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Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY USA
April 17, 1998 with Spiritualized
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meeting in the aisle
karma police
the bends
exit music
climbing up the walls
bullet proof
my iron lung
planet telex
no surprises
talk show host
paranoid android
street spirit
big ideas (don't get any)
fake plastic trees
the tourist
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 05, 2003 03:57:29

This was the first time I saw Radiohead live, and it was, to that point, the greatest concert I'd ever seen (Liberty State Park in '01 has since topped it).

The thing I remember most about the show was that the band really seemed like they didn't want to be there (this impression was confirmed by MPIE), yet in spite of that they put on a great show and asserted their status as Greatest Band in the World.

Highlights included The Bends, which was breathtaking; Pearly, which I hadn't yet heard at that point but was quite taken with; Talk Show Host, which somehow I'd missed out on hearing before that show and which has since become one of my favorite Radiohead songs; and Big Ideas (why haven't they put it on an album/single/any kind of recording?)

All in all, a terrific introduction to the wonder that is live Radiohead.

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