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Teatro Kursal - Donostia-San Sebastin, Spain
July 31, 2002
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There There
Up on the Ladder
Where I End and You Begin
Sit Down, Stand Up
We Suck Young Blood
Morning Bell
Paranoid Android
In Limbo
No Surprises
Punch up at a Wedding
Pyramid Song
The National Anthem
Everything In Its Right Place

First Encore:
I Might Be Wrong
Knives Out
You and Whose Army

Second Encore:
Sail to the Moon
Street Spirit

Third Encore:
Talk Show Host
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:54:18

As much as I hate superlative concert reviews this one I?m afraid is going in that direction. First let me say this is the second show I?ve been to in a row. The concert tonight was probably the best I?ve seen. The set list was really unpredictable and pretty amazing. I wrote in my last review that I wasn?t very fond of scatterbrain but now I am really starting to like it. Everything was pretty great everyone seemed to be having a really good time and the band played fantastically during the show. Everyone band member was really on. So here it goes. The show opened with There There which has a really great sort of tribal quality to it and the chorus I think it going to be huge. The second half which is like a sort of OK Computer-ish sounding guitar rock out hit really hard tonight also. From there it went to Scatterbrain, which sounded a lot different (read better) than last night for some reason. Maybe one needs to be acclimatized to it. Then they played Up on the Ladder next I believe. I really really liked it. Sort of rock roar type song with lots of cool guitar bits. After that I think was Sit Down Stand Up, which I am still going to champion as an impending classic. I forgot to mention last time Johnny alternated between the Idioteque beat synth and the Chimes he uses on No Surprises. And Colin uses his Idioteque keyboard as well. Punch Up at the wedding was a bit faster I think than last night and also very enjoyable. Thom plays a really slick sort of Motown-ish piano part and it sounds fantastic. There was a false start on Pyramid Song where Thom looked around and realized he was playing the wrong song. He got up walked around a circle a few times then went into We Suck Young Blood. We suck Young Blood is really dark. Sort of a mix of Climbing up the walls and Pyramid song but not as heavy as that combination sounds. Thom would make a good Bella Legosi. He started making cheesy horror movie faces and gestures during the song (which features a previously mention mind bending jazzy breakdown which really should be extended it?s painfully short I could listen to it for a lot longer) the harmony part is really captivating also. The opening of the non-new song section was Lucky, which made the crowd go wild. The ushers were having a bit of a hard time keeping kids in check (keeping the aisles clear and putting out cigarettes). There was this one kid who looked like he was on E or just insane who went ballistic during every single song. He was right next to me. After Lucky, came Just, which threw the crowd into hysterics. It was loud and big and dirty and just Just. They also played In Limbo featuring Ed on tambourine. I thought they really didn?t play it live but I can?t see why, it was really sublime. No Surprises started with Thom beginning into a dedication and then he just sort of went ?forget it this is No Surprises.? Everything In It?s Right Place has sort of become the official first set closer I think. Thom gets to walk around the stage while meeting and greeting people and posing for photos. The set was pretty varied but didn?t really hit on any of the major ?hits? like Karma Police and Fake Plastic Trees. Which was actually really refreshing. Pyramid Song?s lighting was really beautiful and Johnny added some cool sort of guitar snarls to it as it came to a close. The ubiquitous Paranoid Android was steadfast and solid. They played a really new song I?d never heard of called 2+2 = 5 I really liked it a lot and the rest of the crowd seemed to also. It started off sort of muggy but then really picked up near the end. You and Whose Army was dedicated ?to that Idiot Bush and his fucking star wars? I think they played Sail to the Moon as well it?s really pretty but I?m not sure it?s quite done yet it sort of lacks a punch that most Radiohead songs have. I?m sure it will be gorgeous when it is done though. They did 3 encores tonight which featured Talk Show Host, Street Spirit and I Might be Wrong. All were really great. I think the fourth (Talk Show Host) was unplanned because the house lights sort of sputtered. Anyways, an amazing night with great new songs. Lots of Thom chatter and circle running (in English and Spanish [supplied by Johnny]) and even Johnny talking a little bit himself. That?s all I can remember now I?m sure I forgot some things that I will be kicking my self about when I see the set list but oh well.

Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 19:23:51

My wife and I traveled from the states to San Sebastian to catch the second of the three shows there as part of celebrating our wedding anniversary. We attempted to catch the first of the two Bull's Run shows in DC this last summer but disappointedly they were rained out. We got to SB a day early and had time to mingle with others that came from all over the world to see the band in Spain and Portugal, which in itself was very cool and as luck would have it, bumped into Phil, Ed and Johnny in town. Does it get any better?

Nothing I could have dreamt or thought would have prepared me for the waves of sound, light and celebration that was the show at Kurasaal! The venue was beautiful, the first song, (There There) signaled to the crowd that the band was there to have some fun and the fans responded wonderfully. Especially wonderful was the mix of the new material and old songs. There was not a weak link in all of the new music, Radiohead appears to be going to the next level, (whatever that is). The only disappointment was that the concert had to end, but not before Thom entertained us with pattering and circle running.

A glorious night.

Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 07:01:37

What better way could a boy of 16 start off his inter railing ticket than by seeing the almighty Radiohead play their second concert in the sublime town of San Sebastian. This was my second Radiohead gig, previously travelling out to NJ to see Radiohead play Liberty State Park. The venue may not have been as dramatic but the concert was to be of epic proportions. The band started off with a load of new stuff, which the crowd took a bit of time to get into, then suddenly switched on the charm offensive with Lucky which still rings in the ears a year later. From then on it just got better and better, not that the new stuff wasn't interesting but its hard to really appriciate new stuff at a concert on first listening, perfectly mixing in Kid A stuff with older stuff such as the kicking Just. Just was performed perfectly, yet the crowd seemed not to make best use of it, they sort of spoilt the moment by turning the venue into limp bizkitish type mosh, but in seats, moshing does not go down well with radiohead. Radiohead have this great skill of being able to make anything danceable, and although the ushers were battling against people started to get up all around and dance, smoke a bit (which really got up their noses,) and for one kid in particular, near the front of the upper section, drop an E or 4. By the encores the whole crowd were on their feet, and my when they came on for the penultimate time i realised by life hit its pinnacle, i had peeked at 16. The crowd went silent as radiohead settled down, with a bit of dutch courage in me, and a bit more courage fetched from other dark places, i jumped out and yelled "Street Spirit," a few times, and was quickly dragged down by the people around me who seemed to be embarassed by my jollyness. Those next 10 seconds of silence seemed to be the longest in my life, until the first haunting notes seeped out of Jonny's guitar and i realised that i may have affected fate forever, or just concidentally guessed what they were going to play. Anyway that doesn't matter cause at least all the people round me thought i was pretty cool for about 30 seconds and i got to experience one of the greatest things in the world, RH live, again. Verdict: another absaloute blinder from Thom and the boys.

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