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Goffertpark - Nijmegen, Netherlands
September 16, 2000 with Sigur Ros
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The National Anthem
Morning Bell
Fake Plastic Trees
You and Whose Army?
Planet Telex
In Limbo
Dollars and Cents
Climbing up the Walls
Exit Music
Paranoid Android
How to Disappear Completely
Everything In Its Right Place

No Surprises
Knives Out
Karma Police
Egyptian Song

2nd Encore:
Killar Cars
My Iron Lung
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Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 21:03:56

Well I guess I'm the only person that goes to this website that went to this show so I'll try to remember as much as I can, I unluckilly (not really) saw the second night of a two day run in Nijmegen, in was a journey getting there and once we did all I wanted was to find the beautiful blue tent Radiohead used durring their european tour of 2000, once there my german friend and I saw the many signs in many different languages around the entrance gate telling all the things you could and couldn't have so we had to ditch some of our bags we had full of toilet paper and some food(which later we found the bag still containing the food but no TP) and then ate a sandwhich before going in. We tried to take some bottles of water in but our bags were searched and they got thrown out, we asked them if we could not have water and they said we could but not the containers, horse shit if you ask me, so I ended up having to buy some warm beer at a stand before the concert, for those of you who didn't get to experience the tent it was amazing, I think it held a little over 10,000, it was disapointing that I couldn't see very well because I was only able to squeeze to about the middle of the crowd, prior to the concert I hadn't heard any of Kid A and Amnesiac songs prior to their release but somehow many of the people at the show were singing along with the songs I didn't know because they were so new, apparently Colin was sick at the show but you couldn't tell they all played their asses off, I thought maybe Thom's vocals might be diminished from the night before but he disapointed no one, there was one fan who came dressed as a fairy for which they didicated karma police, I can't remember too much else significant about the show but more crazy shit did happen afterwards, sorry I didn't really talk about the show but that's my story, if you'd like to hear more of if you were there please e-mail me

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