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Rock im Park Festival - Nuremberg, Germany
June 2, 2001
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National Anthem
Morning Bell
Talk Show Host
In Limbo
My Iron Lung
Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box
Exit Music
No Surprises
Dollars and Cents
You and Whose Army?
Karma Police
I Might Be Wrong
Pyramid Song
Paranoid Android
Everything in its Right Place

Street Spirit
The Bends
How to Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
Climbing up the Walls
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:09:31

First I was a little bit bored by acts like Ks choice, Outcast and Alanis Morrisette....the Manic Street Preachers were the first band with the label "ROCK"! They were brilliant. There were not so many people in the stadium because it rained like hell. Radiohead were in a good mood. They didnt play wrong notes(and if so...not so many as the day before at the Rock am Ring). There were to very big monitors which were there for the fans of the other acts and bands to show the people that were not in front of the stage whats going on on stage.
Radiohead used this monitors to create art on it. Special views what Phil was doing or Jonny(what is one of the most interesting things one can watch) There were so many distorted pictures........the played with the band images. Really nice and I was concentrated on the music instead of watching the band.

The worst thing of this day was that so many people ran away as Radiohead began to play. I dont know what this could mean. But they must be more interested into Papa Roach and or other new metal crap. I think Radiohead make music that isnt understandable for everyone. Many people must have expected songs were they can shake their bits.

So the crowd wasnt the best.

The songs:
The National Anthem - a good version but I think it is not the best coice to start a show. Maybe Idioteque would be better....
Morning Bell - I really like this song - I enjoyed this song already 2 times last year in Berlin so I expected the Amnesiac version. But Morning bell is always a good one ......
Lucky - I knew the setlist of the Rock am Ring gig and so I was a little bit disappointed that they seem to copy that list. Instead of Lucky I wish a song like Electioneering that kicks the peoples butts. A good old traditional.
Talk Show Host - the only b-side that night. I really like that version. I wished this moment that they maybe could play Kinetic or old b-sodes like Maquiladora or Polyethylene. After that song I understood that Radiohead didnt want to rock the peoples asses but to put a contrapoint in contrast to all the other acts.
In Limbo - This one was one of the best moments of this night. Instead of the old version where Thom played the tambourine he played guitar with Jonny and Nigel Godrich appeared like a ghost and played the tambourine in the background of the stage. He stood there at his place beside Phil and Ed and as this wonderful song ended he disappeared like a ghost. A really good idea to take him on stage. It created a special athmosphere.
My Iron Lung - The first song many people seemed to know. Many wannabes ran down the stairs of the grandstand where I saw Radiohead in distance of ca. 75 meters. Very rocky and it should never miss at a show.
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box - I just knew the Amnesiac version.....and this one is definitly a version to put on a single as a b-side. I like this bass sound by Colin which reminds me of the bass sound of Exit music. I think it sounded better than the Amnesiac version.
Exit Music - I will never understand why this calm and fragile song works live. So many people shut up and listened to Thom.
No Surprises - routine.
Dollars & Cents - I missed the backing vocals of Ed. On the record one can hear so many voices of Thom which Ed could sing. So why dont they do it live?
Airbag - Another song people really know.....especially those who bought Ok computer and listen to the singles, Exit music and the opener......I waited for Jonny making such noisy sound like on the MPIE version. But it is one of my all times Radiohead best ofs.
You And Whose Army? - gear exchange....Why do Thom and Jonny exchanged their gear??? Thom was holding his hands around the micro to create such a sound like his voice has on Amnesiac....hmmm.....maybe this is the reason for the exchange.........
Karma Police - the "Creep II".....people who were near to fall asleep ran down the grandstand again and jumping around.....I like this song, but Radiohead have to take care that people reduce them on this song. So I was a little bit disappointed of the people....all these wannabes......why dont they celebrate all the songs???
I Might Be Wrong - really of the highlights. Jonny at his best and the proof that Radiohead are one of the best live bands in the world. Not so clinical like this music robots Limp Bizkit or Bon Jovi. This one was really good. Finally a new song to play.
Pyramid Song - All the day along they showed the Pyramid song video for advertising the new album on the monitors. Maybe 10 times. Everytime between all the gigs. It was really strange. I really like Colins bass.
Paranoid Android - maybe "Creep III"......really good.
Idioteque - This was definitly the highlight of the show. I was exstatic during the song. People beside me must thought I was going crazy because I screamed the lyrics so loud. This song was too good and now I know why Thom is convinced that you dont need guitars to rock.
Everything In Its Right Place - Here Thom always sings something Jonny can record. This time Thom murmured something about James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers. Then he started to play the chorus "If you tolerate thing your children will be next" of the Manic Street Preachers. It was unbelievable for me. Thom sang one a song of one of my all time faves. YEAH!!! For those who dont know this song. It is a very sweet melody with very dark lyrics. So it was a sweet introduction and then this dark and bombastic song. Thom forgot the right lyrics a lot of times so they had to play a very different version of this song. On the monitor I could see Ed sitting on the ground and playing with his effect pedals. I couldnt hear
what the sounds were.
Street Spirit - I am not a fan of this song. Really. But the people were happy and I think I should give this song many chances.....hehe....
Just - First time I saw this song Thom playng his guitar part with an acoustic guitar.
The Bends - Finally this song. They didnt play it last year in Berlin. It is rocky , hot , and one of the best Radiohead song ever.
How To Disappear Completely - I was convinced that this wasnt the last song because the curfew was at 11 pm and the song started at 11:45 pm. I watched at my clock and was mind off. But I celebrate this one. Promised!
Encore 2:
Climbing Up The Walls - Before Radiohead came back to play this wonderful song me and many people at the grandstand sreamed for the next encore. We screamed our lungs out and when some of us were close to give up because they still were not on stage I screamed much louder. Then Jonny(and his white Honda shirt) came and I knew the party goes on. It was really nice to hear them. I had to console my friend Luisa(oxygen) because as she stand in the first row in front of the stage some girls screamed for Creep and she didnt understood how they could scream this. So I had to say her that this isnt a reason to cry. She said that Thom and all the fuys must be angry. And I said that it is not the amargeddon. It is just a good band and this is no reason to cry.....but she still cried and said "but this is Radiohead".......

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