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Canal+ Studios - Paris, France
April 28, 2001
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Morning Bell
The National Anthem
You And Whose Army?
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box
Dollars And Cents
How To Disappear Completely
I Might Be Wrong (3 false starts)
Morning Bell
The National Anthem (with 6 jazzers: trumpet, saxophone, trombonne...)
You And Whose Army?
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box (different from the album version, very rock'n'roll).
Dollars And Cents
How to Disappear Completely (Thom alone with the guitar, accompanied with the Martenot Waves by 5 French ondists, like Jonny)
I Might Be Wrong
Knives Out
In Limbo
Pyramid Song (2 false starts)
Everything In Its Right Place


Motion Picture Soundtrack
Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young cover)

Encore 2:

Pyramid Song
Show Notes
After attempting to play "I Might Be Wrong" three times, the band left the stage only to return 10 mins later with Thom saying, "We've taken our pills, it will be alright."
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:42:37

A private concert?
Like a magic word, a private is not a normal concert, it?s weird how you have to be concentrated and aware of the tinyest mistake (I talked as if I was In the band). Radiohead played exactly from 7:10 pm to 9:55 pm, around 25/26 tracks, I might be wrong and Pyramid song were played several times because Canal + (and Thom)wanted a perfect sound.

I prefer to be clear now, NME did not know anything about what happened, Thom was not mad or upset, when he was mad, about I might be wrong, it was because the band fucked up the song, but this is, as far I?m concerned, a normal reaction after 3 consecutive fails. But he was not upset, he came to see the public, I was at the first rank, he was at 1 feet of me, or 30 cm, and what I read in his eyes were more happiness to see glad and enthusiastic public? well, maybe I am wrong, but we tried to be. But, if I remember well, it?s not everyday Thom comes naturally to see the public like he did, so closed.

So, despite the tight security of Canal + (impossible to bring a MD, it was really IMPOSSIBLE, I am wondering if the pentagons is not less protected than Canal +) the mood was great, I was not a VIP, I was invited thanks the Aurélien and Mona who kick their bum to find 80 tickets for us, and in a private concert, it?s like a miracle to have so many invitations. I saw the band like quite relax, in the waiting room (after we got our bracelet, searched by the security), we saw Colin and Nigel, but we were separated by a little moving barrier, I came with a
friend to salute them, talk a bit, Colin said the soundchecks were perfect, I can see Jonny phoning, but he doesn?t want to approach, and Thom makes a little appearance, waving us and smiling. It seems to be a good start.

Now, we are on the studio, thanks to my little size I could sit down in the 1st rank, Jonny?s side, no one in front of Thom. The VIP are installed upon us, in
the stands, us, in front of, at the left and the right of the scenery, in little adjusted stands.

The scenery is quite little, but it?s because it?s between two big sort of screen (Nigel will confirm me it), and, upon the scenery a kidaesque picture. When I looked more carefully I could see horns and keyboards behind the screens.

Some might said Michael Stipe and Bjork were in the VIP public, I don?t really know if it?s true, I recognized some French people (Canal + programs
director, ex wife and son of Serge Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy?) but no Stipe nor Bjork.

The gig starts with Morning Bell, the version is a classic, well played, nice start, I?m surprised by the sound. Last week I was in a Muse?s gig, and it was not AT ALL the same sound, this one was quite perfect, I heard all, every instruments clearly, it was gorgeous. The next song is National Anthem, same thing, they try to reach the perfection, the sound was again
astonishing, everything sounded clear, and the horn brass was very nice, Thom really seemed healthy, he moved a lot and was smiling. For you and whose army, I loved the tortured voice of Thom (quite broken, scattered by this effect), a friend told me Jonny made a little mistake in the chords? I may be stupid, I did not hear anything. For the moment, it?s a perfect gig. This is the first surprise? the 4th song start with a fuzz bass and 2 crazy rocky guitars, everyone said ?WTF ?? and Thom came saying ?after years of waiting, nothing came?, it was Packt like a sardin in a crushd tin box ! it was quite flabbergasting, but it was very interesting to see how an electro/beating song turned into a big rocky song with Radioheadesque effects and some ?national anthem reminds (fuzz bass)?, on the other hand, I permit to compare this changing with Planet Telex, the studio version is spacey and dreaming, the live version is very rocking. Then, they played Dollars and cents perfectly, I loved it, always this harmony.

The second surprise and it?s a very good surprise came with the 6th song. The roadies gave to Thom an electro-acoustic guitar, we suspect How to disappear, but suddenly, Colin, Ed and Phil leaves the scenery, only Jon and Thom, Jon goes to a keyboard, in fact a ?onde martenot?, and 5 french musicians are gonna help him (playing onde martenot too?), and they play a gorgeous acoustic version of How To Disappear, very impressing and sensitive song.

The third surprise is made to please NME & stuff, whereas it?s just a little and understanding problem. They start I might be wrong, but? Jonny fucks up the 1st riff? Thom smiles, says he drinks too much, the public applauds, no problem?they started again, and after the little solo thing, Phil makes a mistake, Thom is surprised, Colin and Phil are laughing out loud? Now, Phil has too drunk too J? 3rd attempt and everything is ok, except another false note by Jonny nearly at the end of the song, so they end it. Thom is now quite angry to Jonny and tell what the hell

Thom told to the public they will be right back In 10 minutes.

I think they talked about the little problem they had, it seems they are not ?hot? again, so, I think, with the permission of Canal +, they wanted to restart all.

And 10 minutes later, thom thanks us? and indeed? The Morning Bell. I will just say that the songs were played again better than the first time, maybe because they were really annoyed by this problem and wanted to show they are ready. Thom is not so angry, but he teased a lot Jonny like before you and whose army he said ?are you ready jonny, sure you are ? ok ??, and the most funny, it?s Thom himself which made a little mistake in you and whose army, indeed, he pushed the tambourine, it fell and made a big loud noise, so they stopped to play and laugh a little. Also, it seemed hehad a little problem with his mike, like he found it hard to hear every instrument.. I don?t know, but he asked, before the songs, to the band to play a bit, like to fix something. I might be wrong well played, Thom dropped a relieving puff, same thing for us, ready to rock?

So knives out, catch da mouse? good songs, yeah, good song? there is nothing to say in fact, it?s quite the same version they play since Arles J But? the next it?s different, it?s In Limbo, and there, Thom plays guitar, 2 guitars so, with Jonny?s, also, they started it like the album version, that means, a full band start, it was very interesting hearing this new version. It?s basically the same (the chords) but well, I think that will please more people to hear another guitar.

Thom plays with the Rhodes, to show he is also a good pianist (hehe, not really but it was funny to see him amusing on, so Public applauded, and he played
with us), and he started 3 (now) known chords? here is Pyramid song?. And here it is fucked :P it was a false start, and after they did not do mistake (we will see later why they played it again). Thom seemed a bit stressed?

Lucky he was, Idioteque started, again this little rehearsal to be sure the sound is good ?are you ready??, yes Thom, we were? this version was ?incendiaire? like we say in France(you say firing ??, Thomunleashed all his rage and at the end, relieved, he came to see the public, shaked some hands, smiled at us and jumped on the mike to say the last word of the song. It was a very nice version, the sounds made by Jonny were very weird and unused, so it was a good original way to hear it.

Last song of the gig ? possible? we see Thom sitting in front of the rhode? Jonny and Ed taking Thom voice?that smells the everything in its right place ! and indeed, it was Everything in its right place, the version is not hyper original, but again, a perfect sound, and Thom in a far better mood, he came again to
see us at the end of the song, he ?highed five? to someone in the 3rd rank, he thanks us and leaves with the band after the death of Thom sampled ?s voice? Lot of warm applauses and screams later Roadies installed an orguan, just an organ? Colin took his doublebass, Thom sat down, Jonny checked his instruments ?red wine, and sleeping pills??, Motion Picture Soundtracked, dreamy and astonishing, a cathedral silence and a thunder of applauses at the end of the song? but, it was not the last song, and they took 3 guitars, 3 electrics guitars? we asked if they would play Optimistic?

No? the song is completely unknown, we don?t understand, it?s a poppy song, something quite not logic if you hear what Radiohead played in the last 2
years, but it was fun, and interesting to hear this song, we thought it was a cover, someone talked about Neil young?s cinnamon girl, and, she will be right, indeed, someone on Canal + confirmed it? but she was talking about also Optimistic? maybe at the moment this song was planned, we were a bit confused but happy, it was nice to hear? Radiohead leaves again.

Another encore ?

Why not?

But, it?s 21:35, and I have a train in 40 minutes at the other side of Paris, ACK ! Well? let?s call Radiohead? and Stephane Saunier told that Radiohead
will play Pyramid song again. Mona and I heard Thom talking with Jonny telling that Onde Martenot did not sound as they should have to, so maybe that?s why they played it again and again. They fucked up first time at the beginning, after, they started again, it seemed to work well, so I decide to leave because I did not want to stay stuck in Paris, but the security prevented me to go out? So I hear the band missing again? finally at the 3rd attempted they caught the perfect sound. Indeed, this live, according to canal +, is supposed to be played in lot of music Tv all around the world, Canal + wanted so a perfect version.

The band were exhausted? but I was too worry about my train than that in fact? and indeed, I missed it?
Thanks Canal +.

For this gig, be dramatic is stupid, it?s not a normal gig like a said, They were supposed to play a perfect thing, radiohead are human, like us, and I
found it very understanding to see them fail, in gig, they can miss some chords it?s not so serious, but there, they had to be perfect all the time, maybe
radiohead was a little bit stressed, I am not in theirhead, but what is sure, it?s we, public, took a lot of pleasure, and for me, it?s a unique event, something I
will never forget, even if I had a bad end of evening

A final word : rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrocks !


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