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Teatro Kursal - Donostia-San Sebastin, Spain
July 30, 2002
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There There
Wolf at the Door
We Suck Young Blood
A Punch Up at a Wedding
Sit Down, Stand Up
I Might Be Wrong
Morning Bell
Talk Show Host
My Iron Lung
Exit Music
Dollars and Cents
Pyramid Song
National Anthem / hunting bears
Everything In Its Right Place

First Encore:
Like Spinning Plates
Climbing Up the Walls
Paranoid Android

Second Encore:
Sail to the Moon
How to Disappear Completely
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:52:21

The show tonight in San Sebastian (7/30) was pretty fantastic. Here's a quick review of the new songs I typed right when i got home.

Sit Down Stand Up is sooo amazingly great it's easily my favourite of all the new songs, before it Thom said "This demands great accuracy so please do not distract us in any way" The greatness became clear as thing song invokes both piano wailing thom and idioteque bersezk arm flailing thom. Sort of a combination of idioteque and the live version of like spinning plates. genius

There There also very sweet johnny and ed play mini drum setups with two toms, This song's chorus i think is really brilliant and it's going to be in my head for days i think.
Scatterbrain I am not sure about yet. It's not really especially memorable but maybe it's a grower.

Myxomytosis rocks pretty well and should please a lot of fans looking for the guitar type radiohead sound.

keep the wolf at the door has thom rapping. enough said?

sail to the moon is very pretty, sort of fake plastic in it's vein i would say but a lot more "tin pan alley" in it's arraingment

the jazzy break down on we suck young blood is amazing

drunken punch up is really effin' solid also. It seems like the new songs are pretty piano heavy.Thom played it quite a bit. Some of the suggestions from the crowd included, Big Ideas, Candle in the Wind, and the omnipresent Free Bird.

They tucked National Anthem and Airbag into the middle of the sets and opened the sort of "non-new song section" with I might be wrong. Everything in it's right place seemed a little rocky at points but it wasn't an issue because thom came down and sat on the edge of the stage.

The crowd was really into it the whole time I talked to some people who were going to everyshow on the tour. I am going to try and get another ticket for tomorrow.

Great show. Amazing venue. Probably the nicest theater i've seen (if you like modern design that is) Way better than the last show i went to which was the hollywood bowl. I was only about 60-70ft from the stage (assigned seating)

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:52:49

Ok the 30th show in San Sebastian... sorry I mean bloody RAINING San Sebastian ! I think there is a terrible curse of the weather on Radiohead tours I've been to...

Anyway, the Kursaal auditaurium was beautiful and the sound PERFECT. Can't wait for MP3s..
You could only be in total awe after such a perfect sensational show.

The songs:
-There There: amazing, perfect song, it's got feedback, harmonies, phil singing... definitely a future classic, up there with Paranoid Android
-Scatterbrain: plods along?
-Wolf from the door: amazing "rapping style" singing, well very low and fast anyway, cool it
-Young Blood: only radiohead can do that kind of music, creepy and weird.
-Myxomatosis: rocks in a weird kinda way!
"Play Candle in the wind ? I got a better idea..."
-Punch up at a wdding: very nice piano swinging (nearly boogies!) song, cool lyrics and rythm it seems!
-Sit Down/Stand Up: AMAZING climax, a perfect cool song. Starts slow, but when it starts accelerating, and johnny switches on his huge blinking machine, you can practically feel them pushing the boundaries of music. (I'm serious) Everyone up and dancing...
Then the band rip through a greatest hits package...
-IMBW, morning bell, etc well you got the setlist.
Of note is Thom's voice during My Iron Lung, a perfect version of Idioteque (Johnny has changed the kick sound!), a cool and applaused hunting bears.
I'm sorry ladies but Ed seemed a bit under tonight, and messed up Pyramid song a other stuff a bit.. ;)
Spinning plates was a superb treat, Thom saying "shhht" to concentrate, and Colin needing sheet music fot the bass... But after that even my old favorite Airbag seemed a bit mundane!
Before Paranoid android : "What? We play sex machine? Should we take it to the bridge??" Thom laughing...
-Sail to the moon: "This is a song about ice melting and the seas rising, (mumble mumble)", well the most beautiful song about the end of the world that I know anyway!
It ends with magnifiscient cloud lights, to go with a beautiful How to disapear completly...

A cool show, even if the "old" songs weren't always done with passion. The new songs ARE AMAZING. To all the fans who are running after the Radiohead of OKC I'd say : buy the new Coldplay (it's very nice, and "God Put A Smile on Your Face" is the song you're looking for), because Radiohead have moved on, they're in another sphere really. Stop bitching about the "weird sounds".

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 19:22:21

The concert was wonderful, the lights helped a lot and the band caught from the very beginning. The first song, There There, has made everyone in the show eager to get the new CD, its the best of the new songs they played... And Thom was very good, he sang and played extremely good, but he was also very nice to the audience. Its not so usual to hear a singer say "thanks for coming here to see us" and, specially, when he was going to play the piano, and someone in the audience asked for "Candle in the Wind" and he said, "thats a good idea, but I have a better idea"... It was fun, also when he introduced what the concert was going to be about "some new songs, a few old ones and well go for a pizza"...

We had great music, we had fun and we discovered that they get even better playing live, the song list was excellent, but in a band like Radiohead, you always miss some songs "No Surprises", "Karma Police" and "Creep" and, maybe I am wrong, but I seem to remember that they played "Knives out", but its not in the Song list thats been published... Maybe I am wrong, but I would say they played it...

And what to say about the Kursaal, its a very modern theatre and the sound is superb...

However, if you really want to know what a great band live is, dont miss it...

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