of radiohead before and they loved it. Spiritualized was ok. The best memory I have is the reaction Thom and the band had to the fans kicking the bleachers when waiting for the first encore. They sincerely loved the crowds enthusiasm! Very cool...

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