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Parkbhne - Berlin, Germany
September 11, 2001
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01. The National Anthem
02. Hunting Bears
03. Morning Bell
04. My Iron Lung
05. Karma Police
06. Permanent Daylight
07. Climbing Up the Walls
08. No Surprises
09. Dollars and Cents
10. Airbag
11. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
12. Fake Plastic Trees
13. I Might Be Wrong
14. Pyramid Song
15. Paranoid Android
16. Idioteque
17. Everything In Its Right Place

18. Like Spinning Plates
19. Lucky
20. You and Whose Army
21. How to Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
22. Talk Show Host
23. Street Spirit
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:27:38

What an awful day to be having any fun on... Anyway. Radiohead.

Where to start? Well, as expected, the weather was bad, but it wasn't raining as hard as it could have. Bearable. The venue (Parkbhne Wuhlheide) was nice, save for the huge puddles (may have been small ponds, correct me if I'm wrong). I had found a place near the right of the stage, about 15th row, good view, save for a bunch of loud, drunk people who seemed to think they were watching a football match. They redeemed themselves later, because they knew all the lyrics and sang all the way through. The APC was... well... actually better than I had expected, and I had expected a complete disaster. But they were ok, they got respect from the crowd for some of their stuff. All in all, I'd say it was a good thing they didn't play for such a long time. Then setting up the stage, accompanied by a complete Inkspots Album, along with the fabulous "maybe..." which was nice really.

Ok. I don't have a setlist, I'll just recap the bits I've remembered. The first really wonderful thing that mande me extremely happy was Permanent Daylight, which rocked. It was incredible. Soon after that came Climbing Up the Walls, also wonderful. At one point Thom said, "Ooh, I've 'eard about you Berliners", don't ask me what exactly he was referring to there. It made people laugh though. Just before Paranoid Android Thom asked the crowd whether they had heard yet, and communication broke down a bit at that point because practically everyone had heard but Thom didn't seem to notice. There was a brief discussion among the Band just how many planes had been hijacked and crashed, in the end they agreed on four, and Thom did a short news recap. There was, sadly, one complete idiot who cheered at the news... I just had to scream at him. I yelled "Oh shut up you fucker!". I hope nobody thought I was yelling at Thom, I would never do that. I'd like to see that guy cheer while the airplane he's in crashes into the Trade Center. God he annoyed me. Anyway. Paranoid Android. Fine song that. And rain down it did. The set rushed on, big smiles despite rain, wonderful No Surprises, which actually made me cry, Fake Plastic Trees, You and Whose Army, Dollars and Cents, Karma Police (I did lose myself...), Airbag, Idiotheque, a bit of Hunting Bears, I Might be Wrong, Everything In it's Right Place, Iron Lung, How to Disappear Completely... not in order of appearance, sorry. Then. First Encore. They rolled the piano out. Id just had to be... and it was! Like Spinning Plates in that beautiful piano version! *Happy* Anyway, a three-song encore (can't recall the rest) and a second encore, can't even remember how many songs exactly, but Talk Show Host was one of them. And then, sadly, it was all over. House lights, big happy grins everywhere, aimless walking in cricles and standing around, not really wanting to leave. Almost got killed buying two t-shirts, found the venue's largest puddle by stepping in it, and then made my way to the train station, which, in my opinion, was too far away.

All in all, it was all I had hoped for. The Band in a fairly good mood, even joking around a bit, great sound, as-always-impressive lightshow (especially when you're right in the middle of it!) and a pretty good audience, save for that one idiot I mentioned earlier. The Parkbhne was close to full, just the sections of seats close to the stage were empty (you can't see very well from there). So. Now I'm tired, my arms hurt, my legs are sore and I can hardly talk, but hey, I'm really, really happy right now. And I'm looking forward to next time, whenever that may be.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:27:49

after what has happened yesterday nobody was sure radiohead was gonna play anyways. and actually none of my friends would have bothered very much if they'd delayed it. but they didnt and i think that was the best thing that could possibly be called "best thing" on such a day... it was raining and foggy, so the mood just fitted. nobody really was like people are at concerts, happy and loud and just, you know...mute. well, they started, and as soon as those wonderful lights went on, people around me got quiet. i have seen radiohead before, and they arent a band to be quiet at. but it must have been the feeling of loss and despair, the fear of a new war coming, and then this intense music... i dont have to tell how extraordinary radiohead are whilst performing. they are just perfect. and when thom said " theres absolutely nothing to say" and that hes sorry for being so mute, we knew this is kind of an historical concert on a horrible day. its hard to describe. it was really the whole atmosphere, i mean, even people who hate radiohead would have felt something during yesterdays concert. and when thom wished that bush wouldnt declare the third world war, and then started playing street spirit, it was just the perfect ending of a very quiet, lost evening. i even saw people crying during their gig. man, this was intense.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:28:00

what shall i say what hasnt been said yet? many people in the audience and also the band were shocked about what happened in america earlier that day. the show was really intense and somehow it felt like some song lyrics were related to the tragedy that had happened before... some people wanted the show to be cancelled, but speaking for myself, i think it really helped me to deal with it. it also took my mind off things at times so i didnt have to think about a possible next world war. im so glad they played that show.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:28:15

I won't go into discussion about whether it was okay by Radiohead to not cancel the gig as many feel would have been right. This is just a review of the concert, nothing more.

I came in early and grabbed a space roughly 10m from the stage. It was raining and the floor was wet, but other than that, my expectations to the gig were high. It was only the shocking news my friend told me of the attack on America that happened just a few hours ago that would be some sort of theme throughout the gig, but I, as many other fans I believe, did not really know the full extent of the event.

The Anti Pop Consortium started at 19:00. I was suprised already when I heard a hip hop band would be the opening act for Radiohead, but I wasn't prepared for what was going to come. The three guys were standing on the stage in front of their racks, randomly punching some keys and making dome sort of rhymes to the beat. Put a bunch of apes in front of a keyboard and the possibility to hear the same sounds is exceptionally high. I said "crap" to my friend, and he said "crap" to me and we totally agreed. What did the event managers think when deciding the opening act? I couldn't believe some of the other Radiohead fans actually seemed to like it. When one member of the band started to shout "A-P-C" (how original!) und began doing that standard wave-your-arms-in-the-air thing, the guy in front of me began doing that to. He had a cigarette in his right hand and the ash dropped on the jacket of the girl next to him. It, like, almost exploded, but the guy was busy waving his hands like a fool and didn't notice. What a jerk. Anyway, I was really happy to see some of the roadies in the back tuning Thom's acoustic guitar. That was the highlight of the opening show.

Then, finally, after 30 minutes soundcheck by the roadies Radiohead came on stage. As so often, they immediately started to rock with The National Anthem. It was just the perfect starter. The lighting effects were just great. Everybody went right into it dancing and clapping and already Jonny started his famous hair-waving head-shake. They then proceeded to Morning Bell, the old classic My Iron Lung and during the following Karma Police everybody was singing. The one true rock-song that night was Permanent Daylight. Thom really hit the strings of his guitar hard and moved and jumped across the stage. After that song, Jonny grabbed his radio thingy and you could hear the voice of some German radio guy speaking or something like that and they started played Climbing Up The Walls, followed by No Surprises and a great performance of Dollars & Cents. Colin was quite active jumping around. I liked the performance of Airbag very much, Jonny put some nice little extra riffs in it. The mood of the crowd was quite good... At one time, somebody threw a teddybear at Thom's feet, but he just smirked. Colin, however, took it and put it on his bass rack. The first thing Thom said besides "Vielen Dank" was "I won't say much", and somebody in the croud cried "talk to us, Thom!", and he replied "what to say after a day like today?" and he went into the next song. Later on Thom again took on the subject and asked "you don't even know, do you? Somebody tell them, I can't remember..." but than he did and so he told of the planes crashing into the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre and added "that's why it's a bit mute tonight, sorry... this is called Paranoid Android". The crowd cheered, though less enthusiastically I think. But most of them hadn't even heard of it or seen the terrible pictures and I don't think they understood how bad it all really was. Indeed to me it seemed that Radiohead then played PA less aggressively than on other gigs. After that, Idioteque started. That was THE ONE song of the night. It rocked, Thom rocked. During the instrumental part Thom totally freaked out... I had read in other reviews how Thom danced, but I mean he was a total maniac... he jumped up and down, running around the stage and waving his arms wildy in the air like he had some kind of seizure. It was stunning, totally whacko und totally energizing. The crowd was mad! Really, were I to pick one song of the night it would be Idioteque and Thom's performance. During Everything In Its Right Place Thom got the verse wrong in the beginning (he sang "There are two colours in my head / yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon"), but it was cool anyways. After that all the members walked off stage. Time for the encore.

They came again on stage clapping hands above their heads to acknowledge the somewhat cool audience (hey, I was in there, hehe), took their positions and grabbed their instruments. They started off with Like Spinning Plates which was a true highlight. Live the song has a very different feel than on Amnesiac, at first I thought it was an unreleased. Thom on the Rhodes piano, Jonny on one of his gazillion racks and Colin on bass, who was playing from some sheets in front of him. It was just mesmerizing. It had the kind of melancholic feel as in How I Made My Millions, just beautiful. After that, all was turned into a dark blue light as the beginning of Lucky could be heard. At this moment it started to pour again but that only intensified the experience. Thom dedicated You And Whose Army to the "Bush administration" and at at some time later he mumbled something about "I hope President Bush won't start World War III". During How To Disappear Completely a few people in the crowd lit candles, it was beautiful. In the second encore, in the first verse of Talk Show Host, I think Phil made an error and I thought they were gonna stop and start again, but Thom just looked around at Phil and smiled and they managed to continue. As so often, Street Spirit was the final song of a great setlist. I hoped for a third encore with maybe Just, Exit Music or some solo acoustic by Thom like True Love Waits or Motion Picture Soundtrack, but at that time the lights went on. Overall it was a night to remember, weren't there the lurking shadow of the catastrophe in America that will make this Tuesday be remembered in another way.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:28:46

Here are a few words on one aspect of the gig in Berlin: It was slightly raining. It was cold. It was the concert at the end of a terrible day. Thom apologized for the "mute" athmosphere of the evening. After a few songs he said he didn't know what to say after that "fucked-up" day. Some songs later he asked if everybody knew about the things that had happened "with the jets in New York and Washington". Than he tried to explain "Two jets, no three, four (guy from the crowd: Seven!) - well, I'm screwed up. Four? Four jets..." The Band seemed to be under the same kind of shock, that most of the audience experienced. The fact that the concert took place was okay, it was good to hear and see Radiohead instead of sitting in front of the tv, waiting for the end of... Thom announced the song "You and whose army?" saying it was dedicated to the Bush Administration. During the first encore, he said: "Let's hope George W. Bush will not declare World War Three." At this time this was seen as a possible development, at least by the informed audience.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:29:20

we go to berlin by train at sonnday.

after visiting the city on monday and tuesday we heard about the attack against the u.s.a. at bahnhof zoo in the middle of the city at about 17.00.

there were thousands of people, but nobody knows anything. it was so horrible!

first of all i though that the set would be cancled - but when we arrived at the parkbhne wuhlheide there were about 15.000 people waiting for radiohead.

they started, like any other concert this year, with 'the national anthem'.

first thom and no one else of the band said anything but..

later on a beautiful 'hunting bears' much better than the day before in oslo. it sounds so good after 'the national anthem'.

the next songs were 'morning bell' and 'my iron lung'.

after 'karma police', it was the first song the people were singing a little bit, 'permanent daylight' followed. this song was one of the concerts highlights! i loved it!

'climbing up the walls' followed and it was a very, very good version - never heard anyone better of this song - very strong!

the songs 'no surprises', 'dollars and cents', 'airbag' - my thoughts were only in new york, 'packt like sardines in a crushed tin box' and 'fake plastic trees' were played next.

when they played 'i might be wrong' the crowd was shaking a littlebit.

then thom took his place on the piano and played 'pyramid song' - very nice!

now the concert was incredible - thom starts talking a littlebit (with the help of ed) about the things happend in america and some people were laughing or just couldn't believe the things, the guys told us - horrible!

'paranoid android' and 'idioteque' were played - the second and third highlight of the show.
in the end of the first round the played 'everything in its right place'.

after some minutes thom, ed and jonny came back.

rhey played 'like spinning plates' my absolute favorite. it was wonderful!

'lucky', 'you and whose army' - especially for president bush and 'how to disappear completely' followed.

the last two songs were 'talk show host' and 'street spirit'.

in the beginning of street spirit thom said: 'this is a song called street spirit and.. this is hoping george bush not declairing world war III'

after these words some people were laughing again - i can't think why?! stupid germans?
one of the best rh shows ever - on the blackest day the world has seen ever.

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