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Coliseu dos Recreios - Lisbon, Portugal
July 22, 2002
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First Set:
There There
Up On The Ladder
We Suck Young Blood
Strangely Enough
I Will
Sail to The Moon
A Punch Up At A Wedding

Second Set:
I Might Be Wrong
Morning Bell
Karma Police
You & Whose Army?
No Surprises
Dollars & Cents
The National Anthem
Climbing Up The Walls
Pyramid Song
Paranoid Android
Everythig In Its Right Place

Street Spirit
The Bends
How To Disappear
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Submitted on: MAY 16, 2003 19:16:12

so, here i am back from lisbon with two gigs in my head. the only sad thing is that I couldn?t make the third gig, and it seemed to be the best concert yet, but I expect the most out from the porto concerts.

arrived at 17:00 to the line, it was already crowded but still managed to gt a nice spot almost near the frontline. lots of people, lot of heat and after 1 hour waiting kieran hebden came for his four tet supporting act. i expected more out from him, since i really like his album, but there not much more to take out from a guy standing in a stage with two laptops and a mouse on his hand.

then the moment i had been waiting for too many years. radiohead came in and the crowd went really crazy. the band started with the new material. 'There There' opened the gig with an astonishing performance from Ed and Jonny on drums. I took a while to recognize the song from the webcast, wonderful line "just cause u feel it, doesn't means its there". the songs keep going with the crowd enjoying the songs in a slow mood. then radiohead took a 20 minute break (too long to wait for them right!) and came back to restart with 'I Might Be Wrong'. the crowd immediately woke up and rock. crowd also really loved 'Karma Police', 'Paranoid Android' and 'Idioteque'. then during 'Everything In Its Right Place' thom jumped from the stage and went to shake hands with people in the front row. also a note to Lift. radiohead premiered everyone with this wonderful theme. Then everyone just completely disappear wth this awesome show by radiohead. what a way to go for the first time...

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