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Suffolk Downs - Boston, MA USA
August 14, 2001 with Beta Band & Kid Koala
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01. The National Anthem
02. Airbag
03. Morning Bell
04. Lucky
05. Knives Out
06. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
07. No Surprises
08. Dollars and Cents
09. Street Spirit
10. Pearly*
11. Just
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Like Spinning Plates
18. Talk Show Host
19. You and Whose Army?
20. The Bends

2nd Encore
21. Karma Police
22. The Tourist
Show Notes
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There are 8 reviews for this show.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:11:31

An over all awesome show, opened by the well known opener "National Anthem," Radiohead played under the partly cloudy sky at the Suffolk Downs horse race track. The crowd went crazy as the lights flickered and changed color. After "National Anthem" was finished the second song "Airbag" was played. They all started on a wrong note after not starting together after Phil's click off. Thom said "whoops we're supposed to start after Phil" the crowd laughed and the song was played correctly. A lot of songs off of Amnesiac were played but the most unforgettable one was "Dollars and Cents" as the song was played, Thom put on an awesome show. He sang with much enthusiasm and when he didn't sing during the bridge of the song he frolicked around stage making everyone in the crowd scream. They played "Pearly" and the crowd gave a good response to that. That song was deticated to the Hard Rock Cafe, but Thom said right before the song was performed that he was in a Hard Rock and saw Kurt Cobains last guitar locked up in a glass case. He ranted "its was the sickest thing I've ever seen." he mumbled that it was Kurt's last thing he had and now it's locked up in a restaurant. "Paranoid Android was played after "Pyramid Song" and was detected to all the Bostonians who were having house parties after the show. When they came out for their first encore the played "Karma Police" and detected it to all the people who can't stand their jobs. Radiohead also played "Like spinning plates" that got a tremendous response even though Thom screwed up the beginning by not starting to sing in time. The show was then finished off at the second encore with "The Tourist." A very very good show and one of the biggest attendance's I've ever seen at a show....It wasn't even sold out!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:12:22

What can I say ?!?!?! I have been waiting.. YEARS .. I mean YEARS to FINALLY see the greatest band play live. The Boston show last night KICKED ARSE! It was more than I could ever have imagined. Thom was perfect! (As were the rest) I have been to several shows in my life, but never before have I experienced euphoria like that. If I died today, I would be a happy lady. I am planning to take a trip over to Europe to see then again soon, although it is not soon enough. I must say that I envy you in a way, for having experienced their show several times. I can't imagine how anyone could not enjoy that. Anyhow, I wanted to give you a quick update on last night's show. It's awful .. but I can not remember the play list in sequence. They closed with "the Tourist" which was AMAZING. I would have to say one of the BEST songs of the night was "the Pyramid Song" and "Paranoid Android". (It's a toss up)

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:12:36

This show was perhaps the defining Radiohead performance. What more could a fan have asked for, great mix, great weather, and the best damn music I have ever heard. Maybe it's because my friends and I have been anticipating this show for years, but this was quite surreal. Anyhow, back to the show. The Beta Band started around 6:00 and played about a half hour set. It was enjoyable but i had better things on my mind. The Kid Koala hit the stage and proved himself to be one of the best DJ's around today. He really won the crowd over even though i heard the occasional moron complain about his presence at a "rock concert." After an amazing set, Kid Koala moved his equipment to the back of the stage but not completely off. From the shadows of the backstage emerged Radiohead. Instantly they kicked of the show with "National Anthem." To my suprise, Kid Koala was mixing during this song and helped it achieve such an amazing sound. Next up was an extremely tight version of "Airbag," minus the false start in the beginning. Phil and Colin were definitely on a roll and Thom was lively as ever. After this came "Morning Bell." It was then that I noticed what a great mix the sound guys had. Every instrument was at the perfect volume all night. The performance of "Lucky" that came next was just perfect; no other word can describe it. Colin was very into this one. "Knives Out" sounded especially loose and sluggish tonight, which for the song, fit very well. The light show and glittery light shades added so much to the performance. "Packt" sounded very different from other live recordings I have heard. It had a much more "techno" feel to it. Phil was absolutely "in the zone." "No suprises" featured Thom's angelic vibrato and really got the crows going (it was nice because the people singing were actually pretty good, suprising). Ed's backup vocals were excellent. "Dollars and Cents" was an interesting moment for me. Some drunken, beligerent, toothless yokel came pushing up through the crowd so he could get a better view of the stage at the others expense. The woman in front of him would have none of that. After a lot of death threats (slurred and with a slight lisp due to alcohol and a lack of teeth) security took the kid away. Oh yeah, the song was good too, so I hear. Right as things settled down, the band broke into "Street Spirit." It is hard for me to explain how beautiful this song was. After some jokes, Thom introduced "Pearly." An intense rendition. Once again, Phil kicked a whole lot of ass. The next song, "Just" was great as well. I can't say that I am a huge fan of the song, but seeing it live was great. Generation MTV loved it. "I Might Be Wrong" had a great goove. Johnny and Colin were right on. Next up was "Pyramid Song." This was one of my favourites of the night thanks to the wonderful "piano-cam." This really showed you how much soul Thom was pouring out into this song. Simply amazing. Colin's bowed bass was great. "Paranoid Android" recieved the greatest crowd response. The light show was captivating. One more amazing song. "Idioteque" was another of my faves for the night. Thom nailed every note flawlessly. He wailed to the crowed with such intensity. To finish of the body of the set was "Everything In Its Right Place." The sampler jam at the end was perfect. A real highlight. The real magic happened in the 1st encore. "Like Spinning Plates" was THE most beautiful song I have ever heard. It had such a surreal air about it. "Talk Show Host" was killer. Ed and especially Colin were really getting into this one. "You and Whose Army" once again awoke the singer in everyone. Thom again utilized the "piano-cam" to show his intensity. This song sounded absolutely huge. To finish off encore 1, the band tore into "The Bends." What a great song. After an interesting "Yankees Suck" chant from the crowd, Thom and co. came out to play "Karma Police." The spotlight really belonged to Johnny here he was stunning. To end the night and provided a calm after the storm, the band played "The Tourist." Jonny's solo was great. The mellow vibe of the song was perfect. What a surreal night. It still hasn't hit me that I have just witnessed such a flawless performance. If you didn't see it, then you haven't seen it all. If anyone taped this show please let me know at

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:12:51

Wow. What a show. Basically we arrived just as the doors opened and were one of the first 4,000 people there, which granted us access (via wristband) to this enclosed area right in front of the stage. Our spot was so great! I could see the whole band and their facial expressions throughout, it was fantastic The show itself was really entertaining. The opening act, Beta Band, put on a fantastic show, and even though they played only one song I knew (Dry The Rain), it was really easy to get into it. They were very cool. Then Kid Koala came on and put on a fantastic DJ routine with the turntables, including some samples of radiohead songs.. like Fitter Happier. He's very cool. Then there was a small wait with jazz music playing and the crew setting up. When Thom and company jogged on stage the crowd went crazy! You could really feel, as the show progressed, that Thom was getting more and more comfortable. He told us a story about how he agreed to play at a Hard Rock Cafe, but it ended up being filled with executives in their suits. So instead of playing he said he swore at them and left.. it was hilarious! Also, the piano Thom was playing on had a camera inside that Thom used to pull various head shakes and make faces and look ominously in on the huge screens on both sides of the stage. As for the setlist, im not sure. But from what I remember, they played Spinning Plates forwards (!) and others including: Karma Police, Lucky, Paranoid Android, No Surprises, National Anthem, Packt, Airbag, Idioteque, You and Whose Army, Knives Out, The Bends. It was a great show and I cant wait to see them again. If you have a chance to see them, DO IT.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:13:08

the boston show was amazing. my friends and i got to sullfolk downs at around 1 and chilled in the back line, there werent many people at our gate at all. we heard the guys soundcheck some of their usual songs, but they also ran through like spinning plates, which was different. the gates opened at 4 30 maybe and i rushed to the stage and got right the front row, i was situated a little to the left of the stage, right infront of johnnys corner. the beta band was interesting, they were having a good time interacting with the audience. someone offered the bassist a pie, he asked what kind, and when he heard it was a blueberry pie he wanted it, so the guy threw it to him. the kid koala was ridic. he had some great stuff, he mixed pulk and fitter happier too. then radiohead came on a little before 8 and they all looked so excited. they ran threw the first songs like clockwork, though they false started airbag, which was funny. after each song thom would say thanks very much and ed thom and johnny would switch guitars and look really excited about the next one. before knives out, i shouted to thom " do you dance thom, do your dance!" and sure enough during the solo for knives out he came over and did it, it was halarious! thom was having a lot of fun, really interacting with the crowd. he asked what we were all doing after the show, i yelled 'drinking with you thom!" but i dont think he heard me. he dedicated the next song to 'everyone mouching off someones house party after the show" i think it was i might be wrong, but im not sure - i might be wrong he also introduced pearly by talking about his hard rock cafe experience. everyone was having a great time and they all played really well. the final encore they played like spinning plates, which thom said they just started doing it. after a few bars of it, thom stopped, i guess someone messed up, he looked over at colin who laughed. they started up again and ran through it really nicely. it was cool for me because johnny was right infront of me he usually stared down or into the crowd, he was into it. ed was illin on the other side having a good time. colin was really into he, he would dance around and joke with ed and phil. it was awesome, i waited a long time for this show and it lived up to everything i wanted it to be. rock on.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:13:23

I'm not going to write a whole review for you of the show, but let me just say it was unbelievably fantastic!!! Kid Koala and especially The Beta Band were wonderful, and Radiohead played an awesome set that included Pearly and an attempt at Like Spinning Plates. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify for people that after Idioteque (which was my highlight of the show!!!) and before Everything... started, the intro Thom played was from a Manic Street Preachers song called "If you Tolerate This You're Children Will Be Next" from the album, "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours". The MSP are a great band, and that is a wonderful song! My friends and I were about 20 rows back and a bit to the right of the stage, and once we heard it we yelled our heads off, hoping to give the band recognition for playing such a great tune...most everyone in the crowd seemed to have no idea what Thom was singing. I encourage everyone to give them a listen whenever they get a chance. Anyway, the show was great, and all of the other reviews can tell you all about it!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:13:39

Wow. My first time seeing Radiohead live, I wanted to show up at 8 or 9 the night before, as I'd heard people on MT talking about when they'd show up, but that didn't happen. My friends and I took the T out to Suffolk Downs and got to the scene at 2 in the afternoon. There were plenty of people hanging out, drawing in chalk. Whoever did the Airbag EP artwork on the pavement did a great job! Also, there should be some bootlegs of this show surfacing as I met two people who were taping it on MiniDisc. Security was VERY lax. There were people smoking pot not even two feet away from a security guard, and they didn't seem to care about Minidiscs, cameras, or anything else in general. We heard the band soundcheck Airbag (I ran from the subway station to the fence when I recognized it!), LSP (practiced for a long time), The Tourist, Pyramid Song, and a few others. The scene was set, and the T-shirt vendors tried to be polite and wished that we would go away and let them set up. I was polite, so when they eventually opened up, I was one of the first people to get robbed... I mean pay.. for a shirt. $35 for a longsleeve. Ouch. The staff opened up the gates at around 4:40, almost an hour early (?) and people were runnning at a madman's pace to get in. I thought that it was just part of the experience, and people being excited, so I took up the idea, and moved as fast as I could because it looked like fun. It payed off big time, and I'm glad I kicked my own arse to run, as I ended up being about 20 feet from Jonny! I met alot of cool fans there, including this girl Jody who has seen the band eighteen times, and some other cool folks. Anyway, the Beta Band opened up at about 20 after five, and played an OK set. I wasn't familiar with most of their stuff, but some guy nearby liked them enough to toss Rich (the bass player) a blueberry pie, which he caught with precise skill. Kid Koala was on next. I'd never seen him before, but he played an excellent set with no headphones, and three turntables! He was very polite and funny, and he played several Radiohead samples, including snippets of Pulk and Fitter Happier. I would have liked to see more of him, which I did later....... (Read on) Next, after a very long waiting period came Radiohead. They took the stage, and the crowd exploded. I was fortunate enough to be up front and see them come on stage. The National Anthem kicked off the night, with Colin's dirty bass pounding the rhythm. Little known (or heard) fact was that Kid Koala actually played with them on the National Anthem!!!! I couldn't hear him very well, and he didn't do anything much until the end, but otherwise, the sound was very cleanly mixed. I've been to louder concerts, but it didn't bother me at all! They followed with a rocking version of Airbag, followed by Morning Bell. Lucky was next, which was stunning to hear, being only about 30-40 feet from Thom. The lighting was also spectacular, perfectly synchronized with the different parts and moods to each song. No Surprises was actually a stand out song. I've never really liked it, and I'd hoped that they would substitute something else for it, but it absolutely floored me when they played it. An absolutely beautiful song from start to finish. Before Dollars and Cents (which also was excellent), Thom ran toward the front of the stage and got a huge roar from the audience. I also managed to decipher one more mystery lyric from that song -- 'Burn down the neighborhood...' Pearly and Just really rocked, but I was (along with many other people) squashed by some idiots from behind. Not really a complaint, it could have been much worse and the song still rocked! Idioteque was great, with Thom running from one side of the stage to the other, stirring up the crowd. Everyone was singing and jumping along, it was definitely an experience to hear live. Everything was next, and thus was the end of the first set. I think it didn't last as long as they normally stretch it out to, but it was alright. After thousands of sweaty fans screamed theor lungs out and begged for the coming encores, Thom, Colin, and Jonny returned for the first song, Like Spinning Plates. Colin had the music written out in front of him, and didn't seem to be too sure of the song, but it was a great treat to hear it anyway. Talk Show Host was incredible as well, a song, I've always wanted to see them play. Thom did this mock "It's education!" thing before playing the bends, which cracked up the rest of the band. They left again, and came back for Karma Police (with Jonny Fingers ;) on piano) and finished off with a stunning rendition of The Tourist. All in all, it was the best show I have ever seen. The band was happy, and played a flawless set (except for LSP, but that was to be expected, as they were having problems with it at the soundcheck...) I was surprised to see so few instruments onstage. Jonny only had two keyboards for the whole show, and I figured that there would be more than what they had, but they make due very well with what they had (including Thom's arsenal of guitars!!) My only complaints were the fans. The kid in front of me and his moron buddy behind me must have smoked up at least twice per song, not also, the idiot behind me only knew the songs by their numbers. (Lucky was ELEVEN!, idioteque was EIGHT!!!) During Just I was squished, but it was alright, and as I said before, could have been much worst. The most pathetic thing was at the end of the concert when these stupid kids were fighting over the setlist. It was kind of funny to watch, but still pathetic. Also, the Boston Herald thought that they played My Iron Lung, but I'm pretty sure that they didn't..... In the end, this concert was the highlight of my summer, and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to see the greatest band to ever walk the earth play live, and that I was only several yards away. All in all, an amazing show. Thank you Thom and co.!!!!!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:13:57

Well this was mine and my friends' first Radiohead concert experience, and after a long 3 year wait to see them live, as well as the 5 hour drive to Boston, I had high expectations. By the time the night was over, however, I was not disappointed. The Beta Band started it off with a thoroughly enjoyable set- they turned out to be great entertainers, wearing outlandish space-suit type outfits and a humorous stage persona. They also had a spectacular ending, with all four members playing on the two drums sets in unison. After a long, long wait and a respectable but out-of-place set from DJ Kid Koala, Radiohead finally took the stage. As expected, they opened with "The National Anthem", which is such a perfect opening song, with Colin's bass violently shattering the long silence left after Kid Koala's short set. The whole night they played a nearly perfect set list, covering most of the songs I had really hoped to hear, and pulling out a few surprises as well. After a good rant from Thom about his disgust with a Hard Rock Cafe that had displayed one of Kurt Cobain's shirts and a guitar in a glass case shortly after his death, the band went into a totally unexpected and absolutely incredible version of "Pearly*". Later in the night, Thom attempted what I assume was the first ever live performance of one of my Amnesiac favorites, "Like Spinning Plates", which he promptly had to restart after he seemed to either lose his place or forget the words during the lengthy intro, muttering to himself, "shit", much to the amusement of the audience. Before "Everything In It's Right Place", Thom sang the chorus of the Manic Street Preachers song "If You Tolerate This, Then Your Children Will Be Next," certainly a total surprise, especially since it felt like we were just about the only ones in the entire audience who recognized the song. Jokingly, at one point Thom also played a bit of the Pixies song "U-Mass", declaring to the audience, "it's educational!"; a fitting song to pull out during a Massachussetts show. Throughout the night they played a good mix of songs from The Bends to Amnesiac, with earlier songs like "Just" and "The Bends" getting good audience responses, as well as being filled with just amazing amounts of energy from the band. The Amnesiac songs came across surprisingly well live, most of them being streamlined into more upbeat, guitar-oriented versions. Songs like "I Might Be Wrong," "Dollars and Cents," and "Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box" sounded amazing live, vastly superior to their studio counterparts. Johnny was in rare form, viciously attacking his guitar during his solos and yet sometimes standing utterly motionless until it was time for him to join in, especially during "Street Spirit". During "Idioteque", obviously a crowd favorite and one of the best performances of the show, Thom went absolutely insane during the second verse, and the band was generally in a great mood; Colin seemed to be grinning during the entire performance, and they all looked very happy to be there. The lightshow was great, and even the two large stage screens, normally not worth watching unless you couldn't see the stage, were well-shot and featured some creative camera angles. This included a funny fish-eye lens closeup angle of Thom at the piano during all of "You And Whose Army?", and he used the opportunity to make funny faces at the audience (who says Radiohead doesn't have a sense of humor?). "Everything In It's Right Place" was a highlight, with Johnny sampling Thom's live vocals with a strange looking contraption and sending them swirling chaotically throughout the song. Overall, an amazing show, and probably the best concert I have ever seen.

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