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- Benicassim, Spain
August 3, 2002
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national anthem
morning bell
karma police
dollars and cents
i might be wrong
exit music
pyramid song
Punch Up At a Wedding
Fake Plastic Trees
Paranoid Android
Everything in its Right Place

There There
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 18:56:56

OK I need a break. I'm just out from the first row of the Benicassim RH concert... But it was well worth a few broken limbs, to be that close...

After the camp bed-wetters of Belle&Sebastian left, and after Paul Weller did a rocking set(late!)... in comes Radiohead. Thom comes in on National Anthem, looking us in a stern way, looks like bloody Jesus!! There is, after all, a huge crowd.

Because of the nature of the festival, they did a short set, full of "old" songs (crowd-pleasers). Of note:
-Morning bell, where Thom seems possessed by his ghost (Haunted attics!)
-IMBW: AMAZING rocking version, Jonny plays at the guitar god, and for the final part of the song comes between Thom and Ed, and Colin comes behind him to do Angus Young horns!! =D
But on a bad note, they are BIG sound problems during Pyramid Song, they have to stop. Thom is _more_ than pissed off, wouldn't like to be his sound engineer when it all blows. For a moment I fear another Glastonbury trauma.
But soon after some cathartic versions of Fake Plastic Trees and Just will save the mood (but not me as I'm crushed to death).
Before that comes a NEW SONG: drunken punch up at a wedding. Really like it, it really boogies and is well written.... a good song simply.

They carry along with the big hits, you can imagine...
Then they leave on Everything initsriteplace ... but then the roadies set up the double drums and we know they're back for There There. What can I say, it's of course brilliant, I think the crowd appreciated.

Then they leave, really smiling and happy.
Now for a drink and partying once I recover...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 02:11:50

The gig was just fantastic, they did make the crowd go absolutely mad about their delicate, incredibly performed songs. It was so beautiful it could even be said to hurt...this review is not going to deal with thechnical issues because I am just a pleased listener, so my remarks are basically impresionistic. Missed their concert in Madrid in july, but apparently it was awesome, it's not hard to believe.
Hope RH is back to Benicassim soon, it can't be the same without them, and I want the chance to see them from the first row, my mate got a twisted ankle during the concert and we had to make do with the big side screens, and my pictures were all crap!

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