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Punchestown Race Course - Kildare, Ireland
October 6, 2000 with Clinic
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The National Anthem
Morning Bell
My Irong Lung
In Limbo
Paranoid Android
You And Whose Army?
Fake Plastic Trees
Climbing Up The Walls
Talk Show Host
Dollars And Cents
How To Disappear Completely
Everything In Its Right Place
I Might Be Wrong
Street Spirit
The Bends
Egyptian Song
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Karma Police
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:19:35

We were a mile from Punchestown, and I knew that this was going to be an extraordinary night. I was travelling with the WIT Music Society to the Radiohead gig here in Ireland on Friday the 6th.
Through the window of our bus we could see the three massive light beams (surrounding the tent) shine skywards and converge on the clouds. We winded through the narrow country roads with Street Spirit running in the cassette player.
At 7:45 we came into Punchestown, got out of the bus and made our way towards the giant tent. Clinic were on already, we didn't care. There was no waiting, everything was very fluid and efficent. We passed through the gates with remarkable ease. Next stop: the w.a.s.t.e. tent, and some goodies. Here I expected a long delay before i could buy something, but no, i just walked straight up to the barrier and called a guy over. Within 3 minutes I was wearing a black Radiohjead t-shirt and making my way to the big top.
Clinic were on their second last song, the tent was 3/4 full by now, but we still managed to get pretty far up. We had an excellent view of the stage. Enviously, we looked at the barriered-off area where you could get really close to the stage. It was too much of a temptation. We left our good position in the hope of getting an excellent one. We made our way out of the tent, up along the left and found the entrance to the section that was cloest to the stage. Two bouncers stood guard at the entrance. Myself and my friend John walked up to the bouncers and asked if we could get in. They stopped us. Apparently, this was the purple wristband area, and it was clearly full already. It was almost 8:00 now. Radiohead were due on at 9:00.
The bouncers weren't letting us in, but by now about 60 people had walked up and joined us hoping to get in. I pleaded with the bouncer to let us in. He then spoke on some guy on his radio and this guy appears a few minutes later. He takes a good look at us, sighs and says :"Ok, the first 10 and thats IT!"
With no wristbands myself, John, and 8 other people thanked the security men ran and into the tent.
We pushed and pushed and eventually got ourselves in the 3rd row!, right between Ed and Thom. We were so close it was unreal! Clinic were gone at this stage, and the Radiohead gear was being hastly brought on stage and tested by a myriad of multi-talented roadies. I was amazed to see the sheer number of effects pedals that Ed had.
Anyway, it was fast approaching zero hour, the atmosphere was building and...out go the lights! On come these spooky purple lights. A tingling sensation runs through us. The time has come.
With a deafening roar the band appear from the shadows. Colin is sporting glasses and looks like Graham Coxon from Blur, Ed looks very stylish in a blue denim jacket and Thom is dressed in black.
The unmistakable bass line tells us that The National Anthem is first. The crowd goes crazy. As the song builds Thom gestures to a roadie and the roadie comes on stage bearing Thom's red Gibson. Thom plays guitar along to the National Anthem, in the process he rips the top string from the guitar.
Next it's Morning Bell, it went down well.
The next song i remember was My Iron Lung. The tent erupted when they began, everyone was singing along. When it came to rockier parts the crowd went ballistic. I was being pushed, pulled and dragged in every direction. The song ended and we all took a few deep breaths.
I can't remember the running order for the night, but here's some interesting things:
During all of Climbing Up The Walls Thom held his acoustic guitar to his face and sang into the inside of the guitar. At the end he was lying on the ground, hitting the guitar with his fist. Strange or what?
Lucky was great, everyone was singing. Airbag never sounded better. Paranoid Android was a big crowd pleaser and again the moshing during this was insane. One girl appeared to have fainted in the crush and had to be dragged over our heads and pulled to safety by the first aid people at the barrier. In fact, I was surprised more peole weren'r hurt. During one song Jonny was looking very concerned about us at the front and he must have spotted something because to got up from his keyboards and gestured to an offical to get his attention then he pointed to somebody in the crowd. The first aider got the message and ran over to help whoever it was.
Optimistic was played at a faster pace and sounded great. One of the highlights of the night was Idioteque. The song builded and builded, with Thom dancing like crazy and muttering gibberish into the mike towards the end. All of the sudden the song stops dead. Complete silence instantly, and the lights go out. For a second or two the abrupt ( to say the least ) ending takes us all off guard and the crowd are in shock for a moment, then the explode with cheers and applause. Lights back on. Magic.
Just was excellent, so good that I nearly broke my neck during the mosh at the final part of the song. Amazing! How To Disappear ( the song about Dublin ) went down very well with the Irish crowd. After Thom sang the line "i float down the liffey" there was a huge cheer and a volley of whistles. A wide grin broke out on Thoms face, but he managed to stiffle a laugh.
There was this amazing green laser/osilliscope type thing at the back on the stage during some songs. It moved and twisted with the music. Really amazing stuff. In fact, all the lighting effects were 100% outstanding. The crew really deserve to be credited.
Street Spirit and Fake Plastic Trees were classics.
They played a lot of unrealeased material too. You And Whose Army sounded ace. Pyriamd Song was fantastic too. The whole band joined in for a rousing version of I Might Be Wrong which just seemed to go on and on. Dollars and Cents was very nice and I think the crowd loved it.
Talk Show Host was something really magic and so so beautiful. It too felt like it was going to go on forever...strange feeling.
Everything In Its Right Place closed the 'Part One' of the concert. The crowd screamed there heads off with chants of "more more more" and "one more song, one more song". We got a lot more than one more song, I can tell you. They played about 4 songs during this encore, including some I've already mentioned and also The Bends. Before they broke into it, Thom yelled 'Rock!' into the mike.
Then it was end of 'Part Two', but we kept on chanting and chanting. Out they came again to a deafening reception. A small organ and stool had been pushed to Thoms place right in the center at the front of the stage. 'Motion Picture Soundtrack' sounded incredible. The song really moved everyone and we all screamed after the last lines faded. Then Thom just sat there, starring into the crowd. All of a sudden it seemed to get too emotional for him. He brought his hands up to his face and while still starring at us like sombody in love, tears appeared in his eyes. The lights went out. Everyone had one hell of a lump in their throats.
On come the lights again for the final part song of the night. Thom thanks us all for what was a great night and then its Karma Poilce. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was singing along. All the band were smiling. It got really quiet during the 'this is what you get' parts and the crowd took over here. It felt like Karma Police was the new Creep...
The song ends, the show ends. The band come to the edge and bow and wave. Phil gets a huge cheer as he stands up and bows to us with a huge smile on his face.
What an amazing night. My bones ached and my clothes were soaked in sweat, but I didn't care. I had experienced something supernatural...unique....unforgetable. I had experienced Radiohead.

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