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Santa Barbara Bowl - Santa Barbara, CA USA
June 29, 2001 with Beta Band
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1. The National Anthem
2. Morning Bell
3. Lucky
4. My Iron Lung
5. In Limbo
6. Exit Music
7. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
8. Knives Out
8. No Surprises
9. Dollars and Cents
10. Follow Me Around (partial)
11. I Might Be Wrong
12. Street Spirit
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Karma Police
18. Pearly*
19. You and Whose Army
20. How To Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. Talk Show Host
22. The Bends
3rd Encore
23. Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:55:24

After witnessing Radiohead 6 rows back at Shoreline, I thought the boys
couldn't wazzle and dazzle me in Santa Barabara....I was mistaken. Thank you
to W.A.S.T.E. , and 40 dollars later, me and my buddies were given the pretty
gold wristbands to stand in the pit for an incredible show....your boy Thom,
stood in glee as Johnny twisted his knobs and wires for the opening tune,
National Anthem. Radiohead played their UK hearts out, as the SB sun drifted
over the local mountain tops. Complete with wise cracks about the lack of
power in California, it seemed as though Thom and boys we having a grand time
in So Cal. They played through the usual set of songs from Kid A and
Amnesiac, along with the old B-side, Pearly. Thom even joked with the crowd
before launching into Talk Show Host, with a small guitar solo for crowd to
indulgement. Although the crowd at Shoreline seemed a bit more energetic and
responsive, the show in SB was quite impressive.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:55:52

Speechless is all I have to say!!! I went to this concert with an open mind and an open ear and I got more than I expected. The show was phenomenal with the consideration of some misplay on My Iron Lung, the show was nothing short of the most amazing musical spectacle witnessed in my life. After In Limbo, is when the band really found their groove. Exit Music brought the house down with a silent tone throughout the crowd. On to Packt Sardines, which just blew me away, followed by Knives out. Every song after that was just one great song after another, including a killer light show. I really wasn't super fond of Dollars and Cents before, but once seeing it performed live, puts a whole new meaning to the song. Street Spirit is another song I really enjoyed, which was followed by Pyramid Song. This concert flowed through each album like they belonged together. They did play You and Whose Army during the 1st Encore, which created unbelievable energy throughout. I was hoping for a 4th Encore, but of course the concert ended early since at the Santa Barbara bowl you have those pussy neighbors who bitch after 10 p.m. HEY SUCK IT UP!!! As for James, I agree security was a bunch of 'big brothers' running around for nothing and apparently you weren't in the last row b/c every person around me was singing every song at the top of their lungs. Hands down, the best concert I have ever witnessed in my life, I only pray I'm lucky enough to land tickets to the LA show.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:56:08

Great show of course. The band was perfect, and it was so great to get a special treat like Pearly! A beautiful bSide. The crowd was fired up, and so was Thom, especially during I Might Be Wrong and many others. It was great to see Nigel Godrich jamming on the tamborine to In Limbo. Too bad this song was left out from Saturday's performance (although Nigel was there, I actually ran into him on the way up the stairs and saw his girl wearing her backstage pass). Anyway, the show was great, and the crowd loved the show and all three encores. Thumbs up to the band, thumbs down to the security in sections c-f that busted all the smokers who were just trying to enjoy the full experience of radiohead with a little mind trip.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:56:25

the beta band was a decent opener, though the lead singer's robe and the giant tambourine he pulled out half way through one song made them seem a little like a prop band; kind of like gallagher with guitars. when radiohead went out on stage the place exploded. in the face of it, thom yorke casually walked up to the microphone and announced in a surprisingly dark and mischevious voice "ladies and gentleman, the show is about to start, so if you could...take...your...seats". during the applause that followed, thom casually leaned up against his amplifier. exit music was vocally and emotionally the high point of the concert. thom dedicated no surprises to the "power troubles youve been having in the neighborhood". during dollars and cents, a kid in the pit held up a white construction paper sign with follow me around written on it. after the song ended, thom played the first few verses of follow me around to the evident surprise of the rest of the band and the roadie coming on stage to hand thom his next guitar. when thom looked at phil and ed, signalling them join in, they only shrugged. eventually, thom gave up and the song melted into i might be wrong. though thom didn't finish the song, it was great to see that they were so willing to alter their set list. during idioteque, thom jumped the moniters and ran back and forth accross the front of the stage touching the audiences hands. i got a good picture of that one. security was extremely tight, but fortunately, the security guard in front of me stopped watching the audience half way through the show and started watching the band. if this hadnt happened, my sisters camera would probably have been confiscated. throughout the show, thom seemed to be in quite a playful mood; whenever he played the rhodes piano, he conducted the applause of the audience quite successfully, and upon returning for the first encore, he asked "do you want us to play some more?" the entire band seemed to enjoy playing as much as the audience enjoyed listening. colin and thom especially seemed to appreciate the crowd response. i was surprised to hear pearly*, which thom dedicated to "those of you who cant quite seem to get into the exclusive places in santa barbara, because you just enough". before playing talk show host, he announced "this is a dirty one". thom dedicated the bends to tony blair, and began it with a very rock star jump into the air. during several songs, jonny and ed sat cross legged on the stage and got lost sampling each other and fiddling with their effect pedals. after motion picture soundtrack and several bows, the band left the stage. its very difficult to describe how amazing each song was. i had enormous expectations before the show, and it still managed to blow me away. if youve got tickets for hollywood, look forward to my iron lung, pakt like sardines, dollars and cents, i might be wrong, talk show host, and especially paranoid android and the bends, the two most rockin performances ive ever seen. if you havent got tickets, get them on ebay. i camped out for 14 hours in front of the santa barbara bowl ticket window to get lawn seats and it was well worth it. im sure it will be worth whatever you pay, including shipping.

Submitted on: MAY 23, 2003 16:56:54

maybe it depends on where you were sitting/standing, but most of the people around me were singing along, swaying or all out dancing to the tunes and enjoying the night in 'all' forms!! o.k. i admit i was rather nervous when i saw how much stuff was being set up on stage. when i last saw them (many moons ago) it was just the boys and the unleashing of the raw energy of their music. the passing of time has brought changes, as is only evident in the music itself. they use the light show ever so cleverly to accentuate the my humble opinion anyway. many of the songs gave me chills listening to them live for the first time, and the small setting of the sb bowl made the whole experience that much more special and intimate. for those wondering what was up with ending so early, a friend of mine explained that the bowl has a shut down time of 10:00 pm. they will unplug you at 10:00 done or not, so that wasn't radiohead's fault!! maybe at one of the bigger shows the size of the audience would have given it all a different feel and energy, but i was there for 'the boys' and once again they didn't let me down!!

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