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Werchter Festival Site - Werchter, Belgium
September 12, 2000 with Sigur Ros
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Morning Bell
In Limbo
The National Anthem
Fake Plastic Trees
Paranoid Android
Permanent Daylight
Egytpian Song
Climbing Up the Walls
Karma Police
Knives Out
Street Spirit
The Bends
Everything In Its Right Place

How to Disappear Completely
Shot by Both Sides ( A Magazine Cover)
No Surprises

2nd Encore:
Motion Picture Soundtrack

3rd Encore:
My Iron Lung
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 05:54:24

Indeed, a triple encore, first time i see that happening in fact. But the crowd just didn't stop cheering, so they came back again after their second encore. I got up to the third row this time, and you could immediately feel that that was the place for the hardcore fans. Singing along with every not-new song, clapping their hands off and singing/yelling their lungs out. The crowd responded very well to the new songs, and it was clear that idioteque is going to be a long-time crowd pleaser. No Just tonight, no exit music either, but we got motion picture soundtrack and fake plastic trees instead, so it wasn't that bad after all... :) Just kidding of course, it was another amazing gig.

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