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Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets - London, England
September 23, 2000 with Clinic
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The National Anthem
Morning Bell
My Iron Lung
In Limbo
Paranoid Android
Exit Music
You and Whose Army?
Climbing up the Walls
No Surprises
Dollars and Cents
How to Disappear Completely
Everything In Its Right Place


Street Spirit
I Might Be Wrong
The Bends
Egyptian Song

Encore 2:

Motion Picture Soundtrack
Karma Police
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Submitted on: JUNE 22, 2003 05:59:16

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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 08, 2003 03:44:26

I'd never ever been so excited about going to a gig in my life before this one, and was it worth it!

Thom did the rock start thing at the beginning - silhouetted against the smoke with guitar hanging behind while the opening of the national anthem pounded and the room screamed. So much for not liking the attention!

This was early in the Kid A tour (the album hadn't yet been released) and some of the new stuff was great - espeically Idioteque which was awesome. First time I'd seen them and as you'll know - live is where the music comes into its own. Tracks like 'The Bends' and 'Karma Police' were all new live, however many times you'd heard them before on CD.

I had to give up my ticket to the Oxford homecomeing gig the following summer for a friend's stag weekend... a tough call indeed ;-(

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