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Bull Run Regional Park - Centreville, VA USA
August 11, 2001 with Beta Band & Kid Koala
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Show Notes
Despite tickets claiming the shows were "Rain or Shine", both VA shows were canceled due to massive flooding.
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:04:32

Okay, so I move across the country on the 13th and this show was going to be my last 'hurrah' with some of my close friends. I bought the tickets from the internet presale on ticketmaster. We all look foreward to it for several months, and then the day finally came. Drove 2 hours, starting at 10:30, to get there before the gates opened at 2 (as stated on the stub) Security was really Nazi, not allowing any drinks or bottles or towels to be brought in to this open field. Luckily, my friend wore a parka and we laid it out on the ground to sit on while we were waiting. T-shirts were $30, food was as expensive, seemed kinda counter-intuitive for such an anti-capitalist band. Some nice jazz quartet muzac played while everyone got their seat and spent money...and then we sat. And sat. Clouds rolled in and a thunderstorm started, security told us to wait in our cars for it to blow over. 5:30 rolls around and the front gates are flooded with a foot of water and one of the nearby trees was struck by lightning, billowing black smoke. Security tells us that the show is canceled, and then the mob started. Chanting, bottles flying at security...Then a guy slides superman-style on the water and relieves some tension. Then, a nude man does a bellyflop into Lake Radiohead, as it was called. Everyone retired to their cars, and two hours later, when i finally got out of the park (did i mention the parking lot was a mud-pit), it hit me. I had spent 12 hours devoted to that radiohead concert and i did not hear one single note of live music. That's pretty shitty, if you ask me. I just hope they tour the US again in a couple years, and i can catch them at an indoor venue. Rock on, price gouging vendors, rock on.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:04:45

It turns out the show for both days (August 11th and 12th) were canceled due to flooding of the field. The first day started out very nicely. It seemed a little warm when we arrived at Bull Run regional park. As soon as I got out of the car I could hear Radiohead doing their sound check. While waiting for 2 O'clock to come around we all sat a listened ot Radioheads more than great sound check. When I go there they were playing Knives Out. I will mention the other songs we all heard but in no particular order. Idioteque, The National Anthem, Packt Like Sardines..., Pyramid Song, I Might Be Wrong, Lucky, The Tourist, You and Whose Army. Even though it was just a sound check it sounded great. We got in at about 3:00 and waited until the first performer was going to go on. When 4:00pm came around the sky turned a dark gray from the on coming storm. My Sister and I noticed some close lightning and headed to our cars, some people walking the opposite direction were making fun of us for getting out of the storm. Then a few moments after we left everybody was heading for their cars. The storm was very powerful, a complete downpour of rain, strong wind and lightning. Looking out our windows we noticed there was a inch of water on the ground. Since the parking lot was on top of a hill the rain water ran down the hill where is created a huge pond where the field was. I wasn't close to the stage but some people who where there working for a near by radio station said that the ground in front of the stage was under a half foot of water and the show ended up being canceled due to the flood. I also had tickets for the next day and on the way there we heard on the radio that this show was canceled as well. At least I got to hear them play live some (sound check). Even if I have to wait another 4 years to see them play I would still be more than glad to see them play. Well if this info is to any use for you, you are welcome. I have to say your websites news page is what keeps me up to date on Radiohead news, your site even helped me get the Radiohead tickets, so thank you. You are doing a great job.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:05:02

Bull Run was simply a complete and total fiasco. There is nothing else to say
about it. A complete bust. I had tickets to both shows, neither was shown.
Yesterday was one of the worst experiences of my life. I felt like a fucking
drowned rat. My car is absolutely soaked to the core because of all the damn
time we had to sit in it (after being saturated to the core for god knows how
long) and then get out again, and then get back in, etc etc. My camera and my
cell phone were ruined because they were soaked to the core (despite being in
my purse, which was itself within ANOTHER bag). My limited edition Amnesiac
book was ruined (I had it in my bag also - every single thing that I had with
me was ruined). I got a big dent in my car door from where the fucker next to
be slammed open his door in the midst of the "waiting in your car while it
continues to flood around you for hour after hour before being sent home"
bit, to see what the fuck was going on outside, as people did cannonballs
into the draining reservoir (yes, I'm serious. People were fucking swimming
and diving and doing flips, etc etc, in the overflow reservoir - aka giant
hole where all the ditches flow into- because it was deeper than a human's
height. I was one of the lucky few who had a good parking place so that I had
this meager entertainment to watch while the rain came down, and down, and
down, only to be told hours later that there is no show, go home.) And, to make it even worse, I got there at 11:00 am. It was FUCKING HOT AS
HELL, muggy, humid, and just plain miserable. I got all sunburned, too, which
is really ironic since later the sun was on the fucking other end of the
earth. But I waited it out. Fuck it - it's Radiohead. Right? Stand stand
stand, sweat sweat, stand around by myself, with no one to really talk to,
sweating like a fucking pig. But - it's Radiohead. And I'll be right up by
the stage. Hold out, hold out.

Sound check - people revive somewhat (everyone was so hot it, it was like a
bunch of corpses standing around, rotting in the putrid heat). People start
cheering, we hear Thom's voice belting out. Knives Out first. Life!! Signs of
life!! Then Lucky. Then Pyramid Song, with just Thom and the piano. Then You
And Whose Army? (the second part, after it picks up). Then Packt Like
Sardines, then I Might Be Wrong, then Idioteque. Then surprisingly, The
Tourist, and the last one was the Nat'l Anthem.

By this point, it's 2:00 (gate opening time) and people have their second
wind. Anticipation is building. They finally start taking tickets. I see
people running - literally - towards the stage once they're in. I was way up
front so I was pretty early. The guy digs around in my bag, finally lets me
in. I take off running. I am GOING to be right in front of Ed, goddammit. And
I was. I was fucking on the barricade, RIGHT in front of Ed's area. HELL
FUCKING YEAH!!! I am so excited I simply don't know what to do with myself. I
have no one to talk to. So I start talking to this random girl next to me
(who looked startled, but eventually opens up and we start chatting about how
the guy next to us has no underwear on, etc). HELL YEAH. We are giddy. We are
fucking 15 feet from where Ed and Thom and co. will be, with no one in front
of us.

The only thing going through my mind is the line from How To Disappear
Completely, "I'm not here, this isn't happening!!" omg, this is too good to
be true. I can't believe this - is this real??? I cannot believe I have to
wait 5 hours standing here until the show!!.......... Fuck it, it will SO be
worth it. How will I stand waiting that long!!?? AHHH, but I'll be SO CLOSE
TO ED!!!!

The sun beats down... we start dragging..... the guy next to be gets heat
stroke - he refused to leave when he started feeling sick because he was on
the barricade and didn't want to lose his place. He starts to faint. The
bouncer guy comes running up and is like, "put your arms around my neck! I'm
pulling you out!!' so the guy does, and he's pulled out and rushed to the
dehydration station. He was ok and even came back, but damn, it was so damn
hot. We are all fading fast.....

It's only 4:00.... so hot.... must hold on...

It starts to drizzle!!! Cheers go up across the crowd!! RAIN!! RAIN DOWN ON
ME!!!!!! Cool us off!!!! It feels great. It stops. Damn. Soon later, it
starts raining harder. It's still bearable. Then these mother fucking GIANT
drops start bombing down on us. I mean, this were fucking HUGE drops. It
starts coming down, and hard. Everyone is cheering still though - we are all
soaked, so it doesn't matter anymore, woo hoo!! Rain!!! Rain down on me!!!!!!
The thunder picks up..... lightening all around. People start getting
quieter.... then this GIGANTIC crack of thunder shuts EVERYONE up. People
start to freak out. The bouncers are all yelling for everyone to leave. Fuck
that, we are NOT leaving the barricade. RAIN OR SHINE!!!!! I'd like to SEE
you fucking try to get us to leave!!!!

The rain triples. Absolute and COMPLETE deluge. Unlike anything I've seen
before. I can't see!! The rain was actually HURTING - stinging - it was
coming down so hard. The bouncers come out into the field and are forcing
everyone out. I get outside - I'm walking by myself, trying desperately to
find my car. I couldn't see in front of my face, I was getting blown to the
side. I can't even see where I'm going, much less find my car. People are
running around, people are sitting, people are running and slidding across
the grass on their stomachs, whooping and cheering, some are crying, some
just wandering lost. That was me - wandering lost, shocked. Absolutely soaked
to the core. That is a complete understatement.

I FINALLY find my car, after wandering around for about 15 minutes lost. I
finally find my keys (I"m not kidding people, I couldn't see it was raining
so hard) in my bag (which had a pool of water in it about 3 inches deep) and
scramble in my car. I am utterly. and completely. saturdated. to the bone.
I'm freezing, shocked, wet, and alone. I'm thinking..... how did this happen?
What is going on? Why is this happening?.... is this real?... good god,

Thank god I had a towel in car. I try to dry off (ha.). I am sitting, in
shock, watching the people outside playing in the waterfalls all over the
place of flood water. Waterfalls EVERYWHERE. A lake is formed near my car
where people start swimming (mentioned before). People are doing the slip and
slide stuff down into it. Further down, by where the gates are where we
waited that morning, is completely underwater. Water is halfway up the
port-a-toilets, one of which i used earlier. The entire area where we had
waited is long underwater. The radio is saying, "Be careful, flash flooding
is expected to happen in the DC area". No, really? I better get my umbrella
and my gollashes, har har.

Finally, the complete deluge begins to lighten up. By lighten up, I mean you
can sort of see slightly - it's not blinding. By other standards it was still
raining hard. But people start wandering out and down into the lake/gate
area. I scramble out of my car. I'll be DAMNED if I went through all this
shit and I don't get near the stage!! I am barefooted and head into the
water. I wade, with water up way past my calves, up as close to the gate as I
can. I"m about where I was before, so now I'm praying there will be a show.
I'm shivering to DEATH. My teeth are chattering without stop. I am standing
there, soaked to the core, in red water up past my calves (red from all the
red clay around - all the water was red), surrounded by other drowning people
just as cold and miserable, all looking just as dumbfounded and numb as I am
feeling. I couldn't do anything. I was standing there, hugging myself as I'm
shaking to the core, but this time, the only thing going through my mind (and
this time, really meaning it) "This isn't happening........ this isn't
happening...... I'm not here..... what the FUCK am I doing? This cannot be

It was the most surreal experience. I finally take out my camera and start
taking a few pictures of the whole unbelievable and catostrophic scene. My
camera was dripping water out of it in a steady stream though, so who knows
if those pictures will turn out.

We are pushed back, we stand around more. We are pushed back further. It
starts thundering again. "GO BACK TO YOUR CARS!!!!!!!" NO!!!! WE FUCKING WANT
chants keep on going, albeit weak and without much heart at this point.
Finally, they tell us it's over. Cancelled. .....what? Cancelled. You can get
a refund at place of purchase. Tomorrow's ticket is for tomorrow, today's
doesn't count.

Cancelled. Everyone was standing there, unable to move. We had been through
HELL - we were beyond soaked, freezing cold, drowning. And now, it's just
'cancelled'? Sorry, have a nice day.

FUCK THAT!! Everyone just stands there. Not many people are actually heading
out. People are just in disbelief, numb. Did this all really just happen? Or
is this some really bad dream?.....

I'm by myself, and I am just like, well now what? Where the hell do I go now?
Find a hotel and sit? I finally wander back to my already soaked car and get
back in. I crank up the heat. It takes fucking forever to get out. The entire
place was a giant mud slide. My 4 wheel drive pathfinder's wheels are
spinning, barely able to move. Finally I get out. But to where?

I drive for about an hour, freezing, still in pure shock, trying to find a
hotel Most of the places were booked due to the rain - no one wants to be
driving. About an hour away I find a place. I get my room. Finally, walking
back to my car, it all comes out. I start sobbing. SOBBING. I cannot contain
it. I drive to my room. I'm hysterical, freezing, everything I have is
flooded and ruined. I gain composure and take a shower, and go to wal mart to
get a poncho for the next show (sunday's).

I wake up today, the forecast is just as bad. I don't have much hope. But
dammit, if there is going to be a show, I'm going to be there. I get all
ready and load up my car and hop in around 11:00 am this morning. The last
thing I wanted to do was the whole experience of yesterday again, but I am
FUCKING GETTING SOMETHING OUT OF THIS. My cell phone rings. It's a friend who
was also going to the Sunday show. She tells me it's been cancelled. You're
kidding. No, I'm sorry... I wanted to let you know. Thank god she called me.
That would have been just perfect if I had driven the hour back there and
found it closed.

So, instead, I head home. 10.5 hours of driving later, I am back home in

A complete. and total. BUST. A fiasco of momentus proportions. Two tickets,
no show. Wasted money on the tickets, the gas, the weekend. Ruined camera,
broken cell phone, dent in the car door. What's most painful is that I was on
the barricade..... and instead got NOTHING.

I feel like a drowned rat. It absolutely. and completely. sucked.

and that's all I have. laters.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:05:23

Wow where to start,we got tix as soon as they were on sale waited months too see this show would have been my first time seeing the band.The day before the show the car we are taking breaks down,ok no big deal we'll just have to rent a car wich we do.So were off on our way to VA from NC,only takes us about 6 hours to get to Reston were we are staying,takes us another three hours and many tolls to finally find our hotel we check in around three in the mouring,with our spirits high and our hearts filled with excitment because were gonna wake up and see what will be a great show.We wake up and were off to find Bull Run Park,again we get lost for a couple of hours but hey how could we be mad were on our way,finnaly we get on the right track.As we go our way my friend says to me"i wonder why there is no traffic"?I said "im sure its because everyone got to the venue hours ago,we pull up around one in the afternoon and see a sign on the road RADIOHEAD SHOW CANCELED.There is not a word that could define just how bad that felt,heartbreak,devastation,shock,none can come close,we ride around about ten min before we can even say a word.Cars line the road of the venue,people all have the same look on there face it looks like someone has died.So we go back to our hotel,grab our bags and decide to go back home nothing else to do.Why were we so let down?Was it our car breaking down and having to pay an extra $200.00 to get to VA,was it the hours driving up to see the show,was it getting lost every time we took a turn,was it because we drove all those hours just to watch X-Files and wake up and have to go home,was it because we spent a whole lot of money for nothing?? NO IT WAS BECAUSE WE MISSED SEEING ONE HELL OF A BAND,The driving,money,getting lost was nothing,we would have felt just as bad if it would have been a fifteen min drive,and cost us no money.I can only hope that one day if I'm "Lucky" i will be able to see these guys play.So with heavy hearts we sit in NC and pray for a make up date!

Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 04:49:54

What else is there to say?
I waited months for this concert, only to have it destroyed by water! At least we got to hear fragments of about 4 songs during the 'mic check'. I specifically remember hearing "knives out" and thinking "I can't believe I'm actually going to see Radiohead in concert!", I was thrilled. Then the rain came and we were sent to our cars to wait out the storm. A little later, we all were told that the show was off.

Oh well, I remember Thom saying he was sorry and would make Virginia one of the first places they'd hit on the next US tour.

After the "hurricane" hit and it became clear that the show indeed was cancelled, a lot of us decided to make the most of it. Instead of getting depressed and destryong everything in sight, we had ourselves a miniature woodstock. There was nothing but mud and water everywhere you looked, so we improvised. We all had a good time sliding down the hills and jumping into the huge lakes of muddy water. Lightening was cracking all around us, but we just kept right on partying.

I've got tons of pics and videos of everything! I'll post it so anyone who went can remember how much fun we had after the storm. Who knows, you might even see a picture of yourself in there!

Submitted on: JULY 26, 2003 19:55:01

ditto as the previous review from the girl from Georgia. We drove 10.5 hours to be let down of a great show. Had already seen them in the third row in Atlanta and they were unbelievable. Looking for the same here, but it didn't happen, at least I got to see them. I really feel for those who didn't get to see them at all. They really are an unbelievable rock band live.

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 05:48:50

Well... I thought I'd add my bit. I actually flew all the way from Idaho to see this show. Don't ask, it's a long story. I had friends in Baltimore at the time. Needless to say, the show was cancelled. It figures though because every other radiohead show I go to gets cancelled. I'm 2 for 4 so far, but number five is coming up, so knock on wood.

Submitted on: AUGUST 23, 2003 08:58:59

This is a late entry (July 2003) but I have to get it down somewhere because it has been eating at me since then...

Sancho was raised in Manasses or Dumfries, who knows (his joke is that they wanted to combine the towns and make Dumasses) but he was stationed on the Radford with me in Norfolk, VA. So, Mac, Sancho and I drive up the day of with tickets for both shows, so very pumped for a great show. Mac rents a car and we take turns driving. Stop and go traffic as we got close to Bull Run and I got rear ended by some Indian guy with his family. I got out, looked at the rear end and saw no damage. He was worried, but I was in a rush to see Radiohead so I shook his hand and said "no problem" and got back in the rental and carried on. He was relieved.

We finally got up to Bull Run a few hours before the show was to start. There are a few dudes walking around on stage getting things ready for the opening act which was suppoed to be some DJ(? Kinda fuzzy) for a while before Beta Band came out.

The crowd was pretty cool. Everyone was talking and trying to stay cool because it was so damned muggy. We weaved and waded to the front of the crowd and were about 25 feet from the stage when we decided we were close enough. The clouds started towards us. You could see them in the distance and they were dark and violent looking. Rumbling could be heard and all it did was feed the energy of the crowd.

More time goes by and the stage hands are done tuning instruments and to our dismay start covering stuff with plastic. OK, we think it is just precautionary, after all the tix do say "Rain or Shine" on them.

The first drops start coming down and everyone goes nuts. It was so refreshing and of course people start singing the bridge from "Paranoid Android" rain down, rain down...

the rain dies down and now folks are getting worried. the PA guy comes on and says that there is a chance things might be postponed due to weather. people boo.

"RAIN OR SHINE!! RAIN OR SHINE!!" everyone is chanting now, but the rain comes harder and the guy is getting pissed now. He breaks into a science lesson about how the set is all made of metal and the shiny stuff crackling off to the right is lightning. he tells us to go. no one moves.

all of a sudden, thunder booms and lightning cracks right near us we get startled a bit. now people run. rain is POURING down now and the staff is running around cursing everyone out of the field. we hide in port-o-potties.

BOOM!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!! thunder and lighting right near us. i jump in my port-o-potty, it was so loud. the staff comes by and starts banging on potty doors. we leave.

but car. sancho dropped us off so now we have to wait in the rain for a ride. he is obviously gonna take a while because of all the rain and traffic.

mac and i wait on a bridge in the park for a while. not a dry spot on our body. cell phones, wallets, money, everything is soaked through.

as if we were being punished by the gods, the damned tour bus comes down the road towards us exiting the park. mac and i stop and look and there we see the guys walking around the back while thom sits just off the right shoulder of the driver talking to him.

we look at each other and can't believe how absolutely this sucks. sancho comes, we go to his house and change into his father's clothes. we eat and the wok and roll that night and hear on the radio station the next day that tomorrow was cancelled as well. GREAT.

we call kenny and tell him not to bother coming up.

i can't beleive how close to the stage i was and that it was all for naught.


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