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Palacio Congresos - Salamanca, Spain
August 6, 2002
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There There
Wolf from the Door
Wicked Child
Sail to the Moon
Punch up at a Wedding
Sit Down, Stand Up
Climbing up the Walls
The National Anthem
Morning Bell
Fake Plastic Trees
In Limbo
Dollars and Cents
My Iron Lung
Everything In Its Right Place

Like Spinning Plates
I Might Be Wrong
Pyramid Song

Second Encore:
Paranoid Android
The Tourist
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 19:00:10

First let me say that Salamanca gets my vote as most beautiful town of Europe. Go see it, you'll shit yourself! After a wonderful day, I approach the gig in high spirits. The venue was as impressive as in SanSebastian, beautiful and amazing acoustics. Either the sound tonight was even better (not as loud and saturated), or I've become deaf in Benicassim... ;)
I get a feeling this was a pretty exceptional concert, with the songs played, the perfect versions of old songs, and the band in super-high spirits. I hope that someone recorded that well... The crowd was super (let's give ourselves a hand !)
Looking at the band set-up, I'm amazed again at Jonny's huge new machine, full of blinking lights (another analogue synth), only He understands how it works (and His ways are mysterious...)!
But the concert starts with the one and only disaster of this show: Phil's shirt !! Are bald men shameless !?! xD
-There there: no disputing the quality of this classic now... Thom scratches his guitar on the mike stand at the end, prehaps by mistake but it's cool!
-Wolf @ the door: I love the way Thom sings on this one, so raw, low and fast...
-Wicked Child: Yes. You have seen right, the webcast song. Not even a confusion like with cuttooth, Thom introduced it, and it's clearly recognisable, except it doesn't sound like it's played through a toilet roll anymore! Very "americana", and with Jonny the Harmonica God + he starts on percussion on his ThereThere toms.
-Myxomatosis: Ed has a Les Paul ! Rawk!
-Sail to the Moon: In case you hadn't noticed, the melody of this song, combined between Thom on piano and Jonny on guitar, is THE most beautiful and complex they've ever written. As if to make this point, when the band ends the song, Thom continues solo on piano with the end melody, just to show us how cool he is. It's like RH's Space Oddity...
-Punchup@wedding: great song.
-Sit Down/Stand Up:WOW! Just when you think Phil's drumming is superhuman, he accelerates and adds breaks!!! Jonny's beat are excellent electronic music. The crowd goes mad!
Then the "old songs"
-National Anthem: v. good version!
-Morning Bell ("song about when you go to a nightclub or something") The crowd adds flamenco claps to superb effect, so I guess they will record a 3rd version on next album.. ;)
-Fake Plastic Trees: AMAZING VERSION! No one dares breathe in the "wears me out" part...
-LIFT !!!!!! weird drums sounds. RAH!!!
"Another Difficult song now" says Thom, then "but you get to see Ed like that...": Ed is facing Phil, so you can see... his rear. Ed shakes his bum, to huge applause and laughter! So he does it again. And again. A very, hum, emotional moment for the ladies... =D
-In Limbo: difficult ?? They nail it perfectly.
"This was written on tour with REM"
-Lucky of course
-$ and cents (slow)
-My Iron Lung
-Idioteque: I love the new kick sound (deeper), but Thom does not do his headless chicken dance, he just stares at us!
-EIIRP : great ending
At one point, someone threw some red panties or bra onstage I think. Thom was like "ewwww", but Colin discreetly took them for his own use...
Encore 1
I must have killed a lot of bad guys in a former life because, for the second time I get to hear:
-Like Spinning Plates: this will forever be known as the Day When They Did LSP Live Perfectly. *was in Heaven*
-2+2=5 : Has got a cool start (Jonny does arpeggios!), and BIG GUITARS in the second part ! Another song about global warming is my guess...
-Pyramid Song: to avenge the Benicassim disaster...
Encore 2
-A little messy Paranoid android
"We will dedicate this song to Tim, who's retiring" (one of the sound engineers I think), so for Tim (and us!!) they do a huge treat:
-The Tourist !!! _Perfect_ version as well. Cheers Tim!
The crowd went mad after, but it was only perfect that the show should end on that, so it was finished.
Walking through the beautiful lit-up streets of Salamanca, singing The Tourist... Now if I can just make G W Bush drink petrol, and I can die happy!

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