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Villa Reale - Milan, Italy
June 18, 2000
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01. Optimistic
02. Bones
03. Karma Police
04. Morning Bell
05. How to Disappear
06. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
07. Talk Show Host
08. National Anthem
09. My Iron Lung
10. Kid A
11. No Surprises
12. Lucky
13. Fake Plastic Trees
14. You and Whose Army
15. Knives Out
16. Airbag
17. Just
18. Everything in it's Right Place


19. Climbing up the Walls
20. Egyptian Song
21. The Tourist
22. Paranoid Android


23. Exit Music (for a film)
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Submitted on: MAY 21, 2003 16:52:22

a great night in monza. thom was radiating with postitivity and everyone was in top form. one thing must be said : the guy behind the mixing desk is doing a marvellous job too. the sound was crystall clear, well balanced and just the right almost don't need the ear plugs! can anyone tell me what thom was giggling about before exit music...kinda' spoilt the intensity of the song. nothing like an italian audience...simply the best!!

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