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Le Grand Rex - Paris, France
June 30, 2000 with Clinic
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karma police
morning bell
you and whose army
talk show host
national anthem
my iron lung
in limbo
no surprises
dollars and cents
exit music
everything in its right place
pyramid song
street spirit
paranoid android
how to disappear completely
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 05:25:41

I had the great pleasure to attend THE Radiohead concert at le grand rex (thanks to w.a.s.t.e) and I just wanted to tell that it was a WoNdErFul one. There were many many technical problems ,especially when Thom played Kid A on his piano, however the audience helped very much the group to get through. Thom seemed all so bothered by these problems....... Nevermind, it was so great.... actually ,I think the best part of this concert was when a complete silence fell on the andience and Thom played Exit music..... The accoustic of the room was really great and I guess that's why it made their music so respectful. the 2700 people welcomed the new songs, as well.... there were optimistic ,bones, morning bell, my iron lung, follow me around..... talk show host, just..... I can't remember..... There were two encores, and at the end Thom was very nice to us, coming and see the people who left their seat to come closer....

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 05:26:43

The evening of 30th June was a special night in Paris. Radiohead were in town, although outside the Grand Rex there was no sign whatsoever that they were going to perform. Well, except for the crowd gathering in front of the cinema. For some people the five hour wait outside the venue seemed to last days rather than hours, but by the end of the night everyone knew that it was worth it.

Finally, the doors opened at around 19:15. Relieved, the crowd slowly filled the seats and eagerly waited for the band to come on stage. The supporting band, Clinic, come out around 20:00. They recieved a warm welcome from the audience.

Then the waiting began again. After Clinic left the stage the engineers started setting up the stage for Radiohead. Every time an engineer came out the crowd went wild thinking it was the band, only to see some guy tuning in a guitar.

Finally, the lights went out and everyone knew this was it. Slowly, Phil, Colin, Ed, Jonny and finally Thom come out and met the crowd. With a simple "What's up?" from Thom, the band launched into "Optimistic". This was my first time I heard this song and I must say it was amazing. Anyway, how could we expect anything less. "Bones" and "Karma Police" followed, and another new song "The Morning Bell" described by Thom as "a song about forgetting who you are". Throughout all songs it was so quiet. The crowd were in complete awe. "You and whose army" was next, dedicated by Thom to the G7, who played the piano. The crowd cheered and listened in complete silence. The next song was "dedicated to a guy I met in a bar last night" said Thom, "he's a wanker" and the band started "Talk Show Host"..."Everyone" was next. I must say that this was the most exciting song of the whole set. Very powerful. Again there was silence from the crowd and a wild cheer at the end. During "My Iron Lung" Thom's guitar didn't work properly, but the band continued to play while an engineer rewired it.

That didn't seem bother anyone at all. Anyway, why would it. "In Limbo" said Thom and everyone cheered. Thom seemed very happy and just before "No surprises" said that "this one will be difficult to do" and carried on..."Dollars and Cents" followed. The crowd quietened down and Thom began "Exit Music". What a performance! NOBODY made a single sound. By the end of the song everyone stood up and cheered for a prolonged time, and Thom just stood there looking up at the balcony. Simply beatiful. From that moment onwards everyone stood and listened to the rest of the set standing up. I must say the crowd was amazing.

"Knives Out" was next and then "Airbag". I think it was just before "Airbag" that someone shouted creep. Thom in response to that said "yeah, and this is Creep", sarcastically, and launched into "Airbag". Quite amusing, he didn't seem to mind really. "Just" invited the crowd to sing along to the chorus, everyone jumping around and shouting out "you do it to yourself". Excellent!!!!!

"Everything in its right place" gave everyone a chance to calm down after all that excitement from "Just", and the crowd listened carefully to how Jonny sampled Thom's voice and played it back over and over. That was so cool!!!!!! That was the end of the main set and the band left the stage with Thom's voice continousely playing and finally stopping.

Following a two minute cheer from the crowd, the band appeared on the stage for the first encore. They started with "Lucky". Before the next song some people next to me, on the balcony, started shouting "Follow Me Around". Thom sang the first line of the song, "I see you in the dark", then said "That's it" and started "Egyptian Song"...then "Street Spirit". During "Paranoid Android" Thom's acoustic got disconnected and he had to hold it up to the microphone. An enginnered rewired it quickly. That was during the "raindown..." bit. Thom said " It's one of these days" and carried on singing. Also just before they started playing "Paranoid Android" Thom made that beeping sound that we can hear on the record just before the song. He laughed and they began playing. That was the end of the first encore, the band left the stage.

The audience wanted more and knew they were going to get it. Ed and Jonny entered the stage and began quietly playing "How to disappear..." Soon after Phil joined them with Colin and finally Thom. This also was a beautiful performance with every person standing up since "Exit Music" it made the whole experiance even more special. So intimate...

Afterwards, after about 2 hours of waiting outside the venue I managed to meet the band and have a bit of a chat with them. Thom came out first, then Ed, Phil and Colin. Sadly there was no sign of Jonny...

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