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Stade de France - St Denis, France
September 20, 2000 with Sigur Ros
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Morning Bell
The National Anthem
Nice Dream
Paranoid Android
You and Whose Army
Karma Police
Permanent Daylight
No Surprises
Climbing up the Walls
In Limbo
Talk Show Host
How to Disappear Completely
Everything in its Right Place

I Might Be Wrong
Dollars and Cents
Street Spirit

2nd Encore:
Motion Picture Soundtrack
My Iron Lung
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Submitted on: AUGUST 20, 2003 04:37:50

I was really surprise when I first heard that Radiohead was playing under a tent.
But what a good show!I arrived quite early so I managed to be in the area in front of the stage (the access was limited to certain number of persons,they gave you a bracelet pass to get in) separate of the other part of the crowd by fences.
I can't really remember the songs separatly,I remember the gig as a full block of moving feelings.
The atmosphere was fantastic for sure and the performance very great.
The only thing I was a little bit upset about were the new songs:Kid A hadn't been released at that time and I must confess I felt like the new songs didn't fit with the old ones...
Anyway,it didn't really change my opinion about the concert:a very good piece of music perfect combination of the atmosphere and the performance.

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