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Verona Arena - Verona, Italy
May 30, 2001
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National Anthem
Morning Bell
My Iron Lung
In Limbo
Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box
Exit Music
No Surprises
Dollars and Cents
Climbing up the Walls
Karma Police
I Might Be Wrong
Pyramid Song
Paranoid Android
Everything in its Right Place
How to Disappear Completely

Fake Plastic Trees
Street Spirit

2nd Encore
Talk Show Host
The Bends
3rd Encore
Killer Cars
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:58:14

Yesterday, in a completely sold-out Arena di verona, took place the only italian concert by radiohead. The scenario was simply terrific and the band's performance was one of their best with no doubt. At 21.10 p.m. the band hit the stage and began an outstanding show, shifting from old hits like exit music, paranoid android, karma police to the new songs from kid A and Amnesiac. The mix was really effective, and the audience followed the show -which lasted more than two hours- with great attention and enthusiasm. I will never forget the encores, when fake plastic trees and airbag filled the warm air of a marvellous clear italian night

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:58:22

Fantastic last night in Verona, my city, after the beautiful gig. I went with my sister at "Due Torri" Hotel (5 stars!!!) at about 500 m from Arena, where we supposed (only supposed) Radiohead be for the night. At 12:30 pm: Phil at the window of his hotel room, in front of us, smoking and drinking a lot of win. I though that the others was sleeping... but i was wrong. Aften the minutes a little bus spopped in the area in front of the hotel, incredible to see: Ed leave the bus and go in the rear of the bus to take his guitar. I was in front of him and said: "nice to meet you" and i gave him my hand. He was very nice with me and my sister and he leaved his autograph in the rear of my ticket and in the bottom of my Radiohead shirt. After five minuts he was in the Hotel. A curiosity: he has in his hands a basketball but, as he said, not to play, but to his back.
That's not all!!! We were leaving the hotel when a new bus was stopping and... Thom was in it!!! Like with Ed I gave him my hand and he do autograph in my cd-promo of "No surprises" and in my tikets, near Ed's firm: I has also a photo with him. I had in my mobile-phone Siemens, as ring, the no surprises's music. When Thom hear it said: "Siemens... be inspired!". A wonderful night, unforgettable for my life.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 06:59:01

The place was charming, the arena of Verona is famous for the summer opera season, and the weather just great. The concert was very well organized (nothing to share with Florence one year ago), and almost 15000 persons were there. There were no problems with security, that kept all the things in the right place without rudeness (I've never saw a concert in Italy with all the people sitting down).
Radiohead played simply GREAT. They started with "National Anthem" just to make us appreciate the increadible mixing (the bass rocked) and the acoustics of the arena. But one thing was clear: the guys gave an answer to wich was expecting a kind-of-Kid-B or a return to Ok Computer: NO WAY! Amnesiac is another concept, totally new as new are these Radiohead. They learnt from all their work, and if one year ago they were fighting to present the sonority of Kid A, this time they just played their music, take it or leave it. And we took it, the guys held our hands and we had a guided journey in a land where music is the only meaning, where electronics can perfectly mix with more "classical" instruments, where everything is just a fragment but not painfully like in Ok. Computer, where you are alone into yourself but also part of something greater than you, where you just listen and feel yourself "amnesiac".
The songs from the "old" albums changed face, nothing is like yesterday, nothing will be like today. In Morning Bell a very inspired Jonny scratched his guitar in a great dialog with Thom, and the show ended (before the three encores) with a totally oblivious "Everything in its right place", with all the band playing with the sounds: the song in fact didn't end. In perfect order the guys went out, and the music continued until the technicians turned the instruments off. But if in Kid A this was the song that pointed out that something was wrong (in my personal interpretation of course), this time it meant that everything is just in its place.

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