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Earth Theatre - Thessaloniki, Greece
June 25, 2000 with Clinic
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01. Optimistic
02. Bones
03. Karma Police
04. Morning Bell
05. How to Disappear
06. Street Spirit
07. Talk Show Host
08. The National Anthem
09. My Iron Lung
10. In Limbo
11. No Surprises
12. Dollars and Cents
13. Fake Plastic Trees
14. Nice Dream
15. Airbag
16. Just
17. Everything in its Rigth Place


18. Lucky
19. You and Whose Army
20. You
21. Paranoid Android


22. Exit Music
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Submitted on: MAY 21, 2003 17:05:59

Last night was the first time we saw radiohead in their first show in greece ever (which was long awaited i can say). their new songs were great, especially "in limbo" and "how to disappear completely..." (personally i wanted to hear "knives out" but unluckily it was not on last night's setlist )-:).the crowd was extremely warm and enjoyed both the old and new songs.

concerning the band's appearance, ed and colin seemed to be very happy with the crowd's participation to the show, and that became obvious in the "rain down" part of "paranoid android" when ed stood up on one of the speakers with colin on his side, exchanging some words about the (perhaps unexpected in its extent) crowd's enthusiasm and applause.unfortunately i can't say the same about thom, who seemed like he was forced to play just another gig.their tense because of a heavy tour schedule is justified, but Thom's attitude was a bit provocative since he was often smiling ironically as if he was mocking us and once even told us to "fuck off" when some people requested "creep", which was something understandable (as ed mentioned in his diary) since it was their first gig here ever.phil's drumming on the new songs was great, colin was quite active throughout the whole gig and jonny ... absolutely perfect as always !!!!!!!!!!!

In general the show was very good, but i would prefer to have seen them about 4-5 years ago before the release of "ok computer" when they weren't so famous.i hope you will get my point if i say that being #1 somehow fades you out...

Submitted on: MAY 21, 2003 17:06:30

yesterday was a big day for Thessaloniki. Radiohead played live at the Earth Theatre. The theatre was nearly full (not sold out i'm afraid) by 4500 people waiting for the big show. Clinic played real early, so not many people got the chance to hear them (neither did I).

Radiohead played for 115 minutes and did 2 encores (that's strange huh?). Many new songs were in the playlist but the people didn't seem to appreciate them much (i found them perfect with the exception of 1 or 2). The songs I can remember were:

Talk Show Host
Nice Dream
Karma Police
Fake Plastic Trees
Paranoid Android
Street Spirit
No Surprises
My Iron Lung
Everything In It's Right Place

6-7 more new songs and Exit Music.

Cameras were strictly forbidden and the people of security forced us (literally) to take the film out of the camera and also the batteries too which were taken from me. People asked for Creep (and that of course annoyed the band which ignored them and carried on with the show). I wish I could post you some photos too but then of course security took good care for that.

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