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Theatre Antique d'Arles - Arles, France
June 13, 2000
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01. Talk Show Host
02. Bones
03. Optimistic
04. Karma Police
05. Planet Telex
06. Morning Bell
07. Dollars and Cents
08. Street Spirit
09. Everyone The National Anthem
10. My Iron Lung
11. No Surprises
12. Climbing Up the Walls
13. Lucky
14. In Limbo
15. Exit Music (for a film)
16. Airbag
17. Everything in it's Right Place


18. Just
19. Knives Out
20. Nice Dream
21. Paranoid Android
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Submitted on: MAY 21, 2003 16:45:22

The first observation one may want to make is that Radiohead is deciding to rock on this tour. Well, perhaps that's not an obvious one. It's sort of confusing. No songs from Pablo Honey were played, not even Creep, which means that Radiohead has written enough post-poprock material to erase this phase. No covers were played either. If you take a look at the songs they played from The Bends, you think rock. The Bends was their bittersweet personal album, with a great mixture of rock songs and rock ballads. Beautiful favorites such as "Fake Plastic Trees" and "Bulletproof...I Wish I Was" were not played. However, rock numbers including "My Iron Lung," "Planet Telex," and "Bones" were played.

Thankfully, Radiohead was smart enough to play classic "Street Spirit." "Nice Dream" was also played, which is a great song, but not a highly regarded Radiohead song and an unusual choice for an encore. Of the songs we are familiar with, I think Radiohead made a perfect choice opening with "Talk Show Host." Although it does not appear on one of their albums, it's great for people who do know it and catchy even to those who don't. They then proceed to play "Bones," which isn't an awful number, but not up to par (in my opinion) with Radiohead standards, leaving me in confusion as to why they insist on playing it live so much.
I suppose they need to gather all the rock songs they can to play live.

The third selection was "Optimistic," which I believe, despite the title, will be the fourth album's "Climbing Up the Walls." If you notice, the pattern at the beginning of their show is to begin hard. "Talk Show Host" is catchy, "Bones" is loud, and "Optimistic" is scary and sometimes loud. I think it will be a very strange sounding song, but in the "Climbing Up the Walls" parameter. It had also been labeled as catchy. This judgment is made based on its placement in the setlist, as well as on quotes made in Ed's diary.

Then, for those who aren't huge Radiohead fans, after playing three not hits, Radiohead had to play the well-known "Karma Police." They had to play it because it's one of the songs that stuck out on OK Computer, as well as a song that screams everything Radiohead stands for. Hence, the significance of the "fridge buzzing" (which I think you know, from MPIE).

Then, "Planet Telex." Not bad. Radiohead has gotten more into the electronica theme and DJ Shadow beats. This is one of the reasons Colin mentioned "if you like Airbag, you'll like number four" (not an exact quote). "Plant Telex" is probably the only experimental track on the Bends.

The rest was pretty safe. "Morning Bell" is a tough call, but I think it will be a low key ballad. At this point, Radiohead has rocked for five numbers, and a break is called for. "Morning Bell" and "Dollars and Cents" are two of the low, dark tracks from the new album. Not low like "Optimistic" or "Climbing Up the Walls," but depressing like "Exit Music" or "No Surprises." The level of depression is hard to measure, but I think that if anything, "Morning Bell" is more low key than "Dollars and Cents." "Dollars and Cents" originated out of a jam, but how hard does Radiohead jam? It may be sort of like "The Tourist."

Then, a perfect choice to end this three song "rest." "Street Spirit"s charming repititive nature and beautiful ending perfectly completes the trilogy. Then...."Everyone/The National Anthem." This song is supposed to include an eight piece brass section, which Radiohead has not played live with. In my opinion, this song won't really sound as jazzy as the idea of the brass section presents. I have a feeling that it will be very vocally oriented. That would be the reason for the brass section, to accompany Thom's vocal line.

Building the mood up a little with this track, they proceeded to play a rock number, "My Iron Lung." Perfect to play at this point in the show, because it's halfway over. After playing four new tracks and a number of songs that emphasize Radiohead now, the transitional Radiohead, they decide to "My Iron Lung" for good reason. "This, this is our new song, just like the lastest one, a total waste of time..." This song and this line were written firstly after Pablo Honey (and Radiohead, according to critics) was finished and "Creep" was a hit. It was supposed to represent Radiohead's shame and annoyance with their own previously written music. This was the first "different" song by Radiohead, after an album of 12 (some embarrassing) songs (9 being in the typical pop rock key of G). Although "My Iron Lung" is also in G (sort of), it's written out of sync with the other Radiohead songs at the time. This, in the show, was Radiohead's way of saying "Wow...look at the first half of our setlist, all these songs.....we really have come a long way..Our songs aren't even complete wastes of time!" Genius on their part. Then, let's play some safe OK Computer stuff because it's a godly album. "No Surprises," "Climbing Up the Walls," and "Lucky." This was also a good pick, because after Radiohead says "Look how far we've come" with the use of only 1 OK Computer song ("Karma Police"), they prove it even further by playing some OK Computer material.

Next, Radiohead played another new song, "In Limbo," also seen as "In Limbo/Lost At Sea." The fact that Ed plays keyboards indicates a sense of beauty. Radiohead's inclusion of keyboards has always been successful. They never seem to fail with this sound. I think that the guitar work done by Jonny in this piece will be complicated. This is probably the reason that Ed would playing keyboards on this instead of Jonny. Jonny has the quicker guitar hands and ability to handle more. I have a feeling that "In Limbo" is a very dreamy piece, and may include strings on the LP.

After this, Radiohead plays classic OK Computer, "Exit Music" and "Airbag." Radiohead has always been very proud of the drummy nature of "Airbag," giving us a feeling that many of the new songs will include this feature.

They ended the performance wih "Everything In It's Right Place." I think it will be one of the more epic sounding songs on the new album, but not necessarily hard or soft. It will sound very powerful and amazing though. It can be as epic as ballad "Exit Music," or as twisted rocker "Paranoid Android."

The encores were "Just," "Nice Dream," new song "Knives Out," and finally "Paranoid Android". "Just" was a good re-intro number, loud and exciting. Then, Radiohead introduced (aside from the webcast version) "Knives Out." "Knives Out" is a very odd but seemingly unexciting piece. It reflects, guitarwise, many of the same exact aspects of "Paranoid Android." Perhaps much has been done to dress it up and give it a more original sound. The most valuable part of it is the entertaining lyrics and vocal line.

Radiohead then played dreamy and beautiful "Nice Dream," before ending with powerhouse "Paranoid Android." "Paranoid" is probably a magnificent closing to a great nice, despite it's very short and unfinished ending. That "den-den-den-de" guitar isn't a very epic ending. However, the "rain down" session preceding it compensates.

Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 02:48:22

This was the first time I'd ever seen Radiohead, and guess what? It was in an old ampitheatre in a historic town which Vincent Van Gogh used to live in. It was the first time many of us had heard their new material. It rained and rained just before the open-air show - the photographers went wild - and the atmosphere was fresh, intense, invigorating, ecstatic and liberating.

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