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Air Canada Centre - Toronto, Canada
October 17, 2000 with Kid Koala and Handsome Boy Modeling School
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Thom introduced many songs with references to corporations. They are in parenthesees below.

National Anthem ("That was brought to you by Sony Music. This next one brought to you by Labbatt's. It's called The Morning Bell.")
Morning Bell
Airbag ("Brought to you by Ford")
In Limbo ("Brought to you by Pizza Pizza")
Optimistic ("What's this one for? Molson. Molson Optimistic. This one brought to you courtesy of Molson.")
Lucky ("I think that's a good idea. This one's brought to you courtesy of MuchMusic.")
My Iron Lung
You And Whose Army ("This next song is brought to you courtesy of Compassionate Conservatism.")
No Surprises ("Brought to you by EMI/Time Warner.")
Dollars and Cents
Exit Music
Talk Show Host
How to Disappear Completely ("In order to do this next song we had to drop a deal with Nike.... such good trainers")
Paranoid Android ("This song's brought to you by... IBM and... Gucci. There's a concept. Is it boring yet? I think it's still funny myself. Fuck it.")
Idioteque ("Courtesy of Microsoft")
Everything In Its Right Place

I Might Be Wrong ("Thank you. I'd just like to say... hang on a minute. I'd just like to say how delighted we are to be here in the Sears theatre in the, uh, Air Canada, whatever it is. We really are delighted to be here. Thank you. This song is called I Might Be Wrong.")
Street Spirit ("Brought to you with the help of Ticket Master")
Follow Me Around ("Now's a good oppurtunity to do something we were asked to do on the net and stuff. This song's called Follow Me Around.")
The Bends
Pyramid Song

2nd Encore
Motion Picture Soundtrack ("Bloody curfews. Right then. This next song is called Motion Picture Soundtrack. This song is definately brought to you by the Disney corporation. A wholesome, God-fearing corporation if ever there was one.")
Karma Police
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:32:39

I have just witnessed what might have been the best concert ever. Radiohead is the bands name, and they are absolutely incredible.

Let me start a few days ago when Radiohead performed on Saturday Night Live. I'll be honest, it stunk, and I was left wondering what this concert was going to be like. I learnt later that their poor performance was due to a bad soundcheck, etc, but still...I really didn't know what to expect.

Hark! The SNL performance was not the Radiohead I saw last night.

I sat a little off center, and at the back of the first level. They weren't bad seats, but I certainly wasn't as close as I would have like to be. I could see all the band members all right, but not the whites of their eyes. Still, I was quite happy to be there.

The warm-up band wasn't a band at all. Rather it was a trio of DJ's who called themselves the "Handsome Boy Modelling School." They came out and took turns doing their thing. I wasn't too impressed until the last fellow who shied away from all those heavy beats and churned out a nice song. He even used "Fitter Happier" in one of his mixes, much to the chagrin of the audience. They played for about forty-five minutes, and were gone.

Then there was an intermission of sorts.

Until 9:00pm when the lights completely shut off.

Some haunting music came on and played for a few minutes. The stage turned blue, then green, then purple, then to natural light. The band entered.

The crowd roared.

Everyone was happy.

Colin walked right to his guitar and immediately began the bass for National Anthem. It was loud, and it was good. Thom did a little spaz dancing, but not like the SNL one. Also, there was no brass band, but I didn't notice until later when I thought about it. I suppose they were only a New York thing.

The first three songs were as follows:

1. National Anthem
2. Morning Bell
3. Airbag

Before each song, Thom would say it was brought to you by one company or another, as a joke. For 'National Anthem' it was Sony Music. For 'Morning Bell' it was Labatt (Canadian Beer). And then just before Airbag he said: "And this one's for free."

More songs:

4. In Limbo
5. Optimistic

I just can't express in words how good they were. My mouth was hanging open a few times.

6. Lucky
7. My Iron Lung
8. You and Whose Army
9. No Surprises
10. Dollars and Cents

Dollars and Cents was good. Very good. Maybe it will be on the next album. 11. Exit Music For A Film
12. Talk Show Host

The ?Romeo and Juliet? portion. Lighters were everywhere for Exit Music. Talk Show Host got a huge round of applause afterwards. It blew everyone away.

13. How to Disappear Completely
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque

Idioteque was fantastic. The SNL thing was crap and it put a doubt in me whether the song could be any good live. It was better than good. Thom did some cool dancing during this one.

16. Just
17. Everything In Its Right Place

After singing Everything In Its Right Place, Thom walked about the stage and threw him arms up to the crowd. He was having fun it seemed. Then the band members exited one by one. Jonny and Ed were left doing the end of the song and then they left as well.

Then, the stage hands came out and we realized they were going to do an encore. They came out again, and Thom send how pleased he was to be performing there that night.

18. I Might Be Wrong
19. Street Sprit

Thom said that this song was brought to them by Ticketmaster and received a bunch of boos. I guess a lot of people had problems getting tickets.

20. Follow Me Around

They performed this because a bunch of people on the net asked him to. Nice song. Just Thom performing it.

21. The Bends
22. Pyramid Song

Then they all waved and left again to more standing ovations.

However, more stagehands came out and sent up a keyboard, so we knew a second encore was going to happen.

23. Motion Picture Soundtrack

Beautiful. I don't care what anyone says, I love this song. Colin bowed his upright bass and Jonny did all the harps and stuff on his keyboard.

24. Karma Police.

They went out with a bang. They waved again after and then left again. It was over for real this time as the main house lights went up. I rushed to buy a t-shirt but the good ones were all sold out. Thom said, "I'll see you all next year," so I'll buy one at that concert I hope.

On the way out people were saying that it was one of their best concerts. I wouldn't know cause it's my first, but they seemed knowledgeable.

Anyways, that's the end. If you can't understand half of it, it's because I'm excited. And if you've read this far:

"Thanks for listening" - Thom Yorke.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:33:08

I got to the Air Canada Center at about 6pm, and chatted with scalpers and people I knew who showed up. The scalpers were charging up to $200 (CND) from what I saw, but it was possibly more in other areas. Around quarter to 7, I met some people I knew over the net, we sorted out our tickets and went inside. My seats were wayyyy up top, about third row from the top, but it was still pretty good. I've had worse seats before, so I'm not gonna complain. At around 8 pm the opening band showed up, it was Handsome Boy Modeling School, the same guys as in NY. To be honest, I didn't much like the first couple guys who did their thing with the turntables, but the last guy ( I think it was Kid Koala) was pretty good, he sampled some of "Fitter Happier", which everyone liked.

Around 8:50, Radiohead came on stage, and Thom made that little comment about the song being sponsored by Sony, and they launched into The National Anthem.

I'm not gonna list the setlist, cause its allready in the news section, but I'll add things I remember and my favorite parts...

--At the begining of either Dollars and Cents or You and Whose Army (can't recall, sorry), Thom said something to the effect of "this one's brought to you by 'Compassionate Conservatism' " , I'm guessing it was D&C, that would make more sense.
--During Idioteque, Thom was flipping out in the same way he did on SNL, it was really a great sight to see, he was dancing all over the stage and just throwing all his limbs every way possible.
--It seemed like Jonny was playing a different instrument every song.
--When they played Follow Me Around, Thom introduced as a request they had been getting off the net. I don't know if its just that my mp3 of it is a few years old, but the lyrics seemed different from what I remebered. I could be totaly wrong though.
--There was no orchestra for The National Anthem My personal highlights...
-- All of Talk Show Host was great, I was supprised they played it, and they did it very well.
-- Everything In Its Right Place was amazing, I loved how Jonny was messing around with Thom's voice, and the way the vocals were by the end of the song was great. One of the best effects I've seen at a live show by far.
--Thom's voice in Follow Me Around... beautiful.. just him and the guitar.
-- The dancing in Idioteque was great too.
-- Karma Police as the closer, one of my two favourite RH songs.
-- Motion Picture Soundtrack really brought out the best in Thom's voice, I had huge goosebumps at the "I will see you in the next life" part.
-- I had guessed there would be about 3 encores, so when they just kept playing and playing... need I say more?

There were many more of cource, but its now past 2 am here, so I'll let other reviewers fill in what I missed. A very good show, nice mix of songs, and the band was really into it. I really hope Thom meant it when he said "see you next year somtime".

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