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The Odyssey - Belfast, Ireland
September 14, 2001
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01. The National Anthem
02. Hunting Bears
03. Morning Bell
04. My Iron Lung
05. Karma Police
06. Knives Out
07. Optimistic
08. Exit Music
09. No Surprises
10. Dollars and Cents
11. Airbag
12. Street Spirit
13. I Might Be Wrong
14. Pyramid Song
15. Paranoid Android
16. Idioteque
17. Everything In Its Right Place

18. Like Spinning Plates
19. Talk Show Host
20. You and Whose Army
21. Lucky

2nd Encore
22. True Love Waits
23. The Bends

3rd Encore
22. How to Disappear Completely
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:31:32

1. National Anthem:
Has been the opener for most Radiohead concerts recently and what an opener it proves to be. When the funk of the bass line kicks in you can feel the electricity pump throught your veins. Very well performed and from the outset Thom looked to be in good form.

2. Hunting Bears:
Immeadiately after (actually during) the end of The National Anthem the weird sounding Hunting Bears kicked in. A big surprise to see this number turn up on recent setlists but it seemed more like an ending to The National Anthem rather than a seperate number. Still as effective as the album version.

3. Morning Bell:
Very interesting to veiw how Phil is actually batting out the drum beat to this song which previously decieved me as a programmed drum beat. An all around great performance of the number.

4. My Iron Lung:
The first sign of old-school Radiohead appearing in the concert. A superb crowd-pleaser without a doubt and seemed strange to hear the words "and if your'e frightened...etc" being bellowed out by Thom once again. Top Marks so far.

5. Karma Police:
After the superb reaction My Iron Lung got there was nothing better to follow up (and strangely up-stage) than Karma Police. Thom's acoustic appeared and within minutes most of the Oddeysey Arena were simultaneously chanting the words "For A Minute There I Lost Myself, I Lost Myself, I Lost Myself...". At the risk of repeating myself it was truly phenomenal...a magical moment.

6. Knives Out:
A very good performance of the recent single and some excellent guitar work by Johnny. Thom was obviously keeping the crowd on their toes with the flood of crowd-pleasing songs but then again what Radiohead songs do not please the crowd.

7. Optimistic:
An amazing reproduction of the album version! Some very impressive guitar work by Thom, Ed and Johnny all together. It seemed that the band did not consist of 5 members in this song it was almost if it was just one big co-operative unit. A lovely gelled song and perfectly placed down the list. Definitely was one of the best songs performed there.

8. Exit Music:
Beautiful! Everybody in the arena stopped in awe at this melancholic performance of a classic Radiohead number. Not one sound could be heard but the whail of Yorke and the relaxing strum of his acoustic guitar. Then when the "And you can laugh...etc" part kicked in people began to cheer. Amazing and definitely better live than the album but only because of the great atmosphere and Johnny's tinkering.

9. No Surprises:
Once the xylophone began to play we all knew what was coming but then suddenly it stopped. The crowd amused began to cheer and Thom rather humerously just stood and pointing at Johnny signifying that it was his fault. They started again and a masterful performance of an ingenious song was completed. The false start was shadowed by the pure magnificence of the song.

10: Dollars and Cents:
Quite Ironic that probably the worst song so far (not that its bad just in comparasent) had the best light effects of them all. Very well re-produced and almost identical to the studio version except with that live magic.

11. Airbag:
Well what's there to say? It was Airbag. A very effective and lovely song but Thom's singing seemed to be distracted maybe because of some technical problems which we will come to later. Otherwise Standard Radiohead...Very Good!

12: Street Spirit:
I had never seen this done live before but i was surprised to see that Thom and Ed both play the hypnotising guitar riff in the song. The song as usual melted you into your seat and once again you were reminded that songs like these are what makes the best band in the world what it is. An amazing showcase of not only the vocal talent of Thom but surprisingly Ed. Dedicated to all those people who couldn't get home from America and Very very good.

13. I Might Be Wrong:
All seemed well at the beginning with Johnny's guitar riff leading the rest of the band into the gorgeous song. But suddenly some kind of technical difficulty meant that Johnny's guitar become strangely silent. Thom and the rest of the band tried to battle on through the song but when it became apperent they needed to stop Thom in anger threw his tambourine over his head and ran towards Johnny. Thom was in front of him in a fighting stance and was saying something incoherent to us. Thom marched back to his mic and quipped "i hope you aren't in hurry". You almost felt sorry for Johnny (it wasn't his fault) but after a short time it was sorted and they ran through the song again. Excellent and done with some defiance especially from Thom for the unfotuante mis-haps at the start.

14. Pyramid Song:
An eerie silence surrounded the stadium as the ballad was knocked out by the band. Nothing much to say about this song but well-orchestrated Radiohead. The moment Phil's drums kick in as satisfying as ever. After the song Thom quite amusingly quipped "Chars" instead of his routine thank u i.e. "Cheers".

15: Paranoid Android:
Now this was the main point were Radiohead rectified themselves for the earlier problems. As Usual Thom belted out the first acoustic section of the song and melodically sang along. Then the song picked up almost symbolic of the band picking themselves up after their fall. The mutual chant between Thom and the crowd of "Kicking Screaming Gucci Little Piggy" was particualrly satisfying.

16. Idioteque
The usual run of the mill idioteque performance with the band all mucking about and Thom being his usual energetic and charismatic self. Quite interesting to watch Thom live doing his goofy dance, i quite like it.

17. Everything In Its Right Place
Seemngly the last song of the night was meant to be this number. Johnny was messing about with Thoms Voice while Thom was playing the piano and trying his best to fit lyrics around the awkward tinkering of Johnny and Ed (surprisingly). Thom left the stage first but the applause and his voice was still lingering on long after. Colin and Phil were next to leave with strong applause also. ThenJohnny also being applauded and finally Ed.

1st Encore
18. Like Spinning Plates
The crowd calmed there stamping and clapping demand for more when Thom returned to the stage. He sat down at the Piano and stated "this is a song from amnesiac but most of you won't know what it is for a while." He was right but it soon came apparent that this beautiful number was Like Spinning Plates. Better than the Album Version but still mediocre.

19. Talk Show Host
It was apperent from the first two bass notes that this was Talk Show Host. A B-side but some would say that this song is a lot better than some of their A-sides. After seeing it live i would have to agree. How this lovely anthem avoided an Album appearance escapes me but even so an amazing performance of an amazing song Pure and Simple.

20. You and Whose Army
Identical to the album version and what a song! Not much could make the song more satisfying but once again Yorke surprises us by playing with the camera on his piano while playing. Almost flirting with the camera but all that i can say is that no1 was watching the stage, everyone's eyes were fixed on the screen watching Yorkes gentle bantar when suddenly he stepped up from his seat and spread his arms out for approval. He recieved an enormous ovation and the whole thing was quite hilarious.

21. Lucky
To excuse the pun i found myself very Lucky to hear this. A personal favourite they couldnt have done it better and Thom and Ed both showed that each is very vocally and musically talented. I was constantly impressed by both throughout the concert but i felt quite sorry for Johnny who was doing a good job but was hampered by what had happened earlier.

2nd Encore
22. True Love Waits
When the band disappeared after Lucky i knew that not only me was going to tolerate one encore...the crowd cried out for more. When Thom re-emerged it was absolutely astonishing the reaction the crowd gave him. This song was as it was meant to be...Poetry in Motion. Silence re-inforced the beauty of the song.

23. The Bends
In my opinion the best song of the night!!! A recent re-emergence of the song on setlists is definitely a wise decision. A true definition of the phrase "rock song". It rocked without a doubt the oddesey to its foundations. It really got the crowd pumping and ready for more but then the band dispersed and exited taking their bows quickly and getting out.

3rd Encore
24. How To Disappear Completely
After two encores we were not expecting much more but we thought it was worth a try. We stamped and screamed our lung out for more and as if divine the band returned to the stage. You knew this was it, the last song after three encores it couldn't have got much better. The gentle song streamed through the air and everyone inside the arena was feeling it. The line "I float down the Liffey" set off a chain of applause. "I'm not here this isn't happening", almost taking the words form your mouth. It summed up how you felt for the majority of the concert. The band left with a euphoriac applause and life had never been better.

Without a doubt the best night of my life and the greatest concert i hav ever seen. The old cliche well tell you that after the concert you couldn't help but feel Fitter, Happier and More Productive.

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