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Greek Theatre - Los Angeles, CA USA
October 20, 2000 with Kid Koala and Handsome Boy Modeling School
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The National Anthem
Morning Bell
In Limbo
My Iron Lung
You and Whose Army?
Fake Plastic Trees
No Surprises
Dollars and Cents
Talk Show Host
How to Disappear Completely
Paranoid Android
Everything in its Right Place


I Might Be Wrong
Climbing Up the Walls
Karma Police
Pyramid Song

Encore 2:

Motion Picture Soundtrack
Street Spirit
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:34:16

I've discovered my inner child, and he was running and writhing around, bursting out in glorious, raging song in the person of Thom Yorke. The music sounds like life. Metallic doldrums. Throbbing jackhammers. Slamming brakes. Sweeping breezes. Beaming, rigid sunlight. The band as a collective whole is working at about 35% brain power, compared to our meager little production - and they have discovered how to burrow their way into our heads and sit down for a nice cup of British delirium. Is this really happening? The Greek Theatre was a wonderful place to be on Friday the 20th of October, year 2000. There were a lot of brown haired people there, which was quite a shock in holly-jollywood, the cathedral of blonde haired oblivion. The Moby concert only a month previous had been a bomb because of those pretty heads (who doesn't stand up and dance at a concert, let alone a techno-inspired dance concert?) But back to Radiohead, these little aliens with remarkably harrowing genius. They make you want to run like a little child (in fear and euphoria), give you the power to scream at the world, and give you a hug and a kiss goodnight when you're all tuckered out. I wish I could remember the individual songs, but they didn't stop enough for me to pick my brain up from off the ground to think about anything other than, whoooaaaa, man, colors and voices.
As the song unfolds, you usually are watching Thom writhe around when you happen to hear a sound that doesn't seem like an electric guitar, but then you look over and watch Jonny and you lose yourself in these little pricks and bizarre distortions and then the bass hits you, oddly, like a drunken fist to the jaw and you bounce for long enough to distinguish the drumbeat and the way the bald man hits it on off notes where you can't anticipate and you're fascinated with that until you think holy shit this is a good song and altogether it is quite amazing and where did it all go I wonder? The next song is always a relief, whether it be a quiet healing of the wounds or a vicious pickup from the slumber. Then they are gone from the stage and then you're back in the real world and the lights are on again and you're not looking out from underwater into the sunlight anymore. Then you have to sit down and breathe and remark at your own total exhaustion. It feels like you've just finished having sex and eating a good meal and having your ass kicked and doing seven hours of sweaty yoga all at once. This is really happening. I want more. Then you realize that that was the only concert that you and those lucky other thousand or so people will get to see for the rest of however long it may be, and wish perhaps to be lucky enough to write something powerful or make a lot of money to hire Radiohead to come do your birthday party in the Spring.
For all of the nuts out there, they played everything that they have played on any of the tours this year - a mixture of the new material and their ageless classics. All were my favorite, in particular, all of them. Next year seems very far away. Come back soon.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:34:41

Apparently, word hadn't got out that Radiohead were playing the Greek. The scene outside was VERY mellow, with people milling about holding up to 4 finger requests for tickets - 4 spare tickets! - Did people think they were at a Garth Brooks show? Besides a casual reference on the marquee to the fact that Radiohead was indeed playing and that the event was sold out, there was little to suggest the ebay ($300-$10,000) frenzy for tickets, that this was the last RH show for "a long, long time" (Thom) or that RH remains hands down the best live band on the planet for the last 5+ years running. Little to suggest this other than the band's performance -

What is most astonishing to me is that you can still watch every single member of the group at any instant and be floored by the sound they're making and how it folds into their songs. On Morning Bell, Jonny did this percussive counterbeat clicking with his strings muted, barely audible in the mix but killer to see & critical throughout to the vibe. On National Anthem, Thom rocked uncontrollably on the mic with the channel turned completely OFF on the mix, punching back ON an instant before a particular verse, which builds a fierce sensation of limitless energy. Phil's whirl of drums and Ed's psychedelic guitar on Dollars & Cents suggested music from a future world that's been brought back via time travelers. LP5, please - chop, chop. Colin left base camp at Phil's side and moved to the front (!) to hit an unmiked block of wood for Paranoid Android and attacked the last few bars of Optimistic, jumping deep into the groove pocket instantly, as if he flicked a switch (there's a bit of OKC RH for you...). Jonny rocked Thom's live recorded voice with his fingers on some sort of touch-sensitive sampler on National Anthem and gave How to Disappear an extra longing with an ambient breathing timbre, in and out, in and out, played on the Martenot - one of his many new toys. Even Idioteque, for those who thought "what the fuck is this?" when they first heard it on record, is dramatically humanized by the band building the song organically and wrapping in Thom's pure insanity and shamanistic vocals live. For those who haven't heard it, "I Might Be Wrong" is a new song played convincingly live that sounds Electioneering-esque, but ultimately is not a worthy replacement for Exit Music. I thought the Can cover the boys were doing in the UK was better...

As for the rest of the tunes, all of the Bends and OKC numbers were standouts, as usual, with Just being dedicated to "Anyone who's thought of committing suicide". The lights and sound were incredible. But that's really nothing new for RH either. The amazing thing is that they sustain it every time I've seen them. When they started into MIL, I wondered if it could still take flight after all these years - but within an instant it flattened the entire audience out and left no doubt. When Thom sang the "..silent..." part of "No Surprises", you could feel the audience and band's collective consciousness bleeding together into another million year moment. The end jam of MIL, Paranoid Android and especially Talk Show Host is still, STILL, one of the most exciting live sequences ever.

Beck, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Love, members of Travis and others were there, but who gives a shit, really - Thom, Jonny, Ed, Colin & Phil were in the house, once again... happy to be there, happy to be wrapping up their first real tour in over 3 years, and ripping blindingly into, over and through the hills of Los Angeles, shaking the dew from the trees and coating the forest with peace and karma...

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:35:02

a word about the occurrences after the Greek Theatre performance in LA, which by the way, was amazing.

after the show we waited outside for about an hour, hoping that Thom Johhny Collin Phil and Ed would sign, but instead, me and my two friends that FLEW from FLORIDA got something better. Some people may not believe me, hell, I even heard people that didn't know me make fun of me. the truth is, this happened, and i have a DISGUSTING amount of proof. so we're waiting after the show (which WAS AWESOME, but most of you don't need me to tell you about it, there are plenty of reviews out there), and we see them drive out in the limousine. Thom waves from the car, but that was all. so me and my buddies started running after the car. we heard later on that people who decided not run were making fun of us saying "yeah, ok - they're really gonna meet thom yorke".

so we keep running. we made friends with some kid before the show, who agreed to drive us around looking for the rumored after- party, so he parked his car in the path of the limousine. we ran after the limo until we reached this kid's car, and we piled in. we started following, but a member of the Greek Theatre staff blocked the road, claiming there was "a problem up there". then this guy behind us in his car goes "hey asshole, i work for the greek, and i'm a fuckin cop, what's goin on?". at this point, the guy gives up, and lets all of us go through. so we're driving down this street looking for the limo, and a truck turns on going about 5 MPH, obviously a coup on Radiohead's part. when we finally get around the truck, we asked the guys in the car next to us "hey, where's the party?". they told us it was on sunset, but we had heard it was on the very street which we had been travelling. we decided to take our best shot and trust what we knew, and went straight. now all of us had agreed that we weren't going to waste our time looking for them if we thought we couldn't find 'em, but we had to make sure. so we drove about a block up, and as if by some force of luck or God or something, we see the limo, and thom getting into this restaurant. we make the quickest U-turn ever, and run to the restaurant only to get there as the limo pulled away. we walk to the door and these guys were asking us for our passes or "momentos" to get inside, cuz it was a private party. just then, and I shit you not, Thom opened the door. for some reason, he just did. so he saw me and my 4 friends with our radiohead shirts, and says "shit, how did you find us?" (with the brit accent of course). we told him that we saw the limo, and he started talking to us and signing our albums and our shirts. he drew the bear by hand on my friend's shirt. it was really something. he hugged all of us, and let us shake his hand. after that, we all flipped out, as can be expected. WE SPOKE TO THOM for about 10 minutes. he flipped out and called me and my friends crazy when we told him that we flew from Florida just to see him and the band. we almost crapped our pants. for some reason, and we weren't quite sure, but we got their JUST as he opened the door. things could have gone differently, and we could have never seen him, but we did! ok. next member.

so we wait around for a few more minutes, and Ed shows up. the first thing he says to the valet when he gets out of the car is, and I quote, "wow, I just a took a few puffs of some California grass". now that was an entrance. he was really cool. he shook all of our hands, and we got him to sign our stuff, and then he went inside. we then got these chicks to take us to a 7-11, and we bought a disposable camera. then, when we returned, the most amazing thing happened.

for some reason, the valet walked up to me, held out a closed fist and said, "give it your best shot". i asked him to repeat what he had said, and he promptly turned over his hand and opened it to reveal a small plastic figure (i'd rather not say exactly what it was). so i took off my shirt, and walked up to the door. i handed the guy my plastic, and he let me in. first thing i noticed - no press. i was the only living being in there with a camera, and i was going to use it god damn it! instead of hob-nobbing with the celebrities i saw, i immediately told Thom how much i enjoyed the show, and he thanked me, and walked toward a patio area. i stood there, clueless as to my next move, then went over to where Thom was. i asked him if on his way out he could "pause" so me and my 2 friends could get a picture with him, and he said no (he did recognize me from outside, and he pointed and said "wait, you were..."). then i asked if i could get a picture with him, and he said all he would allow is a photograph with JUST him. it was the best picture i've ever taken in my entire life. now, it's my desktop wallpaper. i could prbably get an assload of money for the picture, but i'd like to keep it personal, and out of reach of the tabloids or the media. on my way out, i asked Johnny if i could get a picture of him, and he said, "sorry, I'm too fucking ugly right now". so i went outside, and told my friends what happened. speechless, we all agreed to wait until the party was over, which I had heard would be around 3:30 AM.

at around 2:15 AM, Johnny, who had been making out with a chick outside the restaurant in plain sight, left. he shook our hands, signed our stuff, and let a few pictures go.

after that, a mountain of celebrities poured out of that place. we saw, met, and took pictures of/with Beck, Billy Howerdel from A Perfect Circle, Rage Against the Machine ex-vocalist Zack de la Rocha, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Patricia Arquette, and Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich). Beck was AWESOME, he let us take so many pictures, and signed everything we gave him. Pitt posed, and we got a group shot in with him, but we only got the back of his wifey's head as she dove into the car, license plate number... heh, just kidding.

so then, around 3:30 AM, Thom comes out. we surround him, and he signs a few items, and we managed to sneak behind him and make it look like we were posing with him, and got a few pictures. he was totally plastered, and was very mellow and cool about everything. he thanked all of us for coming, and left. after waiting until 4:15 to get our memorabilia signed by the rest of the band and get our pictures with Ed, Collin, and Phil, we decided to just go inside. the place was practically empty, and sure enough, the only three left standing were Phil, Ed, and Collin. Phil was AMAZING! he was really cool, and i got a picture while shaking his hand. Collin signed my CD upside down, he was drunk and stoned, and was actually smoking a joint while he signed. We got our picture with Ed, shat a few more bricks, then went back home. i still cannot believe we met them. it may never hit me, all i know is girls at school were drooling over the pictures of Brad. heh, we even stopped a girl at USC (where we stayed) who was wearing a Radiohead shirt and told her about our tale. she came with us to get the photos, and almost lost her mind when she saw them.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:35:33

It was 3pm on October 10th, a Tuesday, the day before the Radiohead concert
at Roseland. At this point i had been up for 31 hours (on my way to 40)
because i had gotten in line to successfully get tickets for Radiohead at 2am
Tuesday morning (but i had been up since 8am Monday morning)...Anyway i had
just left my job at (this is all taking place in SoHo in
Manhattan, NY) and i was walking to the post office, there just ahead of me
was Colin Greenwood accompanied by a young lady. I kept going to the post
office mumbling to myself with a big smile on my face and eyes wide open
"that was Colin Greenwood! That was Colin Greenwood!" I opted not to say
anything because there is an unspoken rule that one does not bother
celebrities in the city. But after i dropped my packages off at the post
office i decided that i would regret not saying anything to him for the rest
of my life.
I went in the general direction that he was walking when i saw him last and
low and behold i found myself walking behind him. I fianlly decided what I
was going to say so I got within reasonable "striking distance" (as so i
wasn't yelling his name down the sidewalk).
I opened...
"Mr. Greenwood"
Colin turns around with a smile on his face as does his friend and says "Yes?"
With bright eyes and a big smile I tell Colin,
"I really don't want to bother you I just wanted to say hello and thank
you for making the music that you do."
With this I was about to tak a step to walk away when Colin said "thank
you" and then asked me my name. I replied.
"Oh hello I'm Colin."
We then began a conversation. Keep in mind he was polite and smiling the
entire time as was his friend. At no time did I feel like they were upset
that I had said something nor did I even feel like they were uninterested in
what i had to say.
I asked Colin if he enjoyed walking around SoHo and he said that he
thinks it's shit. He liked it so much better two years ago, now "it's just
like one big outdoor mall." He then asked me where I liked to hang out and I
informed him that I don't normally hang out in the city because I have to go
to New Jersey all the time to do shows. I told him that I'm only really
living in New York right now because I go to school at New York University.
Colin then informed me that NYU is where his companion teaches (taught?). At
this point I realized that i hadn't introduced myself to her so I did. She
then said she liked my pin (I was wearing a "Kid A" pin on my bag strap, I
had completely forgotten about it).
She asked me where I got it and I told them that there was a listening
party for the new album at Lincoln Center and that is where i had gotten it.
Colin then asked me how i liked the new album. I said that I loved it and
that my favorite song was "National Anthem." He said that they were going to
play "National Anthem" and "Idioteque" on Saturday Night Live as well as the
show and "National Anthem" would be with a full jazz ensemble. I expressed
my joy at that and then informed him that I had gotten tickets for the
Roseland show earlier that morning. I told him how crazy it was with the
amount of people who showed up in 32 degree weather and the fact that the
tickets sold out on ticketmaster in 45 seconds.
They both seemed very happy about the fact that I had gotten a ticket and
asked me how i found out about the show. I told them that I had found out
through friends but I would have found out through anyway.
Colin said that he liked greenplastic a whole lot along with "climbing up the
walls" and "follow me around." I said that I thought "greenplastic" was the
best fansite and i told him to check out "ateaseweb" as well.
I asked him how the tour was going, where he had come from and if this
was the first break they had gotten on tour. Colin told me that he had just
come from Ireland, this is the first break they had gotten and the tour was
going "brilliantly." I then asked him how the others were doing and he
informed me that they were all doing very well and were in high spirits. We
then parted ways and he said that he would see me tomorrow at the show
(incidentally i did see him backstage dancing and carrying on but i could not
get his attention). I shook their hands again and went on my way.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 13:13:09

I waited in line early in the morning and got tickets! It was one of the greatest shows I have ever been to, I'm glad I didn't scalp my ticket for the $300plus even though I was completely broke at the time. They are such a good band and really entertaining. Check them out if you get the chance. Luke

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 11:45:54

I'm writing this review 3 years after the fact, but I still have vivid memories of this show. It was my first Radiohead concert and it cemented their place as my favorite band. I was there with my girlfriend at the time, who wasn't really a true Radiohead fan (hmmm, maybe that's why we're no longer together) but she had fun at the show nonetheless. I was lucky enough to score great seats, and saw lots of the aforementioned celebrities. The Greek is such a great venue. I was concerned going in that some of their newer sounds, the distorted, experimental flavors of Kid A and such, would not translate well live. Remember in the movie Spinal Tap, how well their experimental free-form "Jazz Odyssey" went over with the crowd? That's what I was afraid of. Boy was I wrong. The new stuff is even BETTER live than on the album. "Everything In It's Right Place" was amazing. There were many songs performed that I had never heard before, including "You and Whose Army," "Pyramid Song," "Talk Show Host," "Dollars and Cents," all of which have since become favorites. After "You and Whose Army," we tried to take a bathroom break, but when they started in with "Fake Plastic Trees" we made a mad dash back to our seats. My girlfriend jumped up in my arms, and as we hugged and swayed our way through "Fake Plastic Trees" I remember this incredible feeling washing over me, and thinking to myself - this is one of the greatest feelings in my life. An epiphany, if you will, and I haven't been the same since.

I'm surprised the other reviews didn't mention Thom's shout-out to the fans hiding in the woods surrounding the venue. Late in the show, he introduced a song (can't remember which) by saying "This next one is dedicated to the people in the trees - the tree people." And suddenly there was this huge wave of cheers coming from the darkness of the woods. It sounded like a thousand people and you couldn't see any of them! It sounded so cool, the people who actually paid for their seats joined in and it built up to a huge wave of cheers. That was a real goose-bump moment.

I've since been to several Radiohead gigs, but this one will always be special because it was my first.

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