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Coliseu dos Recreios - Lisbon, Portugal
July 23, 2002
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There There
Sail to the moon
Wolf from the door
A punch up at a wedding
Sit down. Stand up
Karma police
I might be wrong
Morning bell
Exit music
Talks show host
My iron lung
Pyramid song
Everything in it's right place

First Encore:
National Anthem
Fake plastic trees
Go to sleep
How to disappear

Second Encore:
We suck young blood
Street Spirit
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:36:57

so to the second night at lisbon a went to get a place in line about 17:00, with less people then the day before, which got me right to the frontline right in front of ed. some people broke the entrance, well, it was just a mix of excitment with beer. everything go to the right place 2 minutes after, since the promoters act with calm and experience. show started right on schedule at 21:00, and kieran sound better this time.
at 22:00, the music started and radiohead came up on stage. the crowd was much more into the new songs (lots of people from the 1st night) and radiohead debuted two new songs that the crowd loved. an amazing tune, 'Wolf From The Door', with thom in a kind of rap and a fabulous 'Sit Down. Stand Up.' starting quietly and totally freeking out at the end. the band dismmissed the break and went straight on to 'Lucky' with amazing light effects and the band really into it. 'Talk Show Host' really cracked a huge reaction from the crowd as well as 'My Iron Lung'. rocking! ed was constantly communicating with the crowd, specially with the front row. took some smiles out of him seeing the crowd really into the band's performance. thom was as moody as in the first night, always laughing and teasing the crowd. of course he started his crazy jumping-dance during 'Idioteque', in the end thom was so wild that he throw himself to the stage facing down and the crowd just went completely crazy. lots of screaming and clapping.
the band played and excellent first encore with 'Fake Plastic Trees' really moving the crowd. then they debuted an wonderful song 'Go To Sleep'. but the crowd didn't want that, and when radiohead came for the 2nd encore of the night. the crowd went so wild that jonny and ed covered their ears for about a minute til the crowd chill out. a really great moment. the concert finished with 'Street Spirit' and everyone singing "immerse your soul in love". radiohead thankd everyone and left leaving everyone completely astonished with band performing, topping themsleves to the previous night. what a concert. people could not even breath right at the end.

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