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Molson Park - Barrie, ON Canada
August 3, 2001 with Beta Band & Kid Koala
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01. The National Anthem
02. Morning Bell
03. Airbag
04. My Iron Lung
05. Karma Police
06. Knives Out
07. Exit Music
08. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box
09. No Surprises
10. Dollars and Cents
11. Street Spirit
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Lucky
18. Pearly*
19. You and Whose Army
20. How to Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. Talk Show Host
22. Big Ideas
23. The Bends

3rd Encore
24. The Tourist
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Submitted on: DECEMBER 02, 2002 18:51:08

Me and my friend (we're both from Barrie) were front row. We got there at six thrity in the morning and the gates were opened at six thirty at night. We got in at the Front row, right in front of Ed. Beta band was the opening act along with Kid Koala. Opening song was National Anthem followed by Morning Bell Airbag, My Iron Lung, Karma Police (which brought out the lighters), Knives Out, Exit Music (people were passing out and had to crowd surf to get out), Pakt Like Sardines In a Crushed Tin Box, No Surprises, Dollars and Cents (with a neat outrow), Street Spirit (some people were unfortunately clapping in rhythm to this one. It's not a clapping song!), I Might Be Wrong, Pyramid Song, Paranoid Android, Idioteque, Everything in it's Right Place and Lucky. Then on to the encores: Pearly, You and Whose Army, How to Dissapear Completely (I was waiting for that one). Then the second encore: Talk Show Host, In Limbo and The Bends (that one was awesome!). The last encore was for The Tourist. AN AMAZING SHOW! I'LL NEVER FORGET IT!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 17:46:52

Hey all... Well My day started off with leaving for barrie at 730 in the moring. so to say the least, by the time i made it through both stops, and the crap security that they had there, i was very tired and the sun had got to me. Songs heard in the sound check included Airbag, Like Spinning Plates, I might be wrong, You and Whose Army, and The Tourist. But anyway, when i got FRONT ROW, at the concert it all just seemed to be worth it. The night was magical. Beta Band was Grand. They played a small set, including squares, and dry the rain. Kid Kauala was next, and he was good, hes a very talented DJ. Crowed loved when he sampled Pulk/ Pull revolving doors. When Radiohead hit the stage, they basically played thier standard setlist. With a few exceptions. Some very memorable songs included, Parinoid Android, Street Spirit, Packt Like Sardians in a crushd tin box, the third encore, being The Tourist. But the all time most memorable momment was when they played the bends. Thom said it was to kinda tell of how great being a rockstar isnt. and in the song ssaid " I wish it were the Sixties I wish we were OASIS, I wish i wish i wish.. Well ya, all in all it was a great night,...

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 17:47:05

I am not really sure where to begin explaining the show in Barrie, except to say that the word AMAZING really doesn't cut it. No one I went with wanted to get up close in the crowd, so i had to weasel my way in on my own. I was probably about 20 feet away from centre stage the entire time with a GREAT view of all the guys. I was so zoned into each song that I really couldnt tell you what they started with. They played morning bell second though, and it was the KID A version. They played an absolutely genius set of songs the whole evening. They played everything from Street Spirit and The Bends (which they finished off with on their third encore), to You and Whos Army. I could not get over how happy Thom was! I have seen Radiohead several other times, and yet never seen Thom so happy to be there as well as including the crowd as much as he did. He spoke a lot too, dedicating Electioneering to all the oil companies in the world, as well as dedicating others songs "to everyone who was stuck in traffic for hours listening to the radio wondering 'what the fuck the economy has to do with me'. ". He also paused at one point to show everyone how beautiful the moon was saying "the idea is to save up as much money as we can so in 50 years we can go and live there cuz, well, this place is going to be shit then isnt it?". Thom was so into Idioteque that he was jumping up and down and pulling at his shirt which drove the crowd wild, and then as the end was approaching he just walked around the stage embracing the audience and smiling at everyone. It was my favourite time of the night. Thom was so nice to everyone and I just watched in awe the entire time he did anything (Thom is my absolute favourite). Another WONDERFUL part of the evening was when Radiohead sang You And Whos Army. It was great because Thom was playing the piano at that time and there was a tiny camera down by the keys so the big screen was showing Thoms huge, round, slightly distorted face, and since he knew it, he would give funny looks into the camera and wink at it and everything. I think everyone had a good laugh and a good cheer at that as well. Colin looked extremely pensive the entire show, just swaying back and forth playing his guitar. Johnny didnt really look at the crowd much, just mostly played with his remote control as well as on his guitar. At one point one of the machines wasnt working very well, so Thom went over and fiddled with it, asking the guys if it sounded ok to them. He then told everyone how he hates machines. Ed was also in a pretty good mood, always smiling at everyone, and clapping and things. The cheering was really loud even though it was outside and the sound was good too. I also loved the lights they used: much better than past concerts. Last night was definetely the best night of my summer, and Thom continuosly wished us a good long weekend (three times), as well as his usual uncountable number of thank yous.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 17:47:23

Wow I can't believe a concert can be that good. Before hand, I was actually loosing a little faith in my favourite band, and even thought of moving around in my music tastes a little bit. But after that night, oh man. Radiohead is the best band in the world. I will always love them. I left the concert with a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach. The shear magnitude of the evening hit me during Knives Out. I just finally realized where I was at that point, and my heart and mind followed Thom's every word and the bands every note. I laughed, smiled and sang.

My sister and I arrived at Molson Park at about 1:40 pm, after some difficulty with getting lost. (not used to freeways) After about 10 minutes, I received a cell phone call, and met up with my internet friend, Ariana (known to Mortigians as "I hate my generation") and her friend Katie. We chatted and I exchanged "stuff" with her from another internet friend of ours, who I just happen to be well acquainted with J. We waited until just after 3pm when they finally let us into the park, I was barely frisked at the gate, and they didn't even really look into my bag. Security was pretty selective. We arrived at the fenced in concert area after about a 5 minute walk, where we were treated to a lovely sound check, which included "Bullet Proof", and to my surprise, "Like Spinning Plates". Ariana and I went and bought some shirts from the waste booth as well as some posters. We now had to wait for over three hours to be let into the actual concert area. Finally, when they opened the gates, we all ran to the stage, but, my sister ran way to fast, and we lost Ariana and Katie L. I'm so sorry guys! I looked everywhere for you, but I could not find you. (We did see you after wards, and honked, and waved. I tried to yell out to you but the damn childproof window wouldn't allow me to stick my head out.

I was quite close to the stage for the opening acts. Beta Band was out first, then Kid Koala. The Beta Band played "Dry the Rain", so I was very happy. Kid Koala was ok, but DJing isn't my cup of tea. When Radiohead came out, everyone pushed to the front, we were all packt in their, much like some sardines in one of those tin boxes (I'm sorry, that was terrible). I stayed up and took some pictures, but during Air Bag people stated to body surf, and I just didn't want to bother with that, so I went back about 20 feet or so. The surfing died pretty fast, as no one was interested in keeping peoples heads from smashing on the ground. Every song was great. They nailed Paranoid Android perfectly, and I even enjoyed Knives Out, one song I usually don't care for.

Thom was in great spirits. Often running away from the mic when he could to strike poses for the camera. I remember him dedicating "Airbag" to all the "crown corporations around the world" Packt Like Sardines was particularly funny. He said something like this: "This one goes out to all the people who get stuck in traffic. You just sit there listening to the traffic report on the radio thinking to yourself 'Fuck it! This isn't helping me at all!' It's a fucking waste of time. Errrr?. I really shouldn't talking between songs, should I?" The funniest part was in "the Bends" He changed the lyrics to "I wish it was the 60s, I wish we could be Oasis. I laughed so hard. Thom's gestures and faces that he made into the big screen camera were another silly-fun highlight during YAWA, he pointed back to the crowed with his thumb for the "You and your cronies" bit. Also, the gorilla jig/dance that Thom does during Idioteque was hilarious. Phil was all smiles, and I mean for the whole concert, he could not get ride of his silly grin! Made me very happy. Johnny didn't do anything I found out of the ordinary, other than I think during the Bends, he went right up to Thom and they faced each other and played their guitars madly. Ed was making many strange faces to the people directly in front of him, but I think he usually does that. he also clapped a lot. Colin was very into the songs, but he appeared to be ill, sorta like he was is pain a lot of the time. He was sweating more than the rest of them.

I was so pleased to hear Pearly* and Big Ideas (even if Thom kept forgetting the lyrics). They played both songs really well, especially Pearly*. I was going to make a sign requesting these two songs, but it seems like it wasn't necessary! Mmmmm. The boys just didn?t want to stop playing it seems, and they ended the show with a stunning rendition of the Tourist. I remember Thom saying how beautiful the moon looked and that in 50 years time we would all retire to this area so we had better start saving our money.

Phewf. I think that's it. Maybe I can add more stuff later? I if can think of more! I'll have to see how my pictures turned out I guess. I hope some recorded this fantastic concert!!!!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 17:47:41

due to the long weekend and excessive traffic on local roads the concert was to start two hours early from what I had heard. Meaning the doors were to open at 3 pm and the show start shortly after. we arrived adn sat in the heat and stood by the gates until about 5:30 before we were aloud to see the stage.... we could hear radiohead soundchecing idioteque, national anthem and bits and peices of other songs. Finally aloud in two hours after we were suppose to we ran in and stood 50 feet from the stage and waited another hour and a hlaf before beta band emerged. Great fun set and gave ever one some sound that we had been waiting for for what seemed like forever. Kid Koala came on next and laid in pretty heavy with humorous samples making the crowd laugh and feel a little more at ease. Finally by 9 o'clock radiohead stepped on stage and began its etheral noisey ambient rendition of the national anthem - pure musical anarchy and i loved every second of it. The set list seemed to run like any other on the tour and i lost tarck of the song order about 6 songs in. High lights were definatley dollars and cents, idioteque with Thome dancing and making fun of the lo-fi drum machine. You and whose army seemed so epic and the bends during one of the encores came across as som powerful. This show exposed the sheer stupidity in being in a band. After playing How to Disapear Completely (which i believe is a song about the seclusion of 'rock' stardom) Tom did some cheesy crowd stunts by playing like a conductor and moving his hands up and down to make the crowd scream and then he just smiled and turned around. It hit me that this Radiohead's day job, changing the lives of people through the art that they create. However the only thing that keeps a live show going is the scream and confidence boost of the crowd. I felt stupid for cheeriong after that realizing its all part of his job is to make you hysterical. During You and Whose army thome had his back to the crowd playing piano and had a camera in front of him, and he was making all these little faces and you realize that you can get immune to 20 000 people screaming for you. He was just toying with us. It was so cute but i felt so used, but in a great way. Well it really was one of those life changing nights and I am glad radiohead exposed what I already thought about the live preformance, the crowd is there to worship you, you are not really equals, and the only reason that is true is that the crowd thinks you are superstars and not form this world, but really you are just normal people having to live up to that image. Beautful. Right before playing the Bends Thome said ' this song is written to make you never want to be in a band' i guess truely no one does it better.

Submitted on: AUGUST 09, 2003 10:15:41

That evening crystalized a love of the band that me and my girlfriend share. They have so much energy and enthusiasm. We actually wwere given the tickets by a coworker of my gf's who won them in a concert. We had to take a bus from Toronto and it was the beginning of the long weekend. Man, that busride was at least 4 hrs. because of all the traffic. We got to Molson Park juut as The National Anthem started. The seats weren't great but the vibe was so amazing. I had never seen any band play for so long with such a level of intensity.

We already got our tickets for the HTTT tour show. Can't wait!!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 18:51:45

Got there about 2:30, would have been earlier but the traffic was nuts. We didn't rush to the front of the stage like everyone else but got a great spot about 15 feet away halfway up the hill. Beta Band was better than expected, and Kid Koala was good, but Radiohead was all I could think of. Best songs were The Bends, Karma Police, Paranoid Android, Pyramid Song, and How to Disappear Completely. Of course all the other songs were awesome. Best concert ever, and will definitely see them again.

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