Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Meadow at Stone Mountain - Atlanta, GA USA
July 30, 2001 with Beta Band & Kid Koala
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01. The National Anthem
02. Morning Bell
03. Airbag
04. Lucky
05. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
06. Knives Out
07. Exit Music
08. Climbing up the Walls
09. No Surprises
10. Dollars and Cents
11. Street Spirit
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Karma Police
18. Pearly*
19. You and Whose Army
20. How To Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. Talk Show Host
22. The Bends
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:38:34

I just got in from the Atlanta show. I didn't keep a set list, but it rocked. First of all they soundchecked Spinning Plates. I think they were going to play it during the set, they noodled a bit but then Thom said "we're not ready to play this one" and they did something else. It sounded great, I can't wait for them to play it during a show.

Songs I remember, not in order, include: Natl Anthem, Morning Bell, Pyramid Song, Knives Out, Dollars & Cents, Street Spirit, I Might Be Wrong, Idioteque, You and Whose Army, Pearly* [stopped, said the snare [or something] was too loud, made a few adjustments and started over], How to Disappear Completely, Exit Music, Packt, Karma Police, Lucky, Climbing Up the Walls, Talk Show Host, and they wrapped with The Bends. I know I've forgotten some tracks, but someone else will get it right for me. :-)

The only thing that marred an otherwise fantastic evening were some of the "fans". We had a group of rowdy, extremely drunk, constantly talking people next to us, who were pissing off everyone around them. I wish people like that would just stay home and spare the rest of us who are there to see the show suffering their obnoxiousness.

But the light show was incredible, the sound was great, I had an excellent view of the stage and they put on a really good show. It took a few songs for them to seem to get "warmed up", but soon Thom was interacting with the crowd and smiling, and 2 hours -flew- by much too fast!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:44:25

Radiohead took the stage around 9 o'clock EST. They immediately jumped in to the powerful National Anthem. They continue with Morning Bell. Thom then greets the audience and goes into Airbag followed by the hypnotic and ever-so-enjoyable Lucky. Before the start of Packt... Thom says "lets see how this one goes off." It was incredible and really seemed to energize the crowd. Knives Out folowed with Jonny really slicing up the guitar. Climbing up the Walls was electric. No Surprises followed, in which afterwards Thom exclaimed " that was for the Bush family." Quite amusing i must say. Thom started Exit Music while alone on stage. He kind of laughed at the opening, then stepped back, and then began into the lyrics. He sung the first few lines, then laughed and said "who let the dogs in?" He was referring to the stench which covered the park all night. The crowd burst into laughter. Thom continued on, never stopping, playing that beautiful song. When the full band came in everyone roared. Dollars & Cents was intense. It ended with Thom virtually screaming into the mic. Street Spirit was incredible to hear. Pyramid song was absolutely beautiful. I might be Wrong was insane, with Thom really appearing to be in a good mood. Paranoid Android went off without a glitch. The crowd really got into that one. Idioteque followed which kept evryones adrenaline pumping. I was dancing like a madman. Towards the end, Thom went running and jumping all over stage with his seizure dance, really getting evryone going. Evrything... followed. Each member left one by one until only Jonny was left. He continued with the music on some computer device he was using, quite spectaclur. jonny then exited. The band returned with the awesome Karma Police. Followed, surprisingly, by Pearly* which is probably my favorite b-side song. At the bginning of Pearly*, Thom said he wanted it loud, he then beagn playing for about 30 seconds, stopped, and said he wanted it "fuckin' loud." How to.... followed in which at the opening Thom says, "this is for the kids who get their heads cracked open by the police." The band returned for Encore #2 with Talk Show Host, You and whose Army? in which Thom pointed and made fun of Jonny throughout the song. The crowd loved it and i don't think Jonny had a clue what was going on. They ended with the Bends which really got my blood flowing, to bad it was the last song. Overall it was an incredible, brilliant, inspiring show which i enjoyed like no other concert ive ever been to. The entire band seemed to be in a great mood. Ed was talking and clapping with the crowd a lot. It was badass! On to Montreal!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:44:38

The band were great tonight at the Atlanta Stone Mountain show, though there was mud everywhere and it rained a bit on us. Michael Stipe and Mike Mills of REM were in the wings. They watched the whole show (Michael had a camera and took some pictures--when he wasn't dancing).

The crowd was very cool. The venue guys weren't, unfortuantely. They made us leave before anyone could nab a setlist. The band was really great, very happy. Thom made this crazy "I'm pounding your head in" gestures during You and Whose Army (on the jumbotron, of course). Fun show. It could have been better if there wasn't so much mud and if my mics hadn't crapped out on me. I -definitely- want a copy of this show, to anyone who taped it.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:45:17

i just returned from the atlanta show, it is now after 6am and i'm still going after driving 4+ hours back home. to say the least i was blown away, i'm no longer a virgin of the live radiohead experience. national anthem was the perfect opener and morning bell right after was brilliant, one of my faves. airbag seemed a bit sluggish and it took the band most of the song to pull it together but that is not the easiest song in the set and after a break i'm sure the band needed a little warm up time. i think that was the case for as the set progressed thom sounded stronger vocally with each passing song. i was really pleased with the set, i didn't expect so many tunes from ok computer but every time the broke into one of those songs i was blown away. exit music for a film kicked my ass. thom and the boys seemed to be in good spirits and joked around with the crowd, thom at one point asked "who let the dogs in" because of one guy's whooping during exit, i think. as i said i have been up all night so the songs are running together in my head now. i just wanted to drop a line and say two thumbs up for radiohead in atlanta and i wish i could live it over and over again because there is no better band out there....

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:46:10

Soundcheck: Thom played a lot of songs off of Amnesiac, and everything sounded simply unreal. given the venue, surrounded by thousands of trees and one big rock smack in the middle, thom's voice almost felt like it was coming from space. they soundchecked national anthem, like spinning plates (very cool to hear this outside the boundaries of the album), knives out, lucky, you and whose army?, dollars & cents (which was soooo good), and paranoid android.

Security: yeah, they were donkeys but that's their job right? the majority of them had no idea who radiohead was. so that should explain it.

Beta Band: never heard them before, and the lead singer came out in this kimono-type dress, running and waving his arms around the stage while the rest of the band, dressed as auto-mechanics (that makes sense..) followed suit. a few songs became catchy after they played their extended chorus' for what seemed like an eternity, but it seemed like a jumbled mess most of the time. still, i gotta give them credit, they did somehow manage to land themselves on this bill, and most of the crowd probably thought they sounded like floyd with all the medicine they were minds were handling at the moment.

Kid Koala: Damn. very impressive, even remixed fitter happier for a bit. crowd loved him, until around 8:30 sound cut him off, and he was told to pack up and leave the stage. there was a mix between the crowd wanting him to keep playing, and glad he was done so they could cue radiohead's appearance. very impressed though.

Waiting music: i mean, seriously, to all of those who went, what the hell was up with that? i thought i was sitting around a campfire with dusty in three amigos for a while, oh, no, for the whole night. they seriously played old, and when i say old i mean carbon-dating old, acoustic blues guitar songs. i think sinatra covered one in Swingers. needless to say, sinatra never saved us. instead all we got was a wry smile from the guys on stage, and they got the last laugh.

The Show: I won't go on for pages about how good it was, anyone will tell you that. I won't say it's my first time seeing them live and to be as close as i was was about as surreal an experience as i could have imagined (but i just did). and i won't say the crowd was amazing, cause they were asses. like julie said, people were constantly talking, absolutely hammered, and not as much respect as i would have hoped was shown. When Thom played Exit Music (the most angelic moment of the night) you might have expected it to be dead silent, but it wasn't so much so in the beginning, until Thom made that comment about "who let the dogs in?" referring to the nuisances in the back. but that won't keep my opinion about the night down. that's all i'll say about the crowd. Yes the sound was amazing. and yeah the lights were just perfect, shining right at the perfect time. Phil peered over at Colin every so often to uncover a healthy smile. Colin did the same. Jonny was brilliantly sick at anything he did. Ed was an absolute rock star. and Thom was the perfect mad scientist, the enigmatic chemist, bubbling to the top with energy and letting it all explode in one giant mess for the crowd to pick up in pieces later. it was all to much at once. and i can't simplify the performance at all. it was everything i thought it might be but more, and as much of a cliche as that is, hell, you can't explain something like this, of this magnitude, of this range. you can't explain the faces on people frozen in the audience at the opening of street spirit, to just a few seconds into Big Boots when Thom says "we're not ready to play this one". I hope i got some message across, about my reaction to the show, if not, sorry if this was a jumbled mess. i'm still trying to pick up the pieces.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:47:00

That was a killer show. When I found out Radiohead was playing seven miles from my house there was no way I was going to miss this show, regardless of the fact that I didn't have a ticket. The day before the show I scouted out the area on my mountain bike, unfortunately I had to change my route because of some security and I had to swim across a creek. After that it was no problem.

The show itself was spectacular. I Might Be Wrong and Street Spirit were especially good. And although I love both of the new albums there was one brief moment when they started one of the new songs that I got the feeling they already peaked with OK Computer. Trust me, that feeling was way off because some of the new numbers they did were incredible. Thanks again to the couple from Alabama who gave me a lift to the other side of the highway.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:47:11

Mygawd, what a concert! The venue was just a big field in the middle of Stone Mountain Park. No, it wasn't in front of the Confederate rock carving, where the laser show usually is! :-) Huge stage, felt like a big festival, but as you know the tickets were limited and so it was not too packed. A lot of ticketless people were outside the venue and I hope they got to hear it, I'm pretty sure they did.

A real atmospheric night in the deep, dark and tall tree-thick woods. Lightning storm threatened and so the concert started late. Some rain fell but you could still see the moon behind you. Very still and somber for the quiet moments, such as Exit Music for a Film. Much more dramatic surroundings than the faux-outdoors at the concrete and corporate-sponsored Lakewood. Kinda mostly preppy but diverse crowd with a healthy mix of ex-Brits, all enraptured by the show we had all so obviously longed to witness. Everyone was into it, but without having to force themselves upon you like at so many shows these days. Good crowd that knew all the material old and new, and so we sung along all night, much to Thom's amusement.

Street Spirit and The Bends were wonderful highlights to me. Juxtaposed against the newer material in the set, one can only wonder what the next Radiohead CD might be like if the band were to "rock out" in combination with the textures and feels from their last two discs.

Incredible variety of colorful lights with a light show on par with and similar to Depeche Mode's Exciter tour this year. Frenetic black and white screen projections on either side of the stage, mixing images of all the different cameras stationed throughout the stage. Amazing array of "instruments" beyond the 12-string Rickenbackers included a Rhodes Organ, a full-size acoustic piano, a shortwave radio, a xylophone and lordknowswhatelse. Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth would have both been proud!

Hats off to the band for going out of their way to provide a truly unique and magical evening. The most important band today? Perhaps. Just don't tell them that, they might not care for it!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:47:34

On the opening night of Radiohead's second leg of the Amnesiac tour, Hotlanta lived up to it's nickname. The heat was oppressive (the word "hell" comes to mind) but it was still a truly amazing night that I will never forget. It started with a great show and ended with a chat with the oh-so suave Ed O'Brien.

The opening bands, Beta Band and Kid Koala were very good. Kid Koala's show was disappointingly cut short by a brief lightening storm, but not before completing a mix of Fitter, Happier.

But finally the main act arrived and the very enthusiastic (and sweaty) crowd erupted. I was really impressed with the large number of devoted fans that surrounded me. Many (like me) had waited long hours in the 92 degree heat (some as early as 6am) to get front and center. I have seen many, many concerts in my time but this was without a doubt the best show I've ever seen.Radiohead jumped on stage and got right to work without a word for 2 songs. Despite the oppressive heat and humidity, the crowd made it clear right from the start that they were going to give the band 110% of their hearts, souls and energy. All night the crowd roared, danced, clapped, snapped, sang along and roared even louder. The band, in turn, gave us their all and put on the most honest, genuine and sincere performance that no other group of individuals could give. The rock songs rocked, the ballads moved a rowdy crowd of 7000 to perfect silence on more than one occasion and the band seemed to enjoy performing as much as we enjoyed watching them perform.

Idioteque was a huge highlight of the evening. Thom was absolutely electric, jumping all around and actively working the crowd into a frenzy the likes of which I have never seen. There was not a single still body anywhere, every body was jumping to Idioteque. The electricity was tangible. I attended the Mountainview show, and this show was far more electric and moving. The setlist was similar to what they've been playing everywhere, however Radiohead rewarded the enthusiastic crowd with an ass-kicking Pearly near the end of the show.

After the show I had the rare and wonderful privilege to speak to Ed O' Brien. He was so generous with his time and answered nearly every question put to him with the sincerity and charm that only he possesses. It was here that I engaged Ed in a small chat and he revealed an important piece of information-Radiohead IS in fact going to start work on a B-sides album! That's right, straight from the horse's mouth. I nearly fell over when he told me. We were discussing B-sides and, in particular my favorite, Meeting In the Aisles. Ed said he was surprised that I mentioned it because it was one of his favorite B-sides as well. He told me that Meeting In the Aisles would have even made it onto OK Computer if it had just been more finished. Which is what they intend to do-finish and perfect their B-sides, making a true album of them, paying particular attention to the track-listing. He said they really want to avoid putting out a piece-meal B-sides album so the track listing will become all-important. I told Ed that Pearly was fantastic and I and many of the other fans were ecstatic that they'd played it. Ed said that they were all really pleased that the crowd was so enthusiastic about it and even sang along to this little-known tune. He told me "Thom said he thought it was the best we'd ever done it and said he' d like to try to work it in in the future." Listen for it, I'll be traveling to see them for the Liberty Park show on my birthday, so here's hoping.
Other comments from me (Don) -- Everyone, Thom, Ed, Colin, Jonny, Phil, were in top form. Thom pulled out the perfection police on Pearly, chastising Ed for his "fucking loud" cymbal playing and started the song over after a few lines. Thom was a comedian through most of the evening, and as polite as the Brits are wont to be, saying thank you after every song. He ate up the energy of the crowd, though they clearly don't play in this type of heat/humidity often. Dripping after the second song. You and Whose Army was a bit down because their energy was sapped (part of first encore). A distinct difference between the version here and Mountain View, with much less of a build-up. How to Disappear Completely (part of second encore) was dedicated to the kids in Genoa. Thom said the police/politicians have "really gone and fucked it up this time, eh?"

All in all, MUCH more enjoyable than Mountain View simply because you could go where you wanted and be a part of the action and crowd energy. We ended up about 5 people back, front and center. I suspect the Liberty Park shows will be very similar in respects to crowd energy, and hopefully a lot cooler temp wise.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:47:57

what a night, radiohead put on a fucking great show. exceeded my expectations which were high because i'd never seen them before. the funkified version of packt was really unexpected and turned out great. thom really outdid himself on exit music, it was beautiful. idioteque was amazing, when it was just him singing and the drums he went wild and took the crowd with him. all the songs were listed already, it was great to hear climbing up the walls, talk show host, the bends, and paranoid android. hell, all of them. the venue was smelly and wet, but it didnt really matter because the outdoor venue was worth it. most people got a great view of the stage, and the screens were done really artistically. the stage production was awesome, the lighting was perfect, the band was in great spirits, and all in all it was a great experience. cant wait to see them again.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:48:17

This was the greatest event I have ever attended. I has been waiting for this opportunity for so long. The show was amazing. It fit the description that my friend had about the Greek Theatre show last October.I was very jealous, he even posted pics on green plastic of the after party! Well I do not think any other musical performance I can attend can top it. I felt as though the show was not of this world, too good, too perfect. All of the Kid A and Amnesiac songs were all remixed in the set. The jamming/tightness of the band and its aurally arousing sounds were almost too much to handle. It seemed as though the bill was set up to compliment the musical theme of the night, progression in modern music. One last thing, if anyone else gives a review of this show; Did anyone feel as if all the Kid A/Amnesiac songs were completely re-cut and redone? I thought that Radiohead pushed thier own music beyond the breaking point of where the edge could have been. They were running on thin air, and gravity seemed to be no obstacle.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:48:38

It was definitely a great show, despite, indeed, the rather fascist security operation, which did its damndest to make sure that noone brought their own food or water into the place. People started passing out from the heat after dumping their water out waiting to get in the gates. Also, while the Meadow is an interesting place for a show, the subtle use of pine straw to cover up a lot of horseshit was a bit understated. Otherwise, it was a fantastic time.

It was indeed a warm day in Atlanta, too. As Thom said, "Is this hot, or is this hot?"

One of the most significant aspects of the evening was Thom's continual evocation of the recent protests in Genoa against the G8, as well as the dedication of "No Surprises" to "The Bush Family." Thom asked if anyone had seen what happened last weekend in Genoa, and then dedicated a song -- I can't remember, exactly, which -- to "the kids and stuff . . . the kids who got their heads cracked by the cops." I reacted to this by screaming out "Viva Carlo!" though some people shouted "Go home!" to the band. I wonder if someone else might have better appreciated that young man's ticket.

Thom did indeed scream at the end of "Dollars & Cents," but what he was screaming was "Murderers! Murderers! Murderers!" no doubt an allusion to the murder of Carlo Giuliani by Silvio Berlusconi's fascist Carabinieri in Genoa, which indeed put the meaning of the entire song into perspective.

Thom introduced, incidentally, "Paranoid Android" as "A silly song."

Genoa stuck with the evening; the band segued out of "Idioteque" and into "Everything" with a stirring introductory bit in which Thom played a piano progression, singing (alluding to both the closing lyrics of the previous song and the protests in Genoa) "And if you tolerate this, your children will be next."

For what it's worth, I was really impressed by the performance of "Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box." It's also worth noting that I got pretty excited by a bit of inter-song tooling around which fiddled with the cadence of "Big Boots," though that hope wasn't fulfilled.

Anyway, Atlanta sincerely appreciates the wonderful performance that Radiohead gave us on Monday night. Don't be strangers, boys!

By the way, if anyone's interested in joining the Atlanta Mobilization for Global Justice to fight the WorldBank and IMF this September in DC, please email us at Cheers!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:48:53

I am astounded. It was an incredible show. Technically beautiful, emotional, amusing. What a fine group of musicians! Thom was very gracious with his "thank you's" and very vocal about some political issues including the G8 summit in Genoa("they've really started something now, haven't they?") and the Bush Family (no alarms and no surprises, please...). A group of "rowdies" in the front were yelling (yelping) so loud during an intro that Thom stopped and said, with a slight grin, "who let the dogs in?" and began to imitate, to the amusement of the crowd. This was just the beginning of great interaction by Thom with the crowd. During "You and whose army?", he sang with his back to the crowd but directly into a camera broadcast on either side of the stage. He motioned over his back to the crowd, much to the delight of everyone. The song kicked off and everyone sang, "we ride tonight" with him. They played for 2hours in very hot, humid conditions. (Thom said, "there's hot and then there's THIS".) I feel fortunate for having been there. Great show, guys!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:50:22

I can?t believe it. Somehow, I was deemed a worthy fan and ended up at the barrier a little to Johnny?s left. It was an amazing feat considering that another gate was opened at the last minute that was actually closer to the stage but my instinct told me that my friends a I should stay put and we did. I?m glad I was right b/c we ended up with such a choice spot ;-). Anyway, on to the show. I?m not going to attempt to remember the setlist but instead I?m going to describe the moments that clearly stood out. Be warned: these are probably out of order since I?m still in such an elevated state and I?m probably not thinking clearly at the moment!

Exit Music
This was the song I wanted to hear the most last night. Not only was it beautifully done, but also this was the point where Thom showed that he was genuinely happy to be there and that he had a sense of humor. Some people weren?t completely silent during the beginning of the song so there were some occasional cheers going on and it kind of threw him off. He was grinning broadly at times like he was making the effort to remember the words. At one point, the cheers stopped and then suddenly somebody shouted, ?Go Thom go!? and while he was still playing he said, ?You people are just like the doctor? and he continued with the lyrics. He pulled off the rest of the song without a hitch thankfully. But it was great to see him in such a great mood. I knew then that we had a spectacular show ahead and of course we did.

Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
?Let?s see what happens with this one.? This was much better live than on record. Here Thom was doing some gig with a tambourine which was funny as hell to watch.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most incredible rendition of this song I?ve ever observed. We?ve all seen Thom?s dance to this one, well duplicate that several times and you?d get an idea of what we saw! Thom went absolutely crazy and the crowd just fed off his energy. At one point he was working the whole stage, raising his arms in the air, running to both sides, just having us feel the beat and that we did. The crowd was just moving with him the whole time.

Pyramid Song
Thom was at the piano with his back to the audience for this one. He messed up the opening a couple of times. While he was trying to figure it out he said, ?No rush to start?. This song has some of the most beautiful lyrics I?ve heard and they were just as moving live.

Knives Out
?This is a song for the British Press.?

Paranoid Android
?Its time for a little silliness. This is a silly song.?

First of all, they FUCKING played Pearly*!! Before the song, Thom said, ?This one?s got to be loud? and he strums his guitar a couple of times and when it?s to his liking he says, ?Yeah that?s loud?. They start playing the song and after about 30 seconds Thom yells, ?Stop! Turn down the
fucking snare drum!? Well he only wanted the guitar loud heh. The crowd went nuts since its always fun to watch a band fumble a bit. They started again with a lowered Phil snare drum.

How to Disappear Completely
I couldn?t catch the first part of what Thom had said about this song but he dedicated it to ?all the children who had their heads beaten in by the police?. This is my favorite Kid A song and I was happy to see it included.

You and Whose Army?
?Johnny, take it nice and slow.? Thom once again was at the piano with his back to us and he kept pointing at Johnny whenever he sang the line, ?You and whose army??. Johnny was oblivious to the whole thing ha!

Everything in its Right Place
This was an extended version. What I remember most is that the band members left the stage, one by one, as the song itself continued. Thom gestured to the crowd and walked towards the corner of the stage. Phil somehow had slipped away unnoticed. Colin and Johnny were next waving to the crowd. Ed was last, lingering the longest while waving and grinning broadly. The song played even after all of them were gone and the crowd drowned it out since they were yelling for more.

I know I?m forgetting a lot but these are what come to mind when I wanted to remember the show. A couple of other things: One song is dedicated to the Bush family

Colin at one point motions to the sound guys that he can?t hear himself so part of the song is w/o the bass.

Ed ever the jokester smiles at a few fans in front of him and gestures that he?d like some of what they were smoking (and believe me there was a lot going around).

This was the best show I?ve ever seen. The crowd was awesome! No moshing, no crowd surfing. There was this one guy behind me but I wouldn?t have known it (a big thank you to Wes for keeping that guy away from Erijn and me, thanks!). The band fed off of our energy and we fed off of theirs. They looked like they were genuinely happy to be playing for us and they were in top form. I still can?t believe our luck! We were about 10 ft away from Johnny. I was so happy when they let us bring in disposable cameras. I think I got some great shots and I ended up using 2 full cameras. It didn?t end at the show however. My friend Kristal and I were determined to meet the band somehow. We ended up sneaking into an area where you needed passes (we followed some other people and didn?t know this at the time) and Phil and Ed were right there! We met Ed first. I told him how much I enjoyed the show and that I was sorry the crowd didn?t have any weed for him. He smiled and said that it was okay b/c he had his own stash before the show. Kristal and I took a picture with him and he signed our stuff and then I gave him a big hug (my goodness he is lovelier in person!). We then headed over to Phil who was in conversation with someone and had a glass of white wine. I told him he had done a great job. He was really friendly too. He also took a picture with us and commented that he doesn?t take good pictures. We had good timing b/c he left soon afterwards. We were walking around a bit wondering if Thom and the Greenwoods would come out and chat too when one of the Events Staff members asked us where our passes were. We obviously didn?t have any so that was the end of that. Oh well. That was much more than I would have expected. I couldn?t have asked for a better night and I?ll remember it forever?? If anyone recorded this I?d be very interested. I can trade you some of my pictures

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:50:51

I arrived at the park around 2:45 and stood in the parking lot baking in the hot Southern sun until the gates opened at 5:30. Word was spreading that some people had been waiting since 6:00 AM since it was general admission and all. I got through the gates as quickly as possible and took a nice spot about 30 feet from the stage directly in the middle. Some really old-fashioned music was playing that reminded me of the music that killed the aliens in "Mars Attacks." It was cool at first but eventually became downright obnoxious. The Beta Band took the stage around 7:15. The singer was wearing a kimono and the rest had space suits with patches all over them. They seemed excited to be there. I'm familiar with about five of their songs and I thought they played a good set. The singer dedicated a song to "your election crisis and the fuckwit you ended up with" and encouraged us to simply shoot the president and he'll "give every fuckin' one of you an alibi." He introduced the single "Squares" by saying, "This song has been on top of the US Billboard charts for about 3 months now so you're all probably sick of hearing it but we're gonna play it anyway." It's nice to have a sense of humor about yourself. The majority of the audience seemed very disinterested in their set. I even heard people making fun of them while at the merchandise tent. Kid Koala started spinning while the roadies were setting stuff up for Radiohead. The crowd was much more into him. Comments overheard include "That is sick! That shit is sick!" and "Look at his hands when does that. He's like a cyborg." You could tell he really enjoyed what he was doing. The power cut off while he was in the middle of his set. I don't know if it was intentional or not. He looked disappointed and he got a warm reception as he left. The old music cd came on again and everyone groaned. Around 9:00 the cd skipped and everyone cheered. Then it went to the next track and everyone was beginning to groan again when Radiohead suddenly took the stage. Everyone went crazy as they opened with "The National Anthem" as expected. Every song was amazing. I won't take the time to review each one but I'll highlight some with comments by Thom that I remember. My favorites were "Paranoid Android" and "Idioteque", a great combo that really got the crowd going. Thom ran back and forth during "Idioteque", jumping and waving his hands. He dedicated "Knives Out" to the British press. As he strummed the first chords of "Exit Music" everyone fell silent. Someone screamed something like "I love you Thom!" which made him hang his head laughing and back away from the mic. As he began singing someone yelled (I think it was) "Take it off Thom!" to which Thom replied by laughing and saying "Who let the dogs in?" He screamed "Murderers!" repeatedly at the end of "Dollars and Cents." "Everything In Its Right Place" ended the main set with everyone leaving one by one. First Thom, then Phil and Colin, then Jonny, and finally Ed who had been sitting on the ground making sounds with his guitar pedals. I was happy to hear "Pearly*" in the first encore. Thom requested that his guitar be turned up ("Louder. It's gotta be loud"). Early in the first verse Thom stopped the song and said "Turn the fucking snare down. It sounds like a fucking rock." He then turned to Phil who smiled, shrugged, and made a face as if to say "well, what am I supposed to do?" The adjustment was made and Thom turned to Phil again and made a curtsy gesture and they started again. Before "You and Whose Army" Thom said in a gravelly voice "Nice and slow, Jonny." After saying "you and whose army?" he smiled and extended his arm, motioning for the crowd to get into it. He did the same after singing "you and your cronies." The show closed with an electrifying performance of "The Bends." It got everyone hyped up and was a great note to end on. The whole night was amazing. I definitely didn't see any disappointed faces as I left.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:51:07

I have no better way of beginning this review other than by stating that last night's show was hands down the most incredible concert I've ever seen, period. It felt like 80 something degrees outside and it was muggy as all hell but people kept in high spirits none the less. It wasn't long until the Beta band ran on stage in... their hipster jet fighter suits? They looked cool atleast, whatever they were. After offering up a spectacular set they then fled the scene as quickly as they came making room the next act. Kid Koala played for about 20 minutes or so before abruptly stopping mid song, I don't know why this happened but the crowd didn't seem to be digging his music anyways. " I don't think I can take another half hour of this shit" I heard someone mutter behind me. I thought it was good! Anyways, after what seemed like hours of waiting for the stage to be set up and the threat of the heavens cracking open and pouring rain on us all, in came the thunderous bass line of the national anthem, the crowd was ecstatic to say the least. At this point I was just devoured by the excitement of it all and jumping around intensely. After the song ended they continued the set with the band doing a good job of switching between blocks of their quieter songs and the more rockish material such as Pearly* and Paranoid android. Thom started the latter by introducing it as a "silly song", the performance then proceeded to completely blow my mind. The sound quality throughout the night was perfect to me on all the songs, crisp and clear throughout. On a side note let me mention that I spotted Michael Stipe walking about the sides of the stage and dancing to the music every now and then, I guess he still lives Athens and decided to stop by and see the show, eh? The band was full of energy throughout the entire night with Johnny slashing at his guitar in spastic motions and Thom dancing about like a madman during Idioteque, which was one of my personal favorites. Other highlights included Airbag (the crowd burst into cheers for this one), Exit music, The bends, Everything in it's right place (it had a cool little mini song in the beginning, is this new?) and How to disappear completely which Thom dedicated to "all the kids who got their skulls cracked open by the police", this made the emotional impact of the song even stronger. In closing I'll say that Radiohead blew away any thoughts I had on what a concert could be and left me breathless. I can't wait until they come back to do it all again.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:51:55

The crowd was very tense about 6:00. Only one hour left to go and the event everyone had been waiting all summer for would finally begin. As the seconds rolled by everyone was getting more and more antsy. All through Beta Band and Kid Koala the weather was fine. Then, about 8:45 the rain started and there was lightning not too far off, but I think the determination of the crowd to see one of the best bands in the world was too much for Mother Nature so she went crawling back home with her tail between her legs. And just as the rain left, that all-too-familiar throbbing bass line of The National Anthem started and the air was filled with the screams and the electricity of 7,300 excited fans. As the concert went on every song seemed to be one that everyone wanted to hear. There were no exclamations of "Well I would rather hear..." The crowd got really excited when Airbag started. The way that they can recreate sounds produced in the studio for a live show is absolutely amazing. When Exit Music started I thought that Thom was going to crack up at the guys screaming. I think he asked "Who let the dogs in?" The lighting for the show was incredible and it really seemed to match the way that Thom moved throughout the show. I think the crowd favorites were The National Anthem, Airbag, Street Spirit, Exit Music, Paranoid Android, and The Bends. Thom seemed to really be enjoying himself especially during, You and Whose Army when he really played to the camera that sat on top of his piano. Another cool side note is the fact that members of REM were seen walking amongst the crowd and later at the side of the stage. All in all, this concert was definitely the highlight of my summer and probably the whole year.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:52:09

I have waited so long to see Radiohead, and their concert at Stone Mountain was beyond anything that I ever expected. I arrived at the venue at about 10 a.m., set up some lawn chairs, and prepared for the long wait. There were only about 20 other people there when I arrived, but by the afternoon, many more had arrived. At about 2 p.m., the band began their soundcheck. It was so amazing! They played parts of national anthem, paranoid android, packt like sardines, spinning plates, and some others that I can't remember right now. Security finally let everyone in the venue at about 5:30, and I broke into a sprint to claim a good spot. I ended up being right in the front on jonny's side. The Beta Band came on at about 7:15 p.m. They were pretty good, but they didn't seem to get into their performance, and they had some technical difficulties. Kid Koala came out at about 8:00, but at 8:30, someone pulled the plug on his performance. I don't think it was intentional, and everyone cheered very loud for him. Finally, at 9:00 p.m., Radiohead took the stage and started with the national anthem, which made everyone's energy level go sky high. They played a fantastic set, and the whole band seemed to be in a great mood. Ed was smiling and dancing, and thom was making lots of jokes. There were only a few technical difficulties during pyramid song, pearly, and idioteque. thom kept having to start over when he played pyramid song, and he responded by saying, "i know you're not in a hurry." Talk Show Host was just amazing, and The Bends was a great way to end the concert. It was by the far the greatest concert I've ever attended, and I feel like I lived a dream.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:52:48

It's been roughly twenty hours since my friend Sean and I left stone mountain park. My eyes are still lit up from the incredible performance given by the immortal radiohead. We got to our positions at about 5:45 p.m. and waited for the show to begin.. It seemed to me like they were having a few light problems which was holding up the show. But we just waited and made fun of the crowd music they were playing. So finally after seven The Beta Band came on stage and gave a pretty good performance. I really was digging their song called Al Sharp....He called him a cunt which I thought was just hilarious. They had a nice set, and the lead singer gave us thanks and said enjoy radiohead, and he exited the stage..Kid Koala came on stage and had a hard time getting stuff to flow..He was ok..Needless to say by this time people were ready for radiohead to rock the house. So about 8:45 the pulled the plug on him.. and moved him swiftly off the stage. His only high light was his mix of fitter happier which made the crowd, including myself go insane.. Finally radiohead graced the stage...Colin picked up his bass and began playing national anthem..The crowd went crazy. Thom voice rang out loud over the park and had everybody in awe..He had everybody in the palm of his hands juicing scream and cheers from everybody in the crowd..I think everybody was so wrapped up in Thom, ed, and Johnny, that they forgot about Colin and Phil who stayed in the back for the most part...Colin and Phil were excellent..Very clear and concise playing by them both.. Ed was a bit of a surprise to me, I didn't think he' d be that interactive with the crowd, he was clapping and smiling and doing little shakes side to side.. It was great..Johnny was a maniac on the guitar..he played so vigorously and it was simply beautiful. I really can't say enough about this concert...They really delivered here.. It was my first time and hopefully not the last time seeing them in concert..And I now know why they are the best band in the world...The Climax for me was hearing Thom's voice sing Exit Music..I damn near shedded a tear when the crescendo came up...Simply beautiful...I only wished they would have played motion picture soundtrack (acoustic version)...All in All a magnificent show...The best show these two eyes have ever seen.. Its going to be hard to top this one people...Thanks Radiohead.....

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 16:53:14

This was my night Monday.

I had camped out at Stone Mountain for the Radiohead show. It rained off and on all weekend. That didn't bother me at all, I was going to see Radiohead Monday. Monday rolls around and 10 in the morning i'm waiting with friends in the humid Georgia sun. At 3 in the afternoon soundcheck with Radiohead begins! This was the highlight to my day. Knives Out was beautiful and ther were a couple of corrections in working on the electronics so Idioteque wouldn't be so offbeat. Like Spinning Plates was played by a quick piano and that surprised everyone there. That soundcheck was just enough for all the people who waited all afternoon. At 5 everyone was antsy about getting in while listening to the Beta Band do a quick soundcheck.

I get in! As I'm running past people who are definitely too slow to see Radiohead i meet up with my friends Joe and Spencer. All we have to do now is wait 2 more hours before the show starts. I was tired but THIS IS RADIOHEAD! Two rows from the barrier was where iwas at gettting closer with every person going to get water and use the bathrooms. With the heat, fresh pine straw laid, and cigarette smoke all around i begin to have a shortness of breath. No worries though... the adrenaline should pull me through this minor inconveinence. After Squares by the Beta Band set I realize that I'm getting worse and that i'm getting into an asthma attack. I have to get out and find some help because my inhaler is in Jennfer's backpack. She hasn't shown up so i have to leave and get help. I tell my friends i will be right back. The strain in walking, pausing to catch my breath, then walking through a thick batch of people walking the other way made it harder to get help. I finally was able to get to a policeman and the took me off to get cured. I was asked a few questions and rushed to a fire department to meet up with an ambulance to take me to a hospital. An inhaler was set up at the fire department and after a few questions i had a very tough decision to make. Refuse help or go back to the pine straw and smoke.

I didn't feel strong enough to go back and it was a heartbreaking reality. There i am being rushed to the hospital seeing Stone Mountain disappear through every curve on Hwy 29. My night is ruined because i had an attack. All i could do was convince myself that i made the right decision by taking care of myself. THIS WAS A RADIOHEAD CONCERT I MISSED BECAUSE MY BODY GAVE OUT ON ME! I can't explain the frustration of coming home feeling so cheated out of a memory like that. This band that helped me through my teenage life giving hope when those sad moments came was snuffed out into a hope of 'maybe they will come next time'. I cannot blame anyone either. My friends feel i should write someone about it but i have hesitated because what can anyone esle do? Give a sympathetic e-card? I'm now still that guy who hasn't seen Radiohead yet. I put my problem on the message board but no one replied.

I don't know what i'm looking for in this. All the rest of the US shows are sold out and i'm broke from preparing for this concert. If you want to add a section that says, 'Most Screwed' feel free to add this story of a 22 year-old man who only plays Radiohead and Verve covers on guitar and was going to be guarenteed a spot to learn from Jonny's lead guitar playing. I now feel fine with a little tightness in my chest but i have that sore fucked the wrong way feeling. This was something that meant the world to me. I felt crushed coming home hungry having to make my own food because i live on my own and i can't sleep. Nothing was going to bring me down.

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