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Liberty State Park - Jersey City, NJ USA
August 17, 2001 with Beta Band & Kid Koala
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01. The National Anthem
02. Lucky
03. Optimistic
04. Karma Police
05. I Might Be Wrong
06. Knives Out
07. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
08. Exit Music
09. My Iron Lung
10. No Surprises
11. Dollars and Cents
12. Just
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Morning Bell
18. Fake Plastic Trees
19. Climbing Up The Walls
20. How to Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. Talk Show Host
22. You and Whose Army?

3rd Encore
23. Like Spinning Plates

4th Encore
24. The Bends
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:18:08

first off let me start out by saying the show was absolutely incredible! you could hear parts that were out of sync or out of tune (to me, pyramid song sounded off on both dates, anyone else catch this?)however, this didn't matter, because the energy you felt while listening is indescribable. i am still buzzing from my (natural) high, it is so unreal. i can't believe the amount of songs that were played in both nights, and they changed up the set list too! it appeared there was the possibility of rain, but it turned out to be such a beautifully perfect night. thom was in such a cheery talkative mood, it made the night whole. there were a few seconds here and there where jonny actually gleamed a smile! he was peering out into the crowd during songs, i wonder what was on his mind? fortunately we didn't have need for the paramedics to escort anyone out on a stretcher like we did yesterday (word is he OD'd on ecstasy - this is why we don't do drugs kids). there were a few annoying girls yelling "let down" which thom seemed to find amusing and ignored it. we were treated to 4 encores, and i as well as my girlfriend and others really thought we would be among the privileged few to hear "creep", but the show ended with "the bends" which had the crowd roaring (although it didn't match the intensity of "idioteque"). what an incredible selection of songs! yesterday, when thom was playing spinning plates, there was a loud pop (not a dropping of song sheets), and thom uttered a slight f-word, which the crowd laughed along with him, and he appeared to be smiling and trying not to laugh, so that he could continue the song. today, as he was starting it off, he was off slightly, and just stopped and laughed, then started over. ditto for lucky. and we were treated to an anticipated "just" that really blew off the roof! the only other song i was craving for was "killer cars", but i am not going to complain. the aggravation of standing in line was worth it to see these 2 spectacular shows. by the way, the reason i started this review the way i did, is because only about 6-8 people will know what thom was talking about when he said "You ought to be careful, you might hurt someone with these things. And besides, effigies are weird....unless there are pins sticking out of the heads." if you want to know why he said this, feel free to email me, and i will show you what was thrown onstage, and if my bud comes through, i will even have a pic of him holding it! write chris at

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:18:25

The Liberty State Park show Friday night was our transport from hell to heaven. I'm referring to the Bull Run disaster weekend in Centreville, Va. August 11 and 12. This is for all the 'disappointed people.' We were pelted with unforgiving wind and rain as well as threatened by severe lightning. We sat in our cars listening to WFHS with fingers tightly crossed but to no avail. My friend and I were lucky enough to get last minute tickets to the Jersey City show and made our way up to LSP to view the majestic Radiohead. An amazing show was laid before a practically sedate crowd that somehow managed to bring the boys back for a generous 4 encores. Nice. Thom was splendidly comical and absolutely beautiful. Phil and Colin were hangin' out tucked out of our view (the view from the left side of the stage) while Ed O. (looking very Christlike) smiled sweetly at the audience. Johnny was of course off to the side with his back to the crowd working his genius. This letter is meant mainly to lend recognition to the painstaking measures that anyone went through to physically be at any of the shows throughout the tour. Because we all know how much it was worth it.

Submitted on: JULY 13, 2003 19:52:05

i saw you guys at msg and yesterday at Liberty State Park but i could not get enough and i came back for this show with no sleep and a full day at work. zuma and rene, thanks for everything. everyone who performed...thanks for the mini bar and hanging out with your fans. what a bunch of cool blokes.

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