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Old Roman Amphitheatre - Caesaria, Israel
July 9, 2000 with Clinic
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01. Karma Police
02. Optimistic
03. Morning Bell
04. National Anthem
05. No Surprises
06. My Iron Lung
07. Talk Show Host
08. Fake Plastic Trees
09. In Limbo
10. Dollars and Cents
11. Street Spirit
12. Airbag
13. Lucky
14. You and Whose Army
15. Paranoid Android
16. Everything in its Right Place


17. Alligators in New York Sewers
18. Egyptian Song
19. Climbing Up the Walls
20. Just

21. How to Disappear Completely
22. Exit Music
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 05:44:43

The show was unbelievable, even better than last night's which rocked way more than the night before. Great audience, great energies. Before Optimistic Thom said "This is a song about keeping hope when it looks like there's no hope", before Morning Bell he said "This is a song about forgetting who you are and being shocked when you find out", before My Iron Lung, after someone from the audience got close to the stage and was immediately taken away by security, which was very tight, he said "You can down security if you like, he wasn't gonna kill me I don't think" :) He also dedicated You and Whose Army to Jonny's in laws (which are Israeli) and Paranoid Android to security, and said "Now it's time to disco... yeah right" before an amazing performance of Everything in its Right Place. At the first encore Thom came out alone and said "I'm going to play you a new song that you haven't heard before. It's called Alligators in New York Sewers and it's rather silly actually..." and before Egyptian Song he said "Okay this is uh... oh shit I don't know what it's called. It's true actually... I tell you". Climbing Up the Walls was electrifying... I'd been waiting for that one since Friday...

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