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Arenes de Frejus - Frejus, France
June 17, 2000
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01. Optimistic
02. Bones
03. Karma Police
04. Planet Telex
05. Morning Bell
06. How to Disappear
07. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
08. Talk Show Host
09. Everyone The National Anthem
10. Kid A
11. No Surprises
12. Lucky
13. Fake Plastic Trees
14. You and Whose Army
15. Knives Out
16. Airbag
17. Just
18. Everything in it's Right Place


19. My Iron Lung
20. Egyptian Song
21. Lurgee
22. Paranoid Android


23. Exit Music (for a film)
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Submitted on: MAY 21, 2003 16:49:48

I came from chester (england) to see this show, and it was absolutely worth it. I've seen radiohead once before but this was better by a long long way. all of the band seemed really happy throughout the set, with thom even allempting some french (much to the amusement of himself and the rest of the band!). The new songs sounded absolutely amazing, especially 'optimistic', 'everyone' and 'how to disappear...' The crowd were really responsive, and cheered the band so much after the first encore that Colin was sent on to apologise to the crowd, because they could'nt play anymore. as he was finishing thishowever, thom appeared smiling and they played exit music. the highlight of the gig was the shooting star halfway through an amazing version of 'fake plastic trees'.

Submitted on: MAY 21, 2003 16:50:54

great concert in a beautiful setting. the band members clearly enjoyed playing outside for the first time without the threat of rain and electric storms. they made all the efforts to have the audience going along with their new songs. an evening of highlights: "talk show host", with its subtle melody; "everything in it's right place", building slowly but ineluctably to it's climax, with thom dancing feverishly; and of course all the older work... a most extraordinary concert with a band taking a genuine pleasure in meeting their audience again.

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