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Pinkpop Festival - Landgraaf, Netherlands
June 4, 2001
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The National Anthem
Morning Bell
Talk Show Host
In Limbo
My Iron Lung
Exit Music
No Surprises
Dollars and Cents
Karma Police
I Might Be Wrong
Pyramid Song
Paranoid Android
Everything In Its Right Place

Street Spirit
Climbing Up The Walls
The Bends
How To Disappear Completely
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 02:45:30

FRICKIN AMAZING!! That about sums it up. This was my first Radiohead show and my first trip to Europe. The Pinkpop fest was sweeter than anything I've ever been to in the states. Cheap beer, great music, and security that just wanted you to be safe. Radiohead was the headlining act at the fest. My friend and I got to see 3 songs of Tools set before we headed over to get a decent spot to see The Boys(there were 70,000 people there). The main things that stuck out to me were how relaxed Thom and the other band members were. Thom was smiling and shooing away the video cameras. Jhonny nearly fell over during one song cause he was so into the music. Everyone was dancing and singing. Some people started fires which Thom chanted in a song FIRE! Thom joked about Limp Bizkit saying this is the closest we'll ever get to Limp Bizkit, and then played Paranoid Android. Which right after they played Idioteque. Those two songs and the encore really stuck out to me(I was on some killer Amsterdam at the time so things are a little hazy). Street Spirit, and How to Dissapear Completely finished things off. The last words of the show and of our Eurotrip are still ringing in my ear, "I'm not here, this isn't happening." Amazing. The whole atmosphere was incredible. All these people from all these different countries, speaking different languages, all there for the music and to have a good time. That's what it should all be about. I'll never forget that experience.

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