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Liberty State Park - Jersey City, NJ USA
August 16, 2001 with Beta Band & Kid Koala
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01. The National Anthem
02. Morning Bell
03. Airbag
04. Karma Police
05. Knives Out
06. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
07. Exit Music
08. My Iron Lung
09. No Surprises
10. Dollars and Cents
11. Street Spirit
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Like Spinning Plates
18. Lucky
19. You and Whose Army?
20. How to Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. True Love Waits
22. The Bends
23. The Tourist
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:16:14

Hey guys, I just got in from the concert. Well, I am so amazed by the performance I saw tonight, I cant even get it all into this email. But let me just go through some highlights?It took radiohead a while to come out, they just kept playing some old jazz songs (from like the 40?s) over the speakers after beta band and dj koala, but then radiohead finally came out around 9:45. Thom sounded a little shaky for the first 3 songs (including Airbag, but oh well) but then everything was ?in its right place?. The band masterfully performed beautiful songs such as knives out, pyramid song (amazing), paranoid android (better than I?ve ever heard on any bootleg), karma police, and my iron lung. But let me tell you what really stands out in my head:

1) When the band did street spirit, they turned on these deep blue lights on the crowd when Thom sings ?immerse your soul in love?. The same for ?rain down? in paranoid android. This was really cool to see the faces in the crowd during these powerful vocal moments.

2) Thom entertaining the crowd on the big screen with his back facing the crowd (there was a camera on the piano) during you and whose army

3) TRUE LOVE WAITS. NEED I SAY MORE?? I live for this song. It was done during the 2nd encore. Thom said ?we didn?t record this yet, but its free available as a bootleg to download?

4) Did I mention the encores? True Love waits, lucky (which Thom ordered to restart after the first verse ?your not in a rush right??), the tourist, spinning plates just done on piano? (I?m not really sure, but it was a beautiful song nevertheless; even though Thom messed up in the middle for a second ?fuck? he says in the middle then ?looks like i've got to practice that? after)

5) The bends was an awesome display for the band, and the crowd was 100% into it. A nice powerful performance there

6) Overlooking the new york city skyline with the statue of liberty visible behind the stage on a beautiful breezy night (temperatures in the 60?s) Again, i?ve never had a more powerful emotional ride than at this concert. If you?re a fan, pay whatever it costs to go see this band.

Thanks to this for posting this, and to the band for the performance of a lifetime. Lets look forward to album #6!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:16:34

Going into the show, I had to wonder if my expectations, which had been heightened by many glowing reviews on sites like this one, could be met. For the most part, I would say they were. Great weather (I think it's raining on friday's show), a generally appreciative crowd, and a perfect setting helped.

I arrived by NJ transit, transferring in Newark and then taking the Bergen light rail line. I had been under the impression that the LSP stop would drop us off right in front of the park enterance, but it turned out we had to load onto school buses and then walk a little bit. Ah well, we still arrived 20 minutes or so before Beta band came on. In the background was some Aphex Twin-like IDM, which no doubt Radiohead had been listening to a lot of before the KidA/amnesiac sessions. I remarked to my roommate that it really felt like we were in the year 2001, there was a futurstic feel in the crowd. Beta Band came on and were Ok, but their set got better as it went on. I didn't care for their singer, he probably sounds okay in studio recordings but live he didn't sound very good. They ended with all members switching to percussion (2 drum kits, a la ZZ top?) and Kid "A" Koala joined them - a groovy finish.

After they finished Koala came back on and did his thang, very well I might add. Started off scratching on top of the theme from Monty Pyton and the Holy grail. When he finished he said RH would be right out but it was at least another 20 minutes. One thing that puzzled me and my roommate - during the break 4 people climed onto the main lighting rig, 40 feet or so above the stage, and sat down on seats that had been bolted onto it. I'm still not sure what they were doing there, at first we thought they were camera operators or maybe acrobats, but they pretty much just sat there during the RH set. I had thought it would have made a cool enterance if that had been RH themselves, but it wasn't.

When they finally did come on, they kicked off with TNA, and I think Koala was doing some scratching on this one. Very rock n roll. They had a great setlist (I wanted to hear Let Down but they're not playing it on this tour) and the sound was pretty good apart from too much bass on some songs. In particular, Ed was overwhelemed by the bass sound on Lucky and How to Disappear, I thought was a shame since those songs are really beautiful. I guess it's had to translate live sometimes. But overall all 5 guys were really musical and sounded like pros. Jonny had a cool setup to toy with ,on the intro to Disappear he was using some kind of analog synth, which he could manipulate pitch by pressing down on a string in a very cool manner... sort of like a koto...

Thom, Colin and Jonny attempted a piano/guitar/bass version of Like Spinning Plates, without the backwards guitar sounds. Colin had sheet music but still got a little lost for a bit, then somebody's cord popped and you could hear Thom mutter "fuck" in between 2 lines... Everything In its Right Place and a couple other songs were a bit more upbeat, arena rock-style, but still sounded good. I particualrly liked the perfomance on Paranoid Android, Pyramid Song and of course True Love Waits was a treat. I had been looking forward to hearing You and Whose Army, and I had to wait for the encore but it was great, with Thom doing a little Busta Rhymes play with the fisheye lens and going crosseyed. I think the crowd enjoyed that. Also I have to say nice work by the lighting crew, and the video screens were well done even with stationary cameras, as opposed to "real" cameras they might have at a U2 or Rush show.

My overall verdict: The band demonstrated that they are talented professionals, Thom had energy and sang as well as or better than in studio, and the overall experience was impressive. I wouldn't say I was completely blown away like some other reviewers, but I am very glad I got to see this one. Can't wait to hear their new material and see them again in a couple of years.

One final note - while public transportation was an advantage for arriving at the show instead of fighting rush hour, it took a good while longer to get back since we had to wait 20 minutes for the PATH and a half an hour for the NJ transit northeast corridor line... I didn't get home to central jersey until 3 AM which sucked, maybe next time I'll get an electric car and fight the traffic.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:16:52

That was simply the most amazing show ever. Now let me elaborate. During the two hour wait, there was some confusion because at least two of the roadies who kept walking back and forth across the stage, looked a lot like Thom Yorke. So, everyone was freaking and then dying down was funny.

Then, after the two hours passed the Beta Band came up to the plate. They were not welcomed by the Radiohead hungry crowd at first, but their unique blends of wierd-pop rock and a trumpeter got the crowd moving and grooving...and laughing in no time! Even when the lead singer came out in a dress we didn't mind... At the end of their great set we were all respecting and even liking them a lot. In between songs the lead singer was pretty funny saying things like, "Yeah, Radiohead has their big boat and champagne and all of that luxury, and we had to swim over here." They were great.

In their last song they brought out the unexpected Kid Koala. He was a great DJ. He was so creative and unique that he fit right into the scope of the show. He also proved one thing: You can mix and scratch anything! He even mixed in one or two Radiohead songs like "Fitter Happier". He was awesome.

And then, after about a forty minute wait after Kid Koala was done, we saw some weird people (4 of them) dressed in black, climbing up ladders up to a tier that was in front at the top of the stage. They then strapped themselves into chairs and sat there; some even making funny gestures at the crowd. We all stared at them, wondering what they were gonna do. About 2 songs into Radiohead's amazing set we realized they were the cameramen (and women) for the giant twin monitors that hung at the left and right of the stage.

And speaking of Radiohead,....They were so amazingly awesome last night!!!! I didn't make a set list, but they did a lot of Kid A and Amnesiac, 4 or 5 songs from Ok...and one or two from the Bends. They even did "Karma Police" and "My Iron Lung" in their normal set.

The whole place was erupting with cheering and appreciative noise in between every song. And the occassional "I love you Thom" was ofter occurring every 30 seconds or so. It was so great because after they left everyone just erupted (including me....that's why I have no voice) with "More!" and "Encore!"...and even the short-lived "Hell no! We won't go!" was a phenomenon...

When they came back out for the first or second (I forget) encores they started playing "Lucky" and right before the second chorus Thom tells them to stop cause he's out of tune...then he says to the crowd "You guys aren't in a hurry right?".....we all screamed and jumped at the tops of our lungs...and all of themn were on their game last night.: Ed was the most sylish guitarist ever....he's such a rock star...Phil was grooving and pounding away at the drums as only he can...Thom was so energetic and crazed (as usual) ...he was also in a good mood because he made quite a few jokes...even stating by the end of their set ,"I should've been a comedian, really"....we all laughed...Colin was suprisingly energetic too...he was jumping up and down and getting into it as if he was in the music...and Johnny was his usual self: going crazy with his transistor, digging into every chord he played on his mellotron or piano, and attacking the guitar with such reckless abandon that only he can do.,...all the while his trademark waterfall hair swaying as if it were an entity all its own....too cool.

To conclude, I'll say that being a local of Jersey City, NJ...I will never look at that park the same way is now Holy ground.....and I know the 3000 people who witnessed the miracle that is Radiohead feel the same exact way.

Submitted on: JULY 13, 2003 19:24:26

much better venue for radiohead and the beta band. although, msg had better acoustics for kid koala's act. zuma and rene thank you for the pass and the intros. everyone, thanks for wowing your fans. please come and play nyc again.

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