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Palacio Congresos - Salamanca, Spain
August 7, 2002
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There There
Up on the ladder
We suck young blood
Where I end and you begin
Sit Down, Stand Up
I Might Be Wrong
The thief
Big ideas
Big boots
Exit music
Punch up at a wedding
Pyramid Song
Paranoid Android
Everything In Its Right Place

The National Anthem
Knives Out
Talk Show Host
How to Disappear Completely

Second Encore:
Sail to the Moon
Karma Police
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 19:25:49

First of all, I would like to thank the whole band for giving me one night that I will never forget. They are simply great.
I never thought that a group that creates a kind of music that makes you discover feelings that you never experimented before, would be so humble. It can't be described with words, really.

I arrived to Salamanca with Mara (hola, pequea, qu pacha!) in the afternoon, and we visited that wonderful city during the day. Then, we went to the Palacio de Congresos: a fantastic venue, with a great acoustic. It was a perfect place for seeing Radiohead.

Everyone was in their seats until the concert began, but when the first notes of "There There" were played, everybody stood up and got near to the stage. Of course, we did too.
The first song was incredible. I never heard it, but everyone that says that it's a new classic, is true.
From the six next new songs, I would do a special mention to "We suck young blood" and "Sit down, stand up". Just wonderful. "Up on the ladder" sounded great too ("this new song talks about the people who do everything they can to climb to the top of the ladder").

The band connected with the people inmediatly. The audience was fantastic, following the rythm of the songs with claps and dancing in every moment.
After the first part of the concert, the "old" songs arrived. The beginning of the second part was the only song they played that night from The Bends: "just".
After a great "I might be wrong", Thom said that they were going to accept some requests, and asked to some lucky people of the first row for their requests. To the first requests, he answered "no, no... that's too easy", or "the thief?... how are we going to play that?". After that, they played "The thief", "You"... The band made a few mistakes in the beggining, but they began again, because Ed didn't know what song they were going to play. In response for one panchart saying "Big ideas", they played it too. There was another one with "Blow out", but they didn't play that song.
"The time for requests it's over", said Thom after "Big boots", and they played a lovely version of "Exit music", followed by a brilliant "Lucky".
Some songs after, "Pyramid song" arrived , with hypnotic lights all over the stage. In "Idioteque", Thom made the audience torn wild, jumping, following the rythm with the arms, the head... god! At the end of "Everything in its right place", Thom's voice continued when the band left the stage.
We were absolutely surrendered to Radiohead's music and attitude.And I suppose they knew it, because they gave our applauses back constlantly.

They appeared again in two minutes with Jonny's radio tuning some spanish broadcasting stations, and playing "The national anthem". They finished their first encore with the best version I've ever heard of "How to disappear completely... and never be found"... and they disappeared, but not completely.
When they came back again, the band showed us another nice new song: "Sail to the moon". They told then that they spent three wonderful nights in Salamanca, and that they hoped to see us soon early. That was going to be the last song. Radiohead told us goodbye with "Karma police". Everybody sang the theme with Thom.

After attended to shows from bands like Pearl Jam, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Korn, R.A.T.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, Placebo... I have to say that this is the best concert I've ever been, the most complete. The group was simply brilliant.
We enjoyed that night so much!... we will never forget it.
So... Ed, Phil, Jonny, Thom and Colin: thank you for this night, for your attitude and THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC! DON'T CHANGE!

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