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Theatre Antique de Vaison - Vaison La Romaine, France
June 14, 2000
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Show Notes
Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions, Radiohead's show in Vaison La Romaine was canceled.

Thom, apologizing on the official Radiohead message board, posted this:

"Can you pass on apologies to all who came a long way for today's show. It was just too dangerous with the thundr and lightning very very frightning."

Ed also apologized in his diary, saying,"we had to cancel the vaison firstly apologies to everyone who had tickets and were looking forward to the gig......we'd even got the set list done with different new songs from last night and soundchecked them..........and what an amazing place.....a roman theatre like last night in arles. the freak rain was of course to blame.......the stage had a good three inches of the stuff from a twenty minute downpour and with another storm forecast for 9.30pm and alot of the equipment still damaged from last night's storm in arles the decision was made to pull the show.........somehow we got away with it last night but today just seemed as if it wasn't meant to be.......sorry again to those in vaison ....."
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