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Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA USA
August 20, 2001 with Beta Band & Kid Koala
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01. The National Anthem
02. Morning Bell
03. Optimistic
04. Karma Police
05. Knives Out
06. I Might Be Wrong
07. Exit Music
08. My Iron Lung
09. No Surprises
10. Dollars and Cents
11. Airbag
12. Fake Plastic Trees
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Lucky
18. Pearly*
19. You and Whose Army
20. How to Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. Climbing Up The Walls
22. Street Spirit

3rd Encore
23. True Love Waits
Show Notes
"True Love Waits" was recorded and released on I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings.
There are 2 reviews for this show.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:20:09

The first thing that hit me from the show was how amazing the sound was. It was an unbelievably clean and clear set. The mood was positive and electric and the to look around the Bowl and see the thousands of fans glowing in the stage light was to see a sight that will never leave you. There was no outside world as Tom sang song after song. The music, the stage lights, the clear Southern California evening were a mesmerizing blend.

I've been to many concerts and seen the best alternative/rock bands, but no show ever left me, and I believe a great many others that were there, with such a feeling... that everything was, indeed, in its right place.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:20:30

Great show tonight in LA, though the band seemed as if they were ready to be done with the tour. Thom only talked to the audience three times, one to dedicate Airbag to Kid Koala and Beta Band, once to dedicate Paranoid Android to Monty Python, and finally to introduce True Love Waits as "A song they've kicked around since Ok Computer, but all we can do is play it." It was a good venue, but sometimes the audience seemed less than enthusiastic, however this could be that they were just polite and quiet. Yea for the terrific preformance and playing Optimistic live. Nay to the worst parking of any venue I have ever witnessed and to the human traffic jam experienced at the end. What a night to not play Packt. Hope every one enjoyed it. Anyone else witness the funny cartoon like seen on the upper escalator after the show where people kept coming down it even though there was no place for them to go at the bottom and everyone just sort of got knocked over like a cartoon!

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