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Gorge Amphitheatre - George, Washington USA
June 23, 2001 with Beta Band
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1. The National Anthem
2. Morning Bell
3. Lucky
4. My Iron Lung
5. Karma Police
6. Exit Music
7. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
8. Airbag
9. Reckoner (aka Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses)
10. No Surprises
11. Dollars & Cents
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Talk Show Host
18. Climbing Up The Walls
19. You and Whose Army
20. How To Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. Street Spirit (fade out)
22. The Bends
3rd Encore
23. Motion Picture Soundtrack
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There are 14 reviews for this show.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:37:24

WOW !!!! an incredible show, now i really really really can't wait to see them in jersey! as always, they are tremendous! i wasn't too fond of the super remix of "everything in it's right place" there was just too much looping and it was driving me crazy, and with "motion picture soundrack" the organ was too loud, covering up thom's voice, and it seemed slightly rushed. was it me or did he maybe forget something at the end of the song??? hahaha made me laugh. the video was great but i couldn not comprehend why they would fade to black between each song??? i wanted to see thom talking to the crowd and preparing for his next masterpiece. and at some times the quality was poor, especially when lighting went crazy. but man it was good, a great mix of all their songs, and unfortunately, no "killer cars" or if we could only be so lucky, "creep"

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:38:33

well well. absolutely amazing. the oxford quartet hit the stage just as the last rays of sunlight played off the colombia river and a crescent moon emerged through a patch of clouds. it was a beautiful evening. the beta band played a nice set, although unfortunately for them, the sound levels hadn't been fine-tuned yet. i really enjoyed the successful seamless arrangement of ok computer, kid a, and amnesiac pieces. (with 'my iron lung' thrown in there too) the set list played out very much like those of the first couple U.S. shows, although 'reckoner' (?) was a nice surprise. it was also great getting thom and colin back for a third encore to do 'motion picture soundtrack.' no surprises was beautiful and the close-ups of the xylophone on the large video monitors was really cool to watch. also the fish-eye camera mounted in the piano was rather clever. the only detractor from the whole experience was a seemingly large number of late arrivals and restless and endless movement of people from place to place. it was interesting to observe several individuals and groups of people seemingly locked into a continual loop around the aphitheater pathways. i started counting laps for some folks and wondering why exactly it was that they came to the show in the first place. one trip around- a t-shirt. another trip around- some $15 nachos. another trip- hey! let's go back for another t-shirt! perhaps you should ask yourself before attending a future radiohead show whether you're there to hear the music or merely there to be able to say you'd 'seen a radiohead show,' or because it would be a fun activity to experience while completely drunk, pay $50 for, and remember absolutely nothing the next day? even so, this phenomena was more an amusement than a real annoyance. the show was spectacular. thom was in an exceptionally good mood and appeared to be thoroughly enjoying himself. this and given the crowd energy, i'm sure they would have played much longer had their super-human powers not been limited solely to musical genius. i would have gladly sat there all night.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:38:48

The sound came alive from the speakers, and connected with the crowd. Very good concert, 3 encores, Wow, wow, wow. I anticipated this concert for days, month?s years. I could not sleep this whole week and once i got to the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater then I was waiting for someone to wake me from a Dream.

I thought that I would be early so I got to the gorge at about 4:30 or 5, DARN the gates were already open. Waiting in line sucked and took forever and felt like I was being led into a gas chamber. Security was extremely rude.. I was bummed out; I wanted to be early enough to reserve a place front and center but just getting inside the gates took an eternity. DJ Parker (?) was awesome and dropped some very cool beats. I am a fan of Beta Band, and especially enjoyed the songs featuring Neil on Trumpet, and when the lead singer played drums, and when they played their hit song off the High Fidelity soundtrack. Of course though I was there for another reason?to see Radiohead.

And when Radiohead went on then everyone Rushed violently to the stage. It was fun at first but then it really everything got out of control, and lot?s of people were squished and crunched and nearly trampled and I was pushed all the way to the front luckily almost near Thom.

Thom did not say much. The only thing I remember him saying was ?Yuck Yuck you people? because the crowd was going Nuts after the first two songs, and there was some wild and zany Crowd Surfing going on. And Thom also dedicated a song ?to the people on the hill, who must be at another gig?.

After Karma Police I had had enough and wanted out of the front, so that I could breath, it was literally Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box near the stage. I crowd surfed my way out of there and was so dehydrated that I even decided to buy a hell expensive $3.50 cent drink. I enjoyed the rest of the show from all perspectives of the Gorge as possible. The lighting the effects the Stage presence and performance? everything was spectacular! I cannot put into words. There were people from everywhere, WA, OR, ID, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Texas and Virginia. Just to name a few.
HIGHLIGHTS: my favorite song of the night was ?you and Whose Army?, I almost cried from the emotions in the music. Also Airbag and No Surprises were excellent as well. And I Grooved to the beat and shouted the lyrics to the opening songs National Anthem and Morning Bell, they rocked. Wow the new song Reckoner (aka Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses) was awesome, just to experience a new song like that was a treat. Thanx Mates. I also enjoyed dancing along with Thom and his ?seizure dancing.?

Unfortunately there was no Green Plastic Trees. And For the love of God when will Radiohead ever play Creep or anything else for that matter from Pablo honey.

Wow 3 encores, the other shows only had two, I think it was because the Gorge was Web cast. Well I am going to the Vancouver show and have tickets in the head zone/ the pit and I look forward to that show.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:39:08

The show was phenomenal. The Beta Band played a great, short set that included some new stuff like "Radio Chuck Norris" as well as some favorites like "Dry The Rain." Radiohead took the stage at sunset with their typical opener "The National Anthem" and got the crowd on its feet. The band was extremely sharp and really seemed to be having a good time. This was evidenced by the introduction of "Reckoner", which I'm not entirely convinced was on the set list originally. After the band finished playing Airbag, their was much discussion on stage, particularly between Thom and Jonny. Both tuned their guitars to different keys, and then the new song was played. If this was a treat for the audience, that would also be a surprise considering that three songs earlier, Thom stopped in the middle of "Exit Music" for a couple of minutes as a result of something going on in front of him in the crowd. He had that look on his face like that may be the end of the show...fortunately, it was not. By the way, the new song rocked -- more "The Bends"-style three guitar sound. The rest of the set went off without a hitch and with particularly good performances of "Packt Like Sardines..." and "Paranoid Android". I thought "I Might Be Wrong" was also noteworthy for the fact that Jonny actually left "his" side of the stage to join Ed and Thom in the middle. Typical stuff in the two encores ("Talk Show Host" was a particular crowd favorite), and the third encore of "Motion Picture Soundtrack" with Thom, Colin, and Jonny was a nice surprise...most people were already heading for their cars. Definitely worth the two-hour trip from Seattle.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:39:33

Wow. It seems to be the word that everyone is using to describe this performance. I really don't have any complaints about the music. I was absolutely thrilled to hear how good it sounded on stage. Usually, when you hear the studio version compared to a live set, there is no contest that the studio version sounds better. But they sounded phenominal. I think the setting helped alot, looking out over towards the setting sun at the begining while they began The National Anthem and then at the end at the sky and all the stars while they played Motion Picture Soundtrack, I couldn't have asked for a better performance. I just hope to catch them again when they are back out this way.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:40:13

The band is amazing. I was front and center right against the wall and I was blown away. However, the crowd was ridiculous. Being front and center meant missing half of the show because people wanted to crowd surf. I spent half of the show staring at the stomachs of the security and dodging blows to the head from people being removed from the crowd. That was not cool.

All of that aside, Radiohead is amazing! I got a pick to go with my bruises from being against the front wall and I was as close to Thom as you could get. Terrific show. Radiohead remains as my all time favorite band.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:40:38

Some unique momments:For kicks, I'll start about halfway through the concert: Thom started Pyramid Song seconds after I Might Be Wrong, surprising me. It was a delacate performance, one of those "I-hope-nothing-goes-wrong-because-it's-so-perfect" times. He sounded almost scared as he sang it. For me, this is where the concert really acended to greatness :). They then marched through Paranoid Android, Idioteque, and EIIRP perfectly. The latter contained a ton a little melodies and parts not in the Kid A version. They then, of course, came back for the first encore. You and Whose Army was truky enjoyable. A fisheye camera hooked to the base of Thom's mike at the piano and looking up at him was broadcasting on the two big screens, and his face looked really funny like that. During a pause in the soft part of the song he jumped up, turned around to the crowd and tossed his arms in the air, then just as rapidly, he was back singing. Very funny. trying to think of an original introduction for The Bends (presumably the last song) he said, "This is for the people here and there . .*mumble/trailing off*". The song got us all psyched up for the rest of the night (camping out/partying). People, who had already got up to leave before the 2nd encore, gathered their things. Then they returned for Motion Picture Soundtrack. Thom was standing at the front, playing a tiny keyboard (or so it looked from as far away as I was). The song came accross as more electroonic than the album version. But it was sweet and warm and the perfect ending.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:41:05

I've always been a huge Radiohead fan, and they've been my favorite band since I was about 15 years old when Pablo Honey came out, and I first heard, "Anyone Can Play Guitar". My faith in Radiohead as one of the greatest live performance bands around today was only solidified as I stood in awe as Thom and the crew pulled off track after track just as I hear it in my head. Thom was in a really good mood as far as I could tell, as he smiled his way onto the stage and immeditaly launched into, "The National Anthem". The band toyed with the crowd all night long, and the energy in the audience was fantastic. At one point, during exit music, Thom stopped entirely as security grabbed a crowd surfing man, and summarily kicked him out as the crowd roared in approval. I thought they would start the song all over again, and Ed & Johnny sort of looked at him like, "What now?" Thom rushed the microphone and screamed.. "Breaaattthhhe! Keep breathing!", and the show went on. At one point between songs, a crowd surfing fan made his way to the front and yelled "You guys fucking rock!" to which Ed replied with a smile, "He can stay" That was the mood for the evening. I felt lost on the way home, and I could have stayed the entire night and listened to them. I guess I'll have to fight over tickets for the Hollywood Bowl show online.. See you then.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:41:20

There is so much to say about this concert? Just the whole atmosphere was totally incredible. The fans went nuts pretty much as I have never seen so much action on the floor at a Radiohead concert. It brought back some memories I have about Ozzfest and the moshing there. They were pushing and shoving as though the people in the back wanted to get to the front and I think it finally got to Thom because he stopped while playing ?Exit Music?. I thought I heard him say something like stop but the people were not going to quit pushing and shoving until about ?No Surprises?, after which the crowd had seemed to become more docile. But other than that, my brother having to go to the back of the crowd because of being stepped on and the lack of air, and the punks who were stepping all over my feet, the concert was no less than dreamy. The lighting created a different emotional backing for each song and was breath-taking. Radiohead preformed flawlessly and with a certain art which only they possess. Ed did a fantastic job of whatever he was doing wither it was playing guitar or keeping beat with the cha-cha things on ?Paranoid Android?. Jonny was, as always, doing a spectacular job on all the machines he worked with, the radio dealie, and guitar work. I was happy to see one of Guitar World?s 100 greatest solos which was Jonny?s work on ?Paranoid Android?. Unfortunately I was not able to see Colin and Phil well because of the positioning I had taken but I caught glimpses of them while I was shoved around the venue. All I can say is that I would have expected no less then the best from the greatest band in the world.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:41:50

my first radiohead concert and my first concert experience at the gorge. the gorge is beautiful at dusk. beta band performed well although the sound had not been worked out. radiohead took the stage around 9pm and played a two-hour set including three encore performances. they played mostly from ok computer, kid a, and amnesiac. there were a few songs from the bends. it all sounded amazing. seeing everyone who was on the grass standing during 'the national anthem' and 'motion picture soundtrack' was an awesome site. the songs that stood out to me were 'paranoid android' 'the national anthem' and 'motion picture soundtrack.' altogether it was an amazing night and a concert experience i will never forget.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:42:24

Hmm, where do I begin? I started off in about the fifth row back standing in the center when the croud started standing up, just before Beta Band opened up, although I thought their gig was great as far as an opening act goes, I was surrounded by a bunch of whining sissies who kept getting pissed at me for pushing(!?!?) and tried throwing their boyfriends in my face while at the same time complaining to the event staff and telling them to tell people to, and I quote, "give them space." Whatever. I was truly relieved when one of the guards looked at them, laughing and saying, "welcome to general admission, baby." By the time Radiohead hit the stage the losers were out and I was able to start making my real move up to the front. Somehow I found myself thrown right into the barrier as the person in front of me got pulled out in the midst of a phenomenal live version of Karma Police. I settled myself (braced myself is more like it)in as good as I could, right in front of Jonny, as Exit Music started to play. Although Thom seemed a little upset at the beginning (he stopped playing in the middle of Exit Music to look on at the crowd in disguest as thousands of fans screamed their lungs out and crowd surfed their way to the front.) the band seemed to pick it up and enjoy themselves through the rest of the show. In fact Thom was urging the crowd to get louder during Pyramid Song. I don't think I've ever seen a harder working band live, Jonny was all over the place playing synthesizers, bass guitar, and what appeared to be a mini radio(?). At one point he was actually playing bass and synth at the same time! Thom started acting really lively, and I swear I've never seen a bigger freak-out as he started jumping all over the stage during the middle of Idioteque. By the end of the show it seemed like no one wanted it to end, not even the band. I was surprised that they came out for the third encore, and it was truly amazing. I honestly couldn't have had a better spot. After the show I stuck around to get one of Jonny's spare picks from one of the roadies after screaming at the top of my lungs just to get his attention. Amazing show, I was truly awestruck.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:42:44

My view point right now seems to be surrounded by the blurry-washing-around-your-head sounds and thoughts that come with an immersive Radiohead experience. As always the Gorge is a most exellent venue. 20,000 people broadcasting a chill, content Northwest vibe like a cell repeater on the highway. Technically the show was wonderful. Besides a few starting miscues the performance was amazing - it is always fun to hear the songs raw and without countless hours of post-production. It reminds you how good these lads really are. The PA was very well tuned by the end of the show; the combo of great cabinets and the Gorge acousics made for good sound in most every seat in the house. All in all a most exellent time. Maybe it was the eight hour drive, the people, the weather and sunset - or the music? Music that left everyone I talked to in a trance by the end of the show.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:43:03

This was one of the most unbelievable concerts I have ever attended in my life. I would like to thank Radiohead for such a fantastic show. Even though the crowd was a little rough, it helped me get from 7 rows back to the front of the stage right in front of Jonny. The set was amazing along with the three encores and the debut of a new song. It was especially nice to see the expressions on Thom and Jonny's faces as they gazed up at the crowd in awe (reminded me of what Thom says on meeting people is easy). Every song was fantastic and performed beautifully. I liked the different versions of packt like sardines in a crushd tin box and everything in its right place, which was looped around for a while after the band left the stage for the first time. I think one of the best moments of the show was during you and whose army? when thom was signaling the crowd with his hand to participate in the song. It was spine tingling to hear 20,000 people cheering behind me, which made me appreciate being in the front. The show was totally worth the money, the long drive and 6 hour wait at the gorge, at least I got to hear the sound check while waiting in line. It was a great show and truly an experience of a lifetime. THANK YOU RADIOHEAD

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:43:19

This was my first Gorge show and first Radiohead show. I can't imagine a better performance. The mix was also amazing. The drums were mic'd well, the bass was heavy and sometimes over distorted on appropriate songs. The sound system had a huge space to fill and it completely saturated the entire venue. A great experience. Biggest treats included a new song that the other reviews have called Reckoner (aka Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses). My super-most favorite part is the fact that they DIDN'T play Creep. Didn't they say something about never-ever playing that song again no matter what?

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