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Victoria Park - Cheshire, Warrington England
October 2, 2000 with Clinic
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The National Anthem
Morning Bell
Karma Police
In Limbo
Paranoid Android
Permanent Daylight
Egyptian Song
Street Spirit
Climbing Up The Walls
Dollars And Cents
Talk Show Host
Everything In Its Right Place
Exit Music (For A Film)
The Bends
How to Disappear Completely
Motion Picture Soundtrack
My Iron Lung
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Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 02:27:55

The beat from 'The Amazing Sounds of Orgy' played as we waited for Clinic whose vocalist seemed to be shit scared of us. Pyramid Song was amazing, with all the purple lights and swirling computer graphics. It lasted 10 minutes or so and left me in a trance. My girlfriend nearly got crushed to death during 'Just' but she seemed to enjoy it. Karma Police fell apart. Thom's guitar strings broke as he sang 'this is what you get...' and he held it one handed in the air and just carried on singing with a big grin on his face. Jonny didn't look up once all night. Ed danced about like he had a lizard in his pants. Couldn't see Phil or Colin. The big tent made things sound fantastic!

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