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Bull Run Regional Park - Centerville, VA USA
August 12, 2001 with Beta Band & Kid Koala
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Show Notes
Despite tickets claiming the shows were "Rain or Shine", both VA shows were canceled due to massive flooding.
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:14:46

please see the reviews form 8/11/02

Submitted on: JUNE 30, 2003 08:10:32

Wow. Two years later, and the experience still burns in my head. Since there's not much of a show to review on 8/12/2001, I'll review the experience. Flash back to the heady days of Early summer 2001, when there we were still in the springtime of our non-paranoia existence. Radiohead was coming back to the States! Wow! We live in TN, so my wife and I wanted to shoot for the Atlanta show. She jumped on the web for the MTV presale on it, starting at noon some day in May or June, but BAM! Internet went down at 11:45. Back up at 12:15, but OH MAN, the tickets are gone.
Plan B...
DAMMIT, THIS IS RADIOHEAD. To hell with an easy 4 hour drive to Atlanta, we'll see them during this tour! Gathering our resources, we get some friends together and start talking about a caravan to one of the August shows. We discuss Cleveland, but settle, due to scheduling conflicts (one kid, buckled down corporate cog tech support job), decide on hitting the DC show at Bull Run. Only a 9 hour drive. Solid.
So, we buy four tickets, two for us, and two for some friends, and make our plans. We're going to head up on Saturday, Aug 11th, hit a hotel for the night, and head on down to the show Sunday morning. Everybody else was broke, so they decided to go camping. To hell with that man, its freaking HOT! So, Friday night, we drop the boy off at the grandparents, and get ready to roll. Saturday morning, up at 5 for the trip, Shoneys for breakfast. Ain't nothing like a Shoneys in rural TN at 7 in the AM. If you haven't tried it people, I strongly suggest it. Its a delightful cross slice of society. Some may say that a Waffle House is the way to go, but you really have to hit a Shoneys to get the desperation, and final defeat of the "up with the chickens" AM crowd. Besides, everybody at the Waffle House that time of day is FUCKED UP HIGH. Or at least that's what I hear...
Anyway, breeze through TN, up to Bristol, through VA (where you are constantly reminded that TRAFFIC IS MONITORED BY AIRCRAFT), and finally to Centerview. Our hotel is near the airport, so we sit out and watch the planes for the evening. We get there just in time for the rain. Holy shit, what a lot of rain. Jeeesus fucking Christ, that's a lot of rain. News reports say that the flood has backed up into the sewers to the point that manhole covers are EXPLODING and being tossed 20 feet into the air. Wow. I love a nice storm. Since our tickets were for Sunday the 12th, screw it, ain't my problem. I talk to the camping crew, and MOCK THEIR LACK OF A ROOF! HA FOOLS! WE HAVE A ROOF AND ROOM SERVICE!


As much as I'd love to do a Fear and Loathing style description of the state of the hotel room, it really wasn't that bad. We're getting old.
Load up the shit, out to the trusty station wagon, and out to Centerville. Man, today is going to ROCK. Got the mapquest printouts, and it leads us right to the place. Our excitement was over the top. Even now, I look back at the childlike glee we both had, hopping in our seats with Kid A as loud as we can. Somebody else who reviewed Saturdays show kept playing in their head the lyrics to How to Disappear Completely "I'm not here... this isn't happening", but for us, it was all about "Everything in its riiiiiiight place".
We started up a hill, only a half mile from the site. The time was coming. We would be ready.

There was an electronic marquee sign at the crest of the hill, the kind that usually says "HWY 37 LEFT LANE CLOSED" and then flashes to say "PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY", except it said RADIOHEAD CONCERT and stayed there, as our car seemed to stop where it was. The song on the CD player was playing one of those beautiful minor chords, as the lights shined out RADIOHEAD CONCERT for days and years. There was nothing in the world except my dry eyes, RADIOHEAD CONCERT, and that lingering minor chord. And then it changed. It said:


Ever seen that Spongebob episode where Squidward tells SB that he's never had a Krabby patty? SB retorts by saying "I... didn't know you could use those words together like that". That was a lot the same feeling. I slowed down, since time was now moving at hyper-speed, and stared at it, trying to get the joke. I pulled into the parking lot anyway, thinking that has to be left over from yesterday. Shit man, its not raining, its a little cloudy, but its not raining! A little security guy is waving cars down and telling them the shows canceled, in case they missed the big freaking sign, or just didn't believe it. I asked
"What's up man, whys the show cancelled?"
He says
"Big flood last night, there's water on the ground. But the problem is the porto-potties overflooded, and the department of health has the parked condemned as unsanitary."
Holy shit! or maybe ... Shit Happens!
I thank him and drive on. The concert site was closed, but the camp was still open down another road. I drove on there, thinking maybe the show is hiding down this road, and that little guy was a crazy Oasis fan with a grudge. I stop in a lot in front of the booth where you pay to get into the site, and there's 9 or 10 other cars there with people feeling about the same way we did. One girl, couldn't be much older that 16 with pink hair was crying. There were some people kicking a sack around. Mostly people had that thousand yard stare, which reminded me of Thom himself in Meeting People is Easy. Funny how things come around full circle.
I asked around, seeing if the show was going to move into the town, or if the band was maybe going to drop a club show that only the locals would know about. Nothing like that. Some kid invited us to a party that night, but I didn't feel much like partying with high schoolers. I wanted to regroup, to get with my own people, to drink this thing away in the company of friends.
We cancelled our hotel reservation, then we called the guys and girls who were just waking up at the campsite and told them the news. We agreed to meet at a gas station nearby and get some lunch. Turns out that one of the other cars had broken down that morning, before they got the news. Bummer.
We had some lunch, and then went and checked out DC. We didn't realize at the time, but looking back it may have been the last time to see the capitol as it was before the paranoia of late 2001 and on hit. Guys were playing bongos at the Washington monument (Jello Biafra called it the giant prick with flags for pubic hair wrapped around the bottom, but enough of that).
Back to the campsite with a fresh supply of drinks. We talked, and caught up. We talked about school, work, life, all sorts of things. We laughed. Nobody mentioned the show, or the disappointment. We all tried to force it down, but it was always on the edge. Since my wife and I didn't have a tent, we slept in back of the station wagon. Worst night of my life. I don't recommend it. Course, one of my friends that stayed in the tent, we found out later, got a nasty case of pneumonia from sleeping on the ground.
The next morning, we all went our separate ways. The guy with the dead car stayed long enough to get it fixed. I think he, and the sick one were really the only ones that got screwed by the trip. Sure, the show that we dedicated that summer to was cancelled. Shit, my wife and I had even quit smoking on the night that Radiohead appeared on South Park to save money for it. But even though we didn't see Radiohead, we...
Fuck, who am I kidding. We all got screwed by it. There wasn't any kind of overwhelming feeling of brotherhood and what not. Be nice if there was, but there isn't a tooth fairy either. Just rain, and apparently shit all over the ground.

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