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Globe Arena - Stockholm, Sweden
September 8, 2001
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01. The National Anthem
02. Morning Bell
03. My Iron Lung
04. Karma Police
05. Knives Out
06. Permanent Daylight
07. Climbing Up The Walls
08. No Surprises
09. Dollars and Cents
10. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
11. Fake Plastic Trees
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Lucky
18. Just
19. You and Whose Army
20. How to Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. Talk Show Host
22. Exit Music
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:21:24

I thought I share my experience of Radiohead's concert will you all (I'm still a bit shaky actually). It was truly one of the best concerts I've attended and my first ever Radiohead concert in my life. The only "bad" part about it was that not many people in Sweden actually KNOW Radiohead and their music. They have been entirely absent from both media and, since they don't make videos or TV appearances, television too (It's not the same hype surrounding them as in Britain and the US). A Swedish music journalist, for one of the bigger magazines here, that I came in contact with after the gig (who loves Radiohead) complained about how stupid it is that Swedish press never get the chance to do any interviews with bands like Radiohead who put a lot of their media focus on other parts of the world like the US and Britain. "It's not very easy to write about a band you can't talk to," he said to me. Anyway, so the only "bad" part of it all was that they didn't fill up the entire Globe Arena, which I thought was a bit of a pity.

Other than that the concert were MIND-BLOWING. All of the band-members seemed to be in great moods, smiling and joking around (especially Ed and Thom). My friend and me had great spots standing just in front the stage and it felt extremely weird to actually stand within reach of the most important band in your life (I know it sounds corny but it's true).

I don't have the set list since everything is still a bit blurry but some of the highlights were definitely "Idioteque", "Exit Music (for a film)", "Just", "Talk Show Host"?well, the list can go on. Thom was in a great mood especially, joking around with his tambourine (humming "kumbaya" which was quite sweet) and him and Ed seemed to have a lot of fun communicating with one another onstage. When Thom were by his piano he made funny faces to the crowd, which cracked them up. He dedicated one song to Finland which was rewarded with loud cheers since many people had arrived from Finland to watch them.

Colin was very energetic, treating his bass playing with a child-like enthusiasm which was quite endearing. He mostly stood nearby Phil, who drummed energetically throughout the gig, but sometimes came closer to Ed and the crowd. I was amazed by how many different instruments he played, it's surely not only Jonny who's multi-talented in the band.

Thom also did his political "thing", as he talked about fascists taking over in Britain (since "everyone is scared of them") and playing the intro to "If You Tolerate This (Then your Children Will be Next)" on his piano. Before they played "Just" the band seemed to get a little bit confused over what song to sing, which led Thom to change guitars several times. Thom seemed to want to play "Optimistic" while other members of the band (Ed?) and the crowd wanted "Just". It was quite funny when Thom, after changing guitars back and forth for a while, just shrugged his shoulders and jokingly muttering something like "How am I supposed to know if you don't tell me" while Ed had this huge grin on his face.

I might be wrong (no pun intended) about this but after playing "Just" Thom mumbled something like "That one was for Muse", underlining his infamous dislike for them. He also messed up completely during the second verse of "Just", completely forgetting the words and had the crowd help him out.

All and all it was a SWEATY, INTENSE, AMAZING, MIND-BLOWING night which I will always remember. I'm so happy for all of you who get to see them today in Oslo - you have something to look forward to! Now I'm just waiting for the recordings?(anyone?)...

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:22:08


Let me just start off by saying that this was the best show I have ever been to, and Ive been to a few.... The band was in an extremly good mood, at least I think so, I havent seen them in concert before, but Thom was constantly smiling and having a good time tauting the audience. Colin was bouncing around like a madman, singing along in the songs and looking like he was on something actually (not that i think he was though....)

The show was very energetic, at least it felt like it standing right in front of stage, the guys reeling out song after song of their great material. I noticed a lot of people from other countrys, Finland, Russia, Tjeckoslovakia, which is always nice to see.The most memorable bit of the show, for me, was the ender. Exit Music.... In the beginning everybody in the whole arena clapped along, Thom said "stop" and everyone quieted down. This made the atmosphere totally unbelivable!!! (8000 people or so, sitting quite and just Thoms voice echoing out) I got chills up my spine. A great night. Thanks!

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:22:32

Last night in Stockholm' Globen Arena I saw my 5th Radiohead concert (Hamburg '95, Florence open air in June 2000, Copenhagen twice in september 2000 on the tent tour). I hate to say it, but in Globen for the first time I was disappointed by a Radiohead gig. Yes, they played the right songs, yes, Thom seemed to be in a good mood - yet something wasn't right. Much blame is on the sound in Globen; it was horrible with an echo banging from the concrete walls and - worse - it was too loud; even during the beautiful Permanent Daylight (which, according to Thom, is about fascism in the UK) I had to hold my ears every now and then when the guitars peaked. My thoughts immediately went to last year's tent concerts that embraced the crowd with a true warmth and a true enthusiasm towards the new material - the tent sound was the best I ever experienced at any concert. And the lights were great, too, whereas last night's lights were an ordinary reminder that Globen is also a hockey arena.

Last night definately had it's moments. Exit Music was as beautiful as ever. Ideoteque reached a new level and was, in my opinion, the highlight of the evening. But at least two songs failed ununderstandably: Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box (which I've come to love like the rest of Amnesiac) does not seem to be live material, at least the way it was played in Globen, and with Everything in it's Right Place, the normally brilliant closing of the ordinary set, Johnny tortured the crowd with what seemed to be a never-ending, way too loud remix of distortions and feedback (and believe me, I've seen them end the ordinary show with this song three times before and always found it ubelievably good).

How much can you expect from a band? If any other band had played a concert like the one last night I would have considered it brilliant. However, measured by the out-of-this-world Radiohead standards, last night was close to the ordinary - a word I'd never expected to use in this context. The "problem" is that I've come to expect a redefinition of rock music with every Radiohead concert, even though this is obviously too much weight to put on anybody's shoulders. I'm sure there'll be people who were there last night who disagree with me; not the least those for whom this was their first Radiohead concert. However, I'm convinced that a lot of you guys reading this have had one or more "for a minute there, I lost myself" experiences during a Radiohead concert, and sadly in Globen none of those moments occured.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:23:01

I went to the consert at Globen in Stockholm on the 6th of September. The performance was fantastic... Truly Amazing. Unlike some bands who sound better on their records but come across as flat and emotionless live. Radiohead proved to be completely the opposite. Not only was the sound quality fantastic but the syncronisation of the lights and stagehands was perfect. Never have I seen a band perform so well live, this concert was something special. Compared to other masters such as REM, they managed to take playing live to a hole new level.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:23:53

Radiohead. Stockholm. 8 September.
Played: Many songs. Range of albums. New stuff best.

In the second half of the set, the band played "You and Whose Army". For the second time, a piano was wheeled out for Thom Yorke, and a small camera near the microphone projected his face onto large screens, with a Webcam-like bubbled image. The piano was placed so that Yorke's back was to the audience, and as his voice is the dynamic element of the song's beginning, he forced the audience into watching him one step removed, on the giant screens. He forced the crowd, which in the relatively empty Globa arena was packed close to the stage, to look away from what they had ostensibly come to see. The song is in the second person, speaking to "you", whether it be the audience, Tony Blair, or another unknown adversary. In order to make that "you" effective, Yorke sang and gestured straight into the camera lens, which bent his gaze into a focal point. Effectively, it was only by removing himself from the audience that Yorke could look them straight in the eyes. It was a superb moment of manipulative control.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:24:08

I was standing at the "Stockholm Central" waiting for the train to arrive, more and more people gathered, and the train arrived. The train stopped at Globen and we waited, we were a few hours early and sat outside globen listening to RH music coming from a caf. The gate opened, we went inside, found our seats. We listened to the anti pop consortium... And waited... Finaly they appeared on stage. I felt so.. So, alive. They were great through the whole consert, it was magic. The lighting on stage were very good, and with Radiohead it could'nt be much better... It created a good feeling.. Something unreal Thom were on good mood and spoke a little, eaven hummed "kumbaya". and after Packt like Sardines in a crushd tin box they played Fake plastic trees, I just went crazy, so many feelings ran through me, so wonderfull, felt like I was in heaven. When they went out the audience started to clap, scream, bang their foots to the ground, and finaly they entered the stage againg. It is such a feeling to see the band enter again, not to mention the time when they enter one more time.

I really dont know what to write, except that it was great. And this was defenately not my last radiohead concert.

I forgotten my camera, so if anybody got photos please let me know... And hope that someone recorded the concert :) Tell me if someone got the recording.

I recently got of the plane from stockholm to halmstad, and I cant find the words right now. Must settle down and think this through. Maybe I'll add something later.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:24:22

My girlfriend and I were so impressed after seing Radiohead at South Park earlier in the year that we decided to travel from Scotland and see them in Sweden and, still to come, Belfast.

My first reaction was that of disappointment, with the arena less than half full. This was to the extent some people were able to lie out on the floor in the standing area for the duration of the concert!. Despite this, Radiohead still dealt out another astoundingly good performance.

Hearing 'Permanent Daylight' for the first time was interesting, raw and heavy on the guitars. 'Talk Show Host' was immaculately performed. 'Idioteque' was the stand out for me, with the acoustics of the Globe matching perfectly the trance like music.

This concert demonstrated Radiohead's ability to perform par excellence against the impeding situations of there being a small crowd in a large area and a disappointly restrained audience.

That is the mark of a truly good band.

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