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Victoria Park - Cheshire, Warrington England
October 3, 2000 with Clinic
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The National Anthem
Morning Bell
Karma Police
In Limbo
I Might Be Wrong
Permanent Daylight
Talk Show Host
You And Whose Army?
Fake Plastic Trees
My Iron Lung
Paranoid Android
Dollars And Cents
How To Disappear Completely
Everything In Its Right Place
(encore:) Motion Picture Soundtrack
No Surprises
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Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2003 02:36:00

This was a strange yet great gig. Firstly the fact that it was set in some bizarre giant marquee. The crowd was split into 2 halves although I didn't realise this until I walked into the fron t part and had a band wrapped round my wrist and told that I was the last one allowed through - sorry to those behind me.
Normally at these sort of gigs the crowd is screaming and passionate, not here. Sure between every song they clapped and shouted, but during each song the entire crowd (at least in the front section) was like a sea of motionless zombies. It was pretty unnerving and , including myself, there were only 3 people moving at all.
There was a sign at the front that said No Moshing, but I think that it still meant that you could move to the music.
The Tour with the tent (full of zombies).

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