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Piazza Santa Croce - Florence, Italy
June 21, 2000 with Laika
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01. Optimistic
02. Bones
03. Karma Police
04. Planet Telex
05. Morning Bell
06. How to Disappear
07. Street Spirit (fade out)
08. Talk Show Host
09. National Anthem
10. My Iron Lung
11. Kid A
12. No surprises
13. Lucky
14. Fake Plastic Trees
15. You and Whose Army
16. Knives Out
17. Airbag
18. Just
19. Everything in it's Right Place

20. My Iron Lung
21. Egyptian Song
22. Lurgee
23. Paranoid Android

24. Exit Music (for a film)
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Submitted on: MAY 21, 2003 16:58:13

After a boring performance of Laika waiting for the sunset (it was the longest day of the year after all !) and an extremely tiring 45 minutes soundcheck (they probably learnt something in Barcelona) the guys just went out and started with "Optimistic". I don't remember the exact order of the songs, but I remember they played more than 10 new songs, including "Morning Bell", "Knives out", "How to disappear" and an "Egyptian song" in the first encore with lights like millions of stars, such an incredible sensation ! About old songs, I remember in the second encore a very peculiar "Exit music" half with a Jonny very inspired with his guitar, half in the classical way with keyboards (I had the sensation that someone told him to stop with electric experimentation). After the encores the people were asking for "Creep" screaming, but Thom just smiled and waved saying "Good night !". After the second song they played Ed was worring about the people pushing very hard in the first lines, and sayd: "I don't speak italian, but I love people. Please dont push!" and after a quick consulting added: "Non spingete" (don't push in italian) and the show went on very peacefully. I hope to be able to tell more in the near future, and to send some pictures.

Submitted on: MAY 21, 2003 16:59:43

Last night in Florence had to be one of the worst gigs there was...not from the music point-of-view you understand...but from a crowd situation. The security manhandled everyone there and formed a chain by linking arms and forcibly pushed everyone back into a side street. I've got bruises on my arms from them...and they were dragging people...male and female, as if we were protesters or something. The crowd were true Meeting People Is Easy-obnoxious. There were the usual pseudo-fans crying out "Play Creep!!" and the usual hecklers and out-of-tune-singers-along.

It's really saddening to have to listen to a handful of idiots singing out of tune - often only phonetically to the words while Thom is pouring his heart out on stage singing Exit Music.

In Arles it was the beginning everyone was shushing each other...and it worked. It was absolutely bewitching. Nothing but Thom...

No such luck in Firenze...

In the first 5 minutes there must have been 15 people pulled out of the crowd from exhaustion, being crushed, or dehydration. The security guards in their now inimitable style refused to give us water even though they had bottles and bottles of it behind them. It was only after I asked the Keyboardist for Laika if he could get the First Aiders to get some for us that we did.

The tone of the gig was set from the start when the security pushed everyone back into the side streets for no apparent reason. After that the concert had a black cloud looming over it. Thom even shouted out in the middle of the song " SHUT UP!! " and he was mouthing sometimes " Fuck all of you " At one point he started singing and then just stopped and shook his head.

The ghosts of MPIE had reared their ugly heads again.

The collection of bruises and cuts that me and the friends I have met on this tour is quite incredible...there have been crowd surfers, elbowers, all sorts. At Frejus one guy managed to run onto the stage from behind and threw himself into the crowd, kicking one of my friends in the head.

Last night here in Florence I had to shout to Ed to tell the crowd to move back...and there was brief respite when he did....but gradually the crowds moved in again.

I just feel so sorry for the band because they couldn't have been enjoying the show with all the shit that was going on.

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