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C.W. Mitchell Pavilion - Woodlands, TX USA
June 18, 2001
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1. The National Anthem
2. Morning Bell (Kid A version)
3. Lucky
4. My Iron Lung
5. Knives Out
6. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
7. Bones
8. Exit Music (For A Film)
9. No Surprises
10. Dollars & Cents
11. Karma Police
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. You And Who's Army?
18. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
19. Climbing Up The Walls
20. How To Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. Talk Show Host
22. The Bends
Show Notes
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Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:11:12

Wow. Wow. Wow. 22 songs. 2 1/2 hours. Radiohead's first stop on their US tour was amazing. Each song flowed with the one came before it. The newer material worked just as well as the older songs. Nothing from Pablo Honey was played, but that was no surprise. I was surprised at the number of The Bends and OK Computer songs played, but it was, of course, a welcome surprise. Opening act Beta Band, for whatever reason, did not play. Radiohead went on at 8:30 and everybody not close to the stage thought it was Beta Band. "The National Anthem" began and everybody did a double take...."Wait, this is RADIOHEAD!!" Thom and the entire band were in a very good mood and it showed in their performance. Thom talked alot more to the crowd than I thought he would. He introduced several songs in interesting ways:

"Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box"
"Do you guys have traffic problems here? Well, in our town..." (audience yells YES) "Oh, you do? Really? You have lots of space here, you could just off-road!"

"I Might Be Wrong"
"This is a song for swamps."

"Pyramid Song"
"This is a song about past lives...which is nice"

"Paranoid Android"
"This is a song for all the people in the back smoking weed."

"Street Spirit (Fade Out)"
"Have you ever walked down the street and seen figures not really there?"

"Talk Show Host"
"The last time we played here was when we were supporting R.E.M. We humbly dedicate this to them."

During "Exit Music (For A Film)," the crowd was nearly completely silent through the quiet beginning. It was truly breathtaking. I was very surprised to hear "Karma Police." I was expecting to hear that as much as I was "Creep." Thom performed "Idioteque" like a man possessed, and "Everything In Its Right Place" ended long after the band had exited the stage. A rather somber encore followed. For all of the songs in which Thom played piano, his back was to the audience. During "You And Who's Army?," in between lines of the verses he would turn around and wave his arms over the audience, who in turn reacted with cheers and applause. When he made the motion to quit cheering, the audience did. He did this several times and, obviously amused at the power he welded over the crowd, noticeably laughed at the end of a couple lines. The 1st encore also included an unexpected "Climbing Up The Walls" and a beautiful "How To Disappear Completely." The show closed with the majestic "Talk Show Host" and the classic "The Bends." Houston loved Radiohead and the band responded with a tremendous performance. This show was fantastic and it was only the 1st of the tour. If you are going to a later performance, horde your ticket like gold because believe it or not, Radiohead can only get better.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:15:53

Well,it was awesome.i was jamming out in the pit,so of course i took my place in front of Ed,and expected the best and that's exactly what i got .At about 5:00pm,i started to talk to a security guard and he said that the (beta band)opening band's van broke down,so Radiohead confiscated a local Houston d.j.

The boys did VERY well,and they were VeRy happy!All had BIG smiles on their faces and very friendly!i was wearing a huge amount of glitter and since i was standing in front of ed,he noticed,and smiled etc....very nice.But i was so glad they did so well.Thom and Ed did this little "smoking that weed" skit,funny.Thom was happy and thanked Houston and surrounding areas for being "so warm and lovely" to them.It was so great!Radiohead are so great.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:16:03

I was halfway to the bathroom when the National Anthem started. Skipping that, I ran back to my seat blowing past the girl checking tickets. She didn't chase me. The opening was noisy, with Johnny playing with the new toy, the Ondes Martenot. Cozzy had the fuzz box going and the crowd was really into it.

No one seemed to miss the AWOL Beta Band...

The next song, Morning Bell, sounded better than the album version. Phil's drums were really tight and up front. You forget what a great drummer he is when listening to tape loops on the studio tracks. Tom played the organ and it sounded brilliant. Lucky came next and, as always, sounded great.

When Johnny isn't playing he waits patiently with his hands behind his back. Thom wore a shirt that had a picture of a gun and said "Kill all artists". They followed with My Iron Lung, Karma Police, Dollars and Cents, Bones... all terrific. Then Exit Music, perhaps the highlight of the evening; fourteen thousand singing "We hope that you choke" was simply beautiful.

If Thom is such a depressed guy, then I wish I were also. He bounced around, high fiving and smiling at everyone the entire show. He wasn't still for two seconds. So much energy, and he truly seemed happy to be performing. If Exit Music wasn't the highlight, then Idioteque was. This song has been my favorite of the new material since the Saturday Night Live performance, and Thom's energy level was amazing. The video screens showed Johnny at the modular synth looking very studious... while Ed shakes the maraccas. He really is a handsome bastard. I've added him to the top of my MILTF list:)

All I can say is that if you haven't embraced the new material, you must here it live. Everything in it's Right Place, the set closer, was beyond belief. Johnny sampling Thom's voice, and the band so tight. The song really is incredible. The first encore, You and Whose Army, was a little off but not terribly so. They certainly made up for any missteps with Climbing Up the Walls, where Johnny sampled what sounded like a Looney Toons cartoon.

The second encore was dedicated to REM, Talk Show Host, and it sounded great. They closed with The Bends, which they played with such spirit that you'd think it was a new song.

What a show, I'm still blown away. Two hours of music by what has to be the best band in the world. Worth every penny including the four hour car ride!

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:16:22

the show was better than i could have ever expected. sure, there were a few little disappointments such as no tour shirts on sale or bad seats for me or even to have no fellow radiohead fans for friends. but that was okay, it was going to be my first concert ever and i was gonna see one of my favorite bands with three of my closest friends and i was gonna enjoy it, and i did. the show started about 90 mins late, but just when it became dark. the colored lights came on and were intense even on the hill where i was, and the band began with the national anthem. the sound then and through the rest of the show couldn't have possibly been better with thom's voice clear and at perfect levels with the rest of the music. the band played most the songs from the new album such as pyramid song, i might be wrong, knives out, packt like sardines in a crushed tin box, you and whose army, and dollars and cents. also some older material was performed such as the kid a songs everything in it's right place, morning bell, ideoteque, how to disappear completely, and then even older stuff like karma ploice, lucky, my iron lung, no suprises, exit music, and the show ended with the bends. after two hours and about twenty songs, me and my friends were stunned. we left and they all agreed it was so much better then they thought it would be, and i was very happy with a great first-concert experience.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:16:45

The show was nothing short of divine, my friends.... complete and utter bliss..... I sat down because I was completely over stimulated..... when I sat, the word that comes to my mind, is soul Enema..... I was pissing, shitting and orgasming all at once.....grooving in my own filth....oh bliss, utter bliss ..................................................... .............................. afterwards the restrooms reeked of piss and shite, so I pulled out my flower and experienced profound delight...... ......There are many ways of experiencing god my friends.... music, drugs, meditation, love, and beautiful sights, smells, textures and food...... this, my friends, was a portal to the sublime...... music in its highest form.......... what made it all the more interesting, was the shirt circus....... the people were insane.... they had completely lost it.... they were in their own little world... were they get annoyed if you ask for a medium....... and the centaur woman herding people like cattle...... bumping their horses ass against my friends, just b/c we were close to a "vip only" zone..... WTF... I am a 'v' fuckin 'I' ,'P'. I have just the same rights to meet some badass people as those fucks...... and the t-shirts were fucking ridiculously priced...... you know it's the fucking corporate power skimming off the top and jacking it fuckin up... let me quote: "I want to see you smile again...the day the banks collapse... Zee hordes of vigilantees.....the day the banks collapse..........on us" This can't last forever...... what is next?..... peace and love,

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:17:14

beta band did not perform, but instead a dj by the name of angela parker (i think) spun some discs for about 30 minutes. anyway, the band seemed quite happy to be playing again in the u.s. and thom was very jovial with the audience. thousands of people were packed into every corner and aisle possible.

22 songs, all beautifully performed. the final encore was followed by many thanks and good nights from thom, with waves and smiles by all of the band, who were all in good spirits the entire evening.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:17:21

I went with the radio station from here in Austin, Texas and made it after the beta band and right before radiohead. The show started out with National Anthem, i think it did, i really cant remember so i might be wrong (insert laugh here), but i know that Morning Bell followed immediately. It was such a good performance of the song ... thom rawkin on guitar.

The lights were spectacular, there were long vertical gold lights that could stand still or move up and down making a cool pattern, there were also multi-sized giant yellow flourescent-like lights and little white lights that looked like stars, the light show was incredible. At one point the curtains were purple and the gold lights were on inspiring you to think that perhaps radiohead is royalty, but i think it just looked cool. Blue, gold, white, and purple seemed to be the dominant colors of the evening.

Thom said england was real crowded but that texas probably was not so congested (the whole audience yelled out in disagreement). Thom was surprised by our response and said he thought Texas was so big and there was plenty of room for all of us. He said the next song was for us congested people then and they busted into a rocking version of Packt Like Sardines in a Tin Can. Really groovy.

The next songs i do not remember the order of, but they were all bunched together. I think Lucky was up next and it got the crowd all excited, i found myself "seizure dancing" along with thom and most of the people in the audience. It was pretty true to the album version and sounded nice.

Thom then proceeded to get a piano and play Pyramid Song. he said the song was about past lives. He audibly messed up several times and couldn't seem to play the piano part on cue with his words. I believe either colin or ed had an upright bass: very nice.

The band started putting chills down everyone's spines when they ripped out Exit Music, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, I Might Be Wrong, Knives Out, Bones (peter pan line was delicious), Dollars & Cents, No Surprises, and My Iron Lung. Thom had a guitar (mostly acoustic) on just about all these songs. Dollars and Cents was probably the weakest song of the night, people didnt seem to dig it too much, but Paranoid Android was beautiful when the "rain down" part played, and the whole place sang along and held up lighters.

Everything in its Right Place was memorable with Johnny really getting to play with his little toys on the floor for a long time at the end. Thom screwed up the lyrics at the beginning of the song and ended up singing "there are ... sucking a lemon" for the first line of the first verse, but i didnt care ... this is my favorite Kid A song and it was spectacular. At one point thom dedicated a song to the people back in the lawn section and said "you are all smoking pot. getting HIGH!" he said "high" very loudly and in an odd voice, he then said "i suppose we can't have any, can we?" I dont remember which song followed after this.

I personally think the best moment of the night was when the band somehow delivered the absolutely most AMAZING performance of Idioteque. Thom did not only do his patented seizure dance, he turned it into the seizure hop. I guess a lot of people are not familiar with thom's onstage antics so they were taken aback a little to see the little man with a beard and lazy left eye spazzing out in the coolest way possible. At the end of the song when the band was done playing thom did an acapella "ice age comin ice age comin" and danced a little. He seemed to really just be having a good time with the audience. Although this only lasted 10 seconds, it was my favorite part of the show.

Of course the night could not end without some more breath-taking hits. The band did the first encore with Climbing Up the Walls, sending more chills down the spine, Street Spirit was simply amazing, "immerse your soul in love" is my fave radiohead lyric and thom delivered it in a divinely angelic way. You and Whose Army? was in there as well and i went nuts as this is my favorite Amnesiac song. They ended the first encore with thom on the acoustic playing "How To Disappear."

I was about to start crying (as if they hadn't played a damn good show already) because there was ONE song that I determined they had to play before they left the stage. They came back out for a second encore and said they were last here to support REM, the crowd went nuts, and then Thom said "this is wholeheartedly dedicated to REM" and they proceeded to knock me to the ground with the Radiohead song to end all songs, Talk Show Host.

I was waiting for fake plastic trees, but it didnt make it onto the setlist. Radiohead said all their "thank yous" and seemed sincere when they said we were such a loving and kind audience and then proceeded to end the show with The Bends. It left the crowd on such a high, wonderful note. Could you imagine everyone walking out of the theatre after Talk Show Host? It would have been such a sad evening.

All in all ... one of the best shows of my life. The energy from the band was phenomenal, especially from Johnny and Thom. The lights were incredible, and the outdoor theatre had an incredible sound on a beautiful Houston night. Everyone went home happy, except that guy who kept yelling "CREEP!"

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:17:52

How to put Radiohead's performance in words is not difficult, it is impossible. I had been waiting to see them for almost five years, I had anticipated it as being the greatest event I would ever see (including being on the field of the superbowl, being on stage at a Stevie Ray Vaughn concert, Eric Clapton, U2, Aerosmith, Soundgarden, Beck, and most any other big band to come through Texas in the last ten years). And despite these efforts which should have made the show anticlimactic, my expectations were exceeded. Some moments, like the crescendo in Exit Music, the end of Lucky, How to Dissapear, and climbing up the walls, if they did not completely open my mouth in disbelief---actually caused me to get teary eyed (which has NEVER happened for ANY movie or concert, etc.). I was completely spellbound.
Usually, you hope that an artist can just sound as good as they do on the CD. In this case, they were even better. Johnny's guitar wailed with extra rudeness, in particular, My Iron Lung and I Might Be Wrong come to mind as he seemed to play somewhat more free, with a more spontaneous bluesy feeling to his riffs. Thom's voice was unreal. I've never seen anyone that could command and control their voice at such a high amplitude, with perfect vibrato, as he did last night.
The mix of new and old really went smoothly, as EVERY song kicked all ass. Every song I could have wanted to hear, or for sure that I expected to hear, was played, and then some. With a good balance of about 5-7 songs from each of the last four CDs, what more could anyone ask.
In sum, I absolutely ROBBED Mix 94.7 and the Woodlands Pavilion. I was sitting a dozen rows back, for get this, not my car, or a kidney, or my first born, but a mere $35 dollars. That is just straight larceny.
See this show, AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:18:12

i think i had the best seat in the house last nite, sans the lucky few that made it into the mosh pit, or the SHU girls that got backstage. i was front and center on the hill, face-to-face with thom.

at 7:30, a woman (adele something?) jumped on the tables and started spinning vinyl. she covered a lot of sounds, but most of the music sounded like a really wierd, really nice, alpha-air-new buffalo hybrid. by the way, if you're reading this review, head on over to and download new buffalo's 16 beats? it is a beautiful achievment. anyway, three words come to mind when i think about her set: breath, reason, and love, if that makes any sense. it was very soulful, very eclectic, and i know i heard her spin a song that the avalanches sampled. good call on the dj, guys. and if anyone knows who she is, shoot me over an email at i don't wanna make this review too long, but i cannot express my sheer ineptness to put into words what seeing radiohead was like. moreover, i can't string together a suitable set of words that would appropriatley describe the experience. if any of you are familiar with the novel 1984 by orsen wells, and the concept of newspeak, let me just suffice to say that the concert was triple-amazing.

i don't really care for amneziac, but live, the songs take on another form, and they're as beautiful, and as spectacular as anything else the band's done. my emotional climax, and i suspect THE climax of the concert, was idioteque. it was as though god in all his glory, and all the heavens, were in thom, and in the instruments, and in the speakers, and in every drop of atmosphere. everything in its right place, which followed, was almost equally as glorious.

glorious. there's a fitting adjective to describe the show last nite. and i was able to sneak a camera in, so i'll be sending photos of the show real soon. now all i can do is pray that radiohead will come back someday, or hope to find the guy that was sitting behind us with the mic and recorder.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:18:31

I went to the RH show last night and it was terrific! I've never seen such a performance in my life (although I'm only 17). Thom and Johnny were stupendous, I've never seen Johnny get into it like he did. My favorite was National Anthem since it's one of my favorite songs by RH and it was so unexpected. The show was running late since I heard that Beta Band was not arriving, but that didn't disappoint me at all. Morning Bell was good along with Lucky, My Iron Lung. But then there was Knives Out which I was pretty disappointed with, I don't like the song much anyway. It didn't have an spectacular parts which would get the crowd going, along with myself. Then was Packt like... which was really good. It was strange how they did it with the guitars in all since it's all beats in the studio version. Bones was pretty good and then was Exit Music which was awesome! It was spine tingling, goose bumps all the way through. No surprises was ok, and so was Dollars & Cents, but then was another great one in Karma Police. They played it to perfection and the crowd loved it. I Might Be Wrong followed along with Pyramid Song which were both breath taking. Everyone was bouncing around to IMBW. Then, probably the highlight of the night, Paranoid Android was played. Everyone cheered the loudest when it came on, also because of the remark Thom said about the "weed smokers in the back". It was amazing, especially with the lights that came on for Paranoid Android. Idioteque was next which was the most animated because of Thom's "crack-life dancing", everyone loved it. I started to dance like Thom for it got me in the mood and I felt like the beats were in me bouncing me around. The last song was Everything In It's Right Place before the encore. Johnny took samplings of Thom's voice and kept playing it chopped up and all in different mixes even after Thom had left the stage. Followed was Phil and Colin. Ed would then leave, and following Johnny as he was applauded by a rowdy crowd at that time. The beats were still going on as they all left, and crew members had to come out and turn it off. Meanwhile, the crowd was cheering in awe wanting more! After about 3-5 minutes, RH came back on and was greeted with an ecstatic audience. You and Whose Army was played which was a fan favorite. Thom had his back torwards the crowd while playing the piano. During parts of it, he'd turn around and wave at the crowd and do strange gestures. Everyone was getting into it; even I who was far away standing up on the lawn. Street Spirit was next which pleased many after hearing fans scream it out at the top of their lungs for it to be played. It was quite soothing. Climbing up the Walls was then played which was decent, but again, isn't one of my favorites. How to Disappear... was played next and was exhilirating. It had moments that made you want to cry like Exit Music had done as well. RH left the stage again with everyone left in awe once again. I was flabergasted. After another 3-5 minutes of cheering and clapping from everyone, they came out for one more encore. Thom said that the last time that he was here in Houston, they were touring with REM. So they dedicated the next song, Talk Show Host, to them. Quite a great song live! On somewhat a sad note, RH had to play something upbeat to leave us with a happy mindset. So they ended with The Bends! And was this good, Johnny was going crazy like he had in Iron Lung and Bones. It was great, Thom was thanking everyone and appreciating the great time he had with us. But it was the other way around, I've never experienced such a great thrill in my life. The only thing I was disappointed about was I wanted to see Airbag, Fake Plastic Trees, Planet Telex, and Optimistic. But I guess they spoiled me enough. I hope to see them again. So, GO see Radiohead! Radiohead rule!

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:18:48

This is the first time i've seen radiohead live. I was expecting a great show, but I was was so surprised by the energy level of the band. Wow! Ed and Colin were jumping around like teenagers. Fucking Thom Yorke was bouncing around like an ape during their incredible verion of Idioteque.

The songs were so lush and on point. The material from the Bends and OKC sounded so remarkably close to the album versions (which I don't mind at all) but the real treat was hearing the Amnesiac songs with full on guitars and percussion. Packt Like Sardines... was so amazing live. If anyone is hating on the new sound radiohead is taking, don't be fooled, they can still rock the hell out of their songs. If I wouldn't have known better, I would have guessed that Packt was an older song.

Thom is not the pessismist the media makes him out to be. He was so involved with the crowd. There was not a hint or sarcasm in anything he did or said. He was truly animated and enthusiastic about getting the crowd into the songs. I can't stand going to concerts were the bands/ artists play the songs, say thank you and leave. Radiohead was NOT one of those bands. Thom really seemed to like the crowd and have fun with us. Better yet, the boys were playing Bends material with such fervor and (pause) glee, that you'd never think they would have made an album like Kid A or Amnesiac.

The highlight for me was hearing Climbing up the Walls and Talk Show Host live. I was going bananas b/c I'd always wanted to hear those two songs live and there they were, playing them so beautifully right in front of me.

Everything was great about the show, the enthusiasm, the energy level, Thom's voice which sounded so much better than I thought, the lights, the band's chemistry, and how tight they sounded. Everything was in the right place (indeed, indeed)

Only complaint was the lame DJ (who I swear Thom said was Andrea Parker). Is this the same Andrea Parker that is well known in the DJ circle, or some local girl by the same name who just played records and didn't do much DJing? The Beta Band would have been really nice.

But that was no big deal really, not compared to "THE" show itself. I was truly impressed and I can say that this was one of the best shows I've ever been to. The only thing that would have made the night even better (though it was almost near perfect to begin with)would have been them playing Subterranean Homesick Alien and High and Dry, but then no concert would ever top that one. Maybe next time**

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:19:15

havent i been waiting all of my life to see this concert? my never ending wait to see radiohead was consumated with the first blasting notes of the national anthem, notes which sent tremors and shivers down my body. i just couldnt stop myself from jumping around to the rythmic bass playing, but i had to when i kept hitting my knees on the chair in front of me (to bad i wasnt in the pit). Even though my seat was in one of the last rows, i still had an amazing time watching my favorite band tear it up on that humbled houston stage. along with many others, i was very surprised at the amount of material that they played from Ok computer and The Bends, but no complaints here cause i love both those albums more than life itself. during the absolutely awe inspiring and yet exciting exit music, me and my two buddies stuck our hands up in a valiant effort to light the stadium with our three cheap bic lighters which broke after about 5 minutes, but nonetheless im sure exit music sounded just as good without our lighters working. i almost cried when radiohead first walked off stage, i thought maybe they were just tired from the houston humidity, but i was totally brought back to life when they all popped out again and played an amazing you and whose army. i thought it was absolutely classic how they ended their performance with the bends, totally letting loose by rocking out and going crazy ((ahh the radiohead we all love and know). i couldnt have wished for a better concert, it was well worththe drive from dallas!

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:19:34

My brother and I drove 12 hours straight from Nashville, TN to Houston to see Radiohead. I could hardly sleep the night before because of the excitement that was building in me from the lingering memories of the previous 4 shows I had seen. This was by far the best show I have witnessed by any band. Radiohead was seamless in delivering its incredible set list (as if playing their complicated arrangements were as easy as pushing play) and I was astonished that even their techno/computer manipulated songs sounded better live than the studio versions. I was apprehensive of what songs they were going to play and how they would mesh older material with the newer stuff. The entire show built on the momentum of each previous song with frequent,spasmatic explosions that appealed to every sensory nerve in the body/mind. The mood of the show was complete bliss. Everyone seemed to have the time of their life, including band members. I came with lawn tickets but was able to sneak to row L dead center before the band came on. Seated around me were goth kids, hippies, a single man who appeared to be in his 50's, a preppie young couple on a date, and a guy who looked like Ponch from CHiPs-all writhing, twisting, bouncing completely in tune with the music. I refused to go to the restroom the entire show even though I drank about 6 beers. Every song reveled in its own brilliance and Thom's lyrics poured effortlessly into the recesses of your brain and left you standing eyes wide, mouth gaping at the utter genius of what you are witnessing. My highlights were "Idioteque"- I held back tears during this song, reminded of how moved I was the first time I heard it. Thom's paranoia is infectious. "Bones" rocked as hard as any Rolling Stones tune. "Karma Police" and "Paranoid Android" were unbelievable. Closing with "The Bends" ended the show perfectly. I think every member of the audience would have stayed until the sun came up had the band continued to play. Before they came out for the encore I decided to smoke a lefty which was passed around the crowd and filled the air with a sweet smell that caught the attention of two or three security guards who searched desparately for its origin. As Radiohead went into "Talk Show Host" a few members of our crowd sang defiantly at the security gaurds..."you want me...well fucking come and find me....i'll be waiting...with a gun and a pack of sandwiches...I'm waiting,etc..." caught up in the fuck the establishment, let me tell you whats real mood that resonates from this band. Then after being chased out of the place by two guards who definitely wanted to have some words with us me and my brother stumbled back to our car in the surrealistic haze that comes from having witnessed something that you know cannot be adequately described or forgotten. SELL YOUR BELONGINGS IF YOU MUST. DO NOT MISS THIS TOUR. HOPE TO SEE YOU AT A SHOW.

Submitted on: MAY 22, 2003 07:20:06

ATTN: i am the girl that was DONNED in GLITTER.I know,you may think i am a "teeny bopper".That is one thing i am not.Yes,you may say Colin found me amusing,yes indeed he did.He smiled and posed for me.But i dont think in a bad way.I did it for attention,and believe me,i got it.Ed smiled ,winked ,posed for pictures taken by me and blew me a kiss.Oh yes, Monday night was a glorious night for Kathryn,the glitter faced teeny bopper.I was the only glitter faced "teeny bopper" there,so luckily i was the only girl ALL of Radiohead noticed.The best part was right before "Lucky"when Ed looked at me,smiled and pointed to his face ,gave a thumbs up,and yelled "Looks Great!".Later on,right before No Surprises,Ed and Colin were tuning,and Colin noticed me smiled and laughed.I don't think it was to make fun of me,i think it was more of a surprise to him.astonishing.Than,right before Everything In It's Place,i yelled,"Ed!" and he smiled at me,and held that gorgeous smile until he saw my flash go off,making sure i got that picture.And finally,during the song,when only he and jonny were left onstage,he looked up,we made eye contact and he blew me a kiss!a friendly guy.a friendly guitarist.i love radiohead so much for noticing me,especially Phil who could see me in between his high hat. P.S- i love NSYNC! ...yeah right.

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